Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Wearing: Zara polka dot blouse, This is Make Believe resin rose necklace, scarf knitted by my boyfriend's grandmother, brooches from hanaletters etsy, vintage floral pants, pink Jellybeans jelly sandals.

I'm in a lazy mood and can't be bothered doing an edit for these photos because I can't say I'm all too pleased with the result. The pants just seem to be a bit off and while I have been meaning to dress a little wilder it's still a bit pompous and starchy. Probably clashing black and white patterns but I'll keep that in mind next time. I did however like the felt brooches on the scarf- it made me feel like an educated professor all dressed up for a graduation ceremony and the shoes sort of balanced that proper and mature mood with fun and colour once more. I'm glad the weather is sunny once again and I don't have to rely on the strange lights in my hallway for photographs; the bear brooch is pink and looks all sad and washed out which is a shame because it's my favourite at the moment.

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