Friday, November 30, 2012


Because the Blogger limit of photo uploads is killing me, I am in a weird and mysterious occult mood that is best matched with long chained necklaces, smelly candles, and colourful crosses I can only assume are nestled in the heart of Mexico close to the Day of the Dead ceremony. At my creative peak of course there is some sort of obstacle in my way obstructing my creativity but perhaps this is the perfect time to read widely of all the lovely new blogs I’ve followed and begin more compositions and drawings. It’s either that, or I actually consider cleaning my room a little more which is difficult without a cardboard box to throw everything that’s currently listed on eBay. I’m all-fearing when it comes to the rare instance I do sell something and I can’t find it in the mess of a home I’ve made more akin to a web since I’m so easily tangled in it all the time. But enough with the metaphors- here’s some images which were blasts from the past or at least look like uphold the old. There’s some Winona Ryder just because she’s looking fabulous and sassy, illustrations which I did not perpetrate and everything sourced from my Tumblr dashboard (as always). 

I went to Disneyland two years ago so that now feels like an eternity ago when I was still choosing which university to study at but I’m really sad I don’t own any black lace dresses to wear with it. It may be crudely pinned under the broad banner of Goth were it not for such a sweet symbolism of every child’s dream and favourite movie worn as a hat. Now I want a good romp around the local second hand shops for a thrifting session but it’s best done alone and I don’t have any other errands to run while I’m out so I can’t yet justify the bus fare… oh barf. Some time next week I’ll go to the bank, send off what I hope will be many goods through the mail, visit the tiniest library it’s ever been my misfortune to enter and probably run around to four second hand shops. Until then I think it’s music/ reading time and waiting for the image limit on Blogger to reset. I’ve gotten so desperate I’ve finished off all my old drafts. It’s getting rather serious and dire now… 

I’m sure at some stage or another I would have loved to have a vintage phone exactly like this, probably sparked from one of my visits to my grandmother’s house but that dream died a long time ago when everyone was thirteen and obsessed with having a good phone as a sign of social status. Here I am, six years later and using a phone with a $19 monthly plan that my mother pays for. It’s as much an embarrassment on my part as it is a crime but I can’t decide which model of the iPhone I get but I already have several possible phone cases to choose from on Etsy. My poor boyfriend has already heard me voice me frustration and fears on my inability to choose but I think it went straight over his head. While I don’t think it would spark any great change in my habits of socialising (unless I get international text and begin communicating with all my lovely followers) there is always the handy chance of getting free text/ calls or whatever on some of the better networks but I don’t know just how much I want to spend. Bleh- first world problems.

Finally I was a little distressed to learn Anne Hathaway is dieting in order to look purposely thin and dishevelled for her newest movie when here above is a healthier version of herself in what was my generation’s favourite teen movie: The Princess Diaries. Looking back on this simple image I see so much of what was great; Lily is holding a small beaver backpack and is not caring, Michael has a haircut so similar to that of the Beatles in general it makes me want to cry and the quotes from the movie were just so great. I wanted that close female bond between Mia and Lily in which charms for charm bracelets were acquired and the other would be forced to volunteer for movie projects/ public access television and yeah I loved the genuine nature of the characters created in this little universe. Also plastic choker necklaces and hair weaves- Lily you are now my hero of the franchise because you are sassy and uncompromising.

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