Wednesday, November 21, 2012


A world without blue velvet may not be very scary to some, but one where Lana Del Rey isn't pouting or wearing a bridal gown at her shows is- like this elusive coloured material her voice is moody and writhes about gently sitting amongst beautiful compositions. It's a bit of a crummy and lame comparison I know, but I really do love listening to her songs continuously even if there are strong anti-feminist sentiments about her lyrics. You can still feel the honesty and raw emotion in her tone when she sings and something real is attractive. This photo set could use some real stuff considering I've managed to include flying saucers, captions of Jesus that may offend and monstrous drawings. I'm still in a weird and strange mood- which is fine considering I'll be hanging out by myself for the next couple of weeks as long as my parents can battle through a tough regime of dumb clients and angry bosses.

Cute kitten stickers and smouldering, heavily covered eyeshadow on eyes. I admire anyone daring enough to let a camera that far in because I'm always horrified to discover small blemishes on my face I would otherwise ignore. Perhaps that's why they invented Photo shop or cute little Japanese-esque stickers can be used for something other than covering diaries and making zines. I love seeing kitsch additions to make up- there's something charming about interesting little touches you wouldn't otherwise see on a sales assistant or on the street or whatever. Also, cheeks seem like a waste of space without asymmetrical patterns drawn in eye pencil or that's my impression after being obsessed with Tavi Gevinson's Style Rookie for so long. This affirms it, but the eyeshadow makes a bolder statement of a sex kitten and a luring femme fatale nature.

At my first glance I missed the gory detail of a sideways mouth hidden in hair and included it because I love the style of illustration but I'm pretty poor at it myself. Also the woman body is lovely and has a gentle hour glass shape about it which is what my partner usually compliments me on and yeah, I can't possibly get into more trouble from Google Adsense for having 'inappropriate content' on my blog but whatever. I'm happy to have a space online where I can express myself and write and that's what blogging should really be focused on. Back to the mouth, from a biology point of view I can't see this evolving in general let alone in the back of someone's head, but if it isn't already an idea for a horror movie then someone is seriously missing out on an opportunity. Also the drool dripping down her back was a nice touch.

This is probably an exert from the decomposition book from above where a large poster of someone's muse and love interest has been neatly crossed out with delicious undertones of scorn and malice. I sound pretty enthralled by it because I've been there and I've mad the weird posters of images taken from people's Myspace (because I'm old and was bungled into that generation) and it's fun to look back on those things and see how much you've changed. Like walking past a wall with marker's and named written down recording the growth of a child, this relics are more personal and secretive and that's special isn't it. You wouldn't necessarily put them front and centre for a statement shrine in your room but more appropriately in a shoe box under your bed right next to your first fossil. Unless you're hard and cynical like me. That's when you recycle said poster and get on with life because you're embarrassed about the whole ordeal.

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