Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rookie Roadtrip Style

While my near and dear friends are complaining about Halloween creeping into Australian popular culture and other complaints to that effect, I have been happily immersed in spooky-themed Etsy items as well as dreams of Ouija boards, planchette necklaces and black lipstick. Hence my whole 'Secret Hipster' blog and double life I lead- I know finding people who appreciate my style and aesthetic expression are hard to come by so away it goes in an online closet of secret treasures as well as creepy girl alters and shrines. The Rookie Road trip was just another thing I missed out on due to cultural differences and the whole scheming of school systems between the two countries being topsy turvy, but I've really indulged in the images of Rookie readers taken during the experience and am so sharing them on this humble blog. I didn't take any of these images, they do not belong to me, I got them here and there you can find the names and locations of these gorgeous babes along with some Tumblr blogs and Etsy shops if you are doubly super lucky. 

With the frenzy of Halloween now leaving us, it's only a matter of time before Christmas specials become announced and a whole other holidays season sweeps across the world. I myself have been planing DIY crowns of Sylvanian family moles in red and green jackets to wear, along with red lipstick but the above girls outfit blows anything I imagined right out of the water. The raggedy satchel spawned a variety of spin off ideas- mainly fluorescent and tacky store bought satchels being updated with glitter glue, iron on patches fixed with a hot glue gun and some amigurumi crochet key chains from Etsy to glamorous even the most torn and second hand bag, as well as silver oracle necklaces and velvet. One of my friends adores velvet, and I wish I had more to roll around in on days when I've lost my mind and the temperatures aren't mind boggling and sweltering.

I'm reminded of just how much I love vintage clothing from this photograph and that it really does weave a unique style and story of its own when teenage girls rescue pieces long abandoned by their original owners. The dress on the left is sort of ill-fitting (which I take to be the sign of someone stubborn enough to never admit a piece of clothing doesn't suit them because it's beautiful and must come home with them right away), the structure belongs to another era but here it's a magnificent frock of daywear alongside a doily crown headband and it looks chummy with frizzly blue hair and a printed shirt of black backgrounds and colourful motifs. I love that hair in the bad lighting of a shady tree- it seems so moody but strong, original in idea and sort of uncompromising. The very characteristics of a feminist- wouldn't you say?

As much as I resented high school and leaving it made me feel fancy free, I do miss the large masses and gatherings of people my own age, even if some of them were heinously inconsiderate to other people's gender, beliefs, nationalities etc. But yeah, the girls, the complaints about the bathrooms and hiding between shelves of the library with books about mental health. I do miss all of that and seeing so many dresses and knee high socks gathered at once- Rookie if you're reading this please come to Melbourne Australia. I'm dying over here, dying of lack of strong feminine influence!

Dr Martens bound with silver matte duct tape, a vintage collar worn with a simple cotton t-shirt as well as circular Harry Potter glasses and a lace skirt; oh the humanity, oh the eclecticism, oh my poor weak heart can't stand all this excitement! I've mentioned before that I think I'm a bad person for being ruled by material possessions so much, but if you're my age and you're not even the slightest excited by something as wickedly awesome as this girls style (and adventurous haircut) then we may possibly never be best friends at any stage in life and I simply cannot behave without robotic coldness with the sobering fact there's some sort of innate and genetic difference in what you and I consider to be cool. If you feel the opposite however, I am free immediately and we should have late night gossip sessions about runway designers as well as blog layouts and popular images on Tumblr. And I wonder why no one wants to employ me all of a sudden...

I'm always slightly haunted when attracted to religious symbols or images without myself waving a flag under that particular banner, but I have two pairs of Dr Marten boots and belong to that family to support the glorious combination of floral brogues and Virgin Mary socks.  It sounds pretty frivolous to think that something as simple as hosiery can add so much flair to an ensemble, but yesterday I sore a girl sporting pink hair under a black bowler hat wearing pineapple patterned socks with red jelly sandals and she just worked it. I wish I could knit- I'd knit weird socks and not have to buy them and shoe them off with my pink jelly bean sandals day in and day out until the Summer threatened my health.

I have the utmost respect for girls who look good in yellow. When I've worn it, the shade has proven to be fickle, uncooperative and makes my skin look a sick colour so pretty much the colour equivalent of herding cats/ training them to do tricks or as they're told in front of guests. Showy lipstick, the effort to do something special with one's hair as well as ripped tights are all glorious additions to this outfit that really perfect the atmosphere and tone Rookie readers and contributors sort of abide by and I love it. How many sixteen year olds do you know can inspire masses on such a creative level other than the renowned Tavi Gevinson?

