Friday, November 23, 2012

Pinky Pie

Wearing: Bowler hat from Sovereign Hill, Pink rosary from Phillip Island, Cotton On gingham bustier, vintage Levi's pink shorts, vintage frilly socks and Dr Martens boots.

Apologies in advance for dodgy picture quality yet again because I can't be bothered buying batteries every two weeks due to extensive camera use. So it seems I'm back using a rechargeable camera battery and my compact camera instead. I'm still super proud of this top I fixed up which I bought for only ten dollars new, but I'd just like to point out that I NEVER show this much flesh when going out and it's just an outfit I whipped together because I was wondering what I would end up wearing if I was in a heat wave or whatever and also I was in a pink and purple mood. While a cardigan would be nice to wear with this just to add something extra I'm a bit cardigan-less at the moment- particularly those lovely thick and knitted types with high collars and long loose sleeves to bury myself in. Matching colours is all a bit lame, but I do enjoy playing with these new boots as well in a colourful and Kawaii approach when the mood takes me.

And guess what came in the mail my beauties? A vintage Polly Pocket bracelet/ playset for under fifteen dollars all the way from the United Kingdom. I can see why my mother used to keep all my little figurines locked up in an old camera cartridge holder because these guys could easily be lost were it not for their plastic purple bear prison. This wrist strap is my favourite thing of all though- it's baby blue with a pink hopscotch motif drawn all along the band and it's not hard and rigid the way some plastic behaves after years since manufacture. Really happy with this purchase- now all I need is a prom corsage to wear every day and then I'm set for life.

Holy smokes it's the one photograph where I don't look like I'm about to start crying and my eyeliner is most unsmudged! Also check it out, I'm holding the most impractical backpack in the world which is aimed at kid's and is the most wondrous shade of purple you will ever see. Because it basically is a teddy bear without the half the back filled in there's little room and I can only imagine being able to hold keys, credit cards and a phone in there there won't be any chance to come to festivals or anything because I'm determined to bring my own water and stuff but here's the finishing touches to my outfit anyway. I had to buy this cute little guy after my boyfriend won me a giant care bear from the Melbourne Show we went to and he can't come out and play with me so... this was the solution. I can start to see a dangerous Care Bear fever-pitch collection phase starting up in my future all too soon.