Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Wearing: American Apparel white blouse, This is Make Believe resin rose necklace, Toy Story 3 Pea toy made into a necklace, vintage pink Levi's shredded shorts, vintaeg lace socks, Jelly Beans pink sandals and Forever New blue rose jumper.

My boyfriend was naturally a little mortified when I told him I was in a weird mood and had turned a toy into a necklace, but after enough speculation I had finally sewn a limp bit of embroidery thread to hold this plush above my neck like a bib necklace. I was trying to dress like a model for the MSGM photo shoot combining the florals and neons together. I knoe- florals for Spring. It's all very cliche but I assure you I've been also dressing with a dark and disturbed demeanour to balance it all out.

I know it's slightly terrible, but I actually found a small glass bottle of green 'fairy dust' while sitting down for English class one sunny afternoon and years later I decided to sprinkle the stuff on my lips for a photo shoot. So not only have I ruined someone's chances of being reuinited with the cutest glass bottle ever, but I also sprinkled unknown substance on my lips and I'm fairly sure that in my puckering and application some managed to find it's way into my mouth... Eek! It's moments like these I am thankful my mother does not read my blog or is not concerned with how I dress and chooses to remove herself from my world purely because I am too weird. And also seemingly unhygeinic and risky. I just wanted to look like I had eatten a big bowl of pixies for breakfast- which is a result I got and my teeth look abnormally white in the above shots. I wonder if my dentist is into fashion blogging (hmm).

I was a little shocked there were so little green and orange within my wardrobe, but it makes sense that I moved away from those colours after my fifth birthday. Apparently orange was my favourite colour when I was four and I'm thinking of adding more colourful tones to my wardrobe by tie dyeing some of my old shirts accumulated that I can't get rid of. All I need to do is raid the nearest craft store and figure out whether I can make a heart shape when doing that technique and I'm all set for summer. I spent all of winter accumulating pairs of denim shorts so I can happily focus on adding more tops to my growing collection or I'll otherwise buy faux fur coats with brooches. I live in the southern continent but it shows all my stuff comes from either America or Europe. I don't get it either really and I'm too lazy to move over there as well.

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