With little to go by from the original photograph caption (found here) all I can do is imagine a narrative for this girl as if she were a character from a book. Judging by the subtle glow and deer-in-headlight-eyes I am going to guess it's a). her sixteenth birthday or b). she made that crazy cool printed jumpsuit herself and this is her showing off her artwork. That's the dream sold to little girls everywhere who crafted clothes for their dollies from paper or scrap material- and never growing up has never looked so good. Original design, creating an identity and expressing yourself through clothing; I almost miss the hums of sewing machines and having broken needles fly towards my eyes like ballistics rockets toed on a string.

Is it odd to say I love the lip ring and lipstick combination? Oh who cares, I'm a weird kind of girl. It shows dedication to remove one's piercings in order to apply something as tedious as lipstick (I think it's tedious; I've probably never done it right in my life then) and yeah, I love anyone who can wear a Hawaiian print shirt and still make it look cool. Finally, brownie points shall always be given when felt handmade brooches are concerned. Speaking of which, where are mine? It's been 12 days and I am without the red rabbit and pink teddy bear floating head I so desire... it makes me sad.

Homesick is usually a feeling you use to describe reminiscence about a physical place and setting, but this girl's ensemble makes me homesick for the way my Tumblr dashboard used to be about two years ago or so when cats and vintage photographs ruled the world and girls had magnificent dyed hair. The display of all these images does confirm these girls still exist, but they must be hiding under rocks from severe storms or in deep secret alleyway cafes discussing more hidden treasures in the form of online blogs, stores and online communities. Sigh. All this stemmed from a photographically printed sweatshirt and simple snapback combination.

Mermaids do exist! Mermaids do exist! Words can barely express just how much I adore this photograph; I've dreamed of finding the perfect shade of purple lipstick (my favourite colour) but the dripping diamante necklace as well as best friend with matching curled lilac tresses is simply fantastic. Taking a stab in the dark, I'm guessing these beauties attended the Rookie Prom and as if I wasn't jealous enough now I really wish I had been able to attend the cutesy event and gotten all dolled up in a peculiar and outrageous way. Bloggers and prom night, with very few boys to be seen and a night out on the town especially made for fashion made girls- it sounds fantastic doesn't it? Also, made props for the plastic burger locket: I tried searching for something similar on Etsy straight away and to no real avail. I'd like to think it's the depressing Polly Pocket Bluebird made in which the plastic character has to grill burgers and work in the fast food industry because she dropped out of high school at fourteen and threw away her education- but that probably doesn't exist. Only in my wildest dreams.

I'm a little ashamed (OK very ashamed) to admit that last year on schoolies I watched my first episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras, because my friends said it was hilarious. I was only impressed by the apt observation the African-American girl made that she doesn't need a tan for the dumb pageants; well her and the grotesquely tall and cheap diamante tiaras they hand out as awards. This is the best possible option for one of those girls; becoming a stunning babe of pink lipstick, carefully applied blue eye shadow, beaded heart necklaces as well as cheap plastic bracelets and sky blue nail polish. The Chanel dis necklace was also a nice touch- as much as I did adore the collections Karl Lagerfeld presented this year, I'm pretty obsessed with copy-cat Chanel stuff from Etsy. Especially crochet handbags and necklaces of this calibre; they're pretty excellent to poor little girls such as myself.

I wish I was invited to parties for this very reason; I wish I was somebody with a real identity to be recognised and warranted as valuable to be invited to events where girls have matching lipstick and hair colours- perfected and trimmed eyebrows as well as licks of black eyeliner. Don't even get me started on those crazy floral crowns; so much more refined and classy than fruit basket hats you sometimes think of fleetingly when maracas start to shake. High necked velvet, lilac hair... mint coloured flowers- ugh. I will not sink down to the lowly level of envy and jealous, I will stay in awe, dumb-struck admiration of these lovely ladies and use them as a modern pin-up to become more lovely myself everyday and bloom this year. Considering there are only two meagre months left of 2012, I will bloom next year. Perhaps. I wish. Oh please next year, please.


  1. I've commented on your writings before but I'll say it again because I feel like being redundant. Your writings are absolutely stellar! On top of that, the photos and the comments you make about them sheds a personal light upon what this blog resembles. I really enjoy your blog and I'm going to put you on my blogroll. I wish more people blogged like you did.

  2. Amazing post! That's all I can say! :))