Monday, November 19, 2012


Wearing: Polka dot blouse from Zara, Vintage high-waisted jeans from NoteworthyGarments (etsy), Nirvana belt buckle from Queen Victoria Market, Pippy the rabbit brooch from hanaletters (etsy).

Despite the colours of my outfit being pretty boring, the small addition of a bright red felt brooch sparked notions of shoulder pads, high-waisted jeans and platform disco shoes as well as David Bowie's iconic discography for Ziggy Stardust. Yeah, I don't have the glitter or the face paint to draw a huge lightning bolt across half my face before my boyfriend comes to hang out but playing with Photoshop did help when adding more coloured to the images and my sullen face. It kind of sucks that I've forgotten how to smile since having my last high school photograph and my outfits look to have effects of a prisoner's bright orange jumpsuit but I was excitedly clomping up and down the house taking photographs this morning and loving another good day of outfit posts free from homework. I am determined not to sloth about in front of the television- I will read books and make my blog great again.

There's got to be a bit more to Kawaii then adding weird backgrounds and still grimacing at the camera; but without having to add extensions into my hair every morning and attaching fake eyelashes this is about as much effort as I will get into for now. Cute beanies are too warm to wear in Spring as we approach Summer in Australia so I'll miss out on sweater weather for quite some time- but tell me dear readers, what do you think of my new outfit presentation? Is it the best thing since sliced bread or am I a mega-doofus? Normally I'm not tacky and dependent on feedback, but I've been bitten by the curiosity bug and am dying to know what's on your minds. Also, I'm getting far ahead of myself with more followers on Tumblr and hits on my blogs. My ego is inflating faster than Hindenburg late for it's opening ceremony.

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