Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Perhaps I've been reading just a little too much Self-Constructed Freak, A close and detailed of a Fred Butler collection, maybe my sweet tooth has been just a bit overactive lately and maybe my dashboard being overloaded with cute and Kawaii pictures is too much to handle all at once, but I really do love the colour pink and drawings of big-headed girls. Also I'm having the time of my life surfing the Internet in search for the perfect cheap blouses, rainbow pants and wigs for my outfit posts. Now if only all my old junk on eBay would sell then I'd be making some headway here. But I can be patient and it seems I'll have to be for all twenty of my listings to end but I am looking forward to assume gal pal hang time tomorrow as well as topping up of the old PayPal account to keep my wardrobe snazzy and my accounting skills sharp.

Sharpen my accounting skills- HA that's a good one. But seriously though I have nothing left to do but amuse myself in between shifts and the computer is where it always is, waiting for me with open arms and a comforting plastic keyboard embrace. It's getting more and more difficult to not buy something I love every time I log on so instead I'll need to begin sketching what I would wear in a perfect world I guess to wean myself off the experience. Now even I think that's a little bit sad, but I can't find where to buy this lovely unicorn silken camisole top anyway so I suppose my money is safe for now. All I need to do is by my multitude of little toadstools, pipe cleaners and fake flowers and then I'll be all set for my incoming shipment of twenty-five plastic headbands to turn into crowns. I'm going to have a very busy Summer- and probably burnt fingers from a hot glue gun too. That's OK though, it may be a decent excuse from the dishes every now and then.

I'm still supremely jealous of girls who look elegantly dishevelled when I look like something the cat dragged in, but at least now I can admire their beauty without slamming my head against the nearest wall howling "why couldn't it have been me!". I'm all about painting very explicit and specific tableau this morning with imagery and what not. Maybe the secret to looking gorgeous is the setting- although I can't say I've walked in a botanic garden while having my socks blown off. Also- the botanic garden of my major city was started by some jerk who sprinkled blackberries across the entire state and is the reason those plants are a serial pest in every garden and on every farm. I can't say I can readily support a project by someone who was so absurdly thick to introduce a foreign species into an ecosystem. Instead I'll need to pose in front of grandmother's gardens because of course they've had the most time to accumulate proper rose growing techniques and are least likely to scold me as long as I don't step on the undergrowth. Does that sound like a decent plan?

Is it sad that I've been thinking of what sinister/ rude words I can spell with alphabetical Birthday candles for the last year or so and this didn't occur to me? I thought so. I like the fact that it's pink- it reminds me a lot of Mean Girls which is a movie I was surprised to find out is something my boyfriend's older brother owns on DVD... That might explain his sassy attitude and ability to act like such a prima dona all the time though. Sorry I'm bitching- bitching is hilarious when expressed visually on the face but maybe not so much through a computer screen. When I tidy my room and figure out how to upload from an iPad maybe then I'll share some selfies with you guys but my acne is killing me so I'll also need to wait for that to settle. Oh #firstworldproblems. Also, I will never get to eat a slice of that cake either in all it's meringue frosting goodness and rainbow sprinkles (sigh).

I mentioned my crowns but I forgot to mention I have about fifty New Scientist magazines sitting around my house which I haven't read yet which could be the perfect blank canvas for zine making/ collaging. Marilyn here demonstrates that you can never have enough glitter so maybe that will be my trump card when prettying up educational images- like a fairy hell bent on making the world a better place whether it likes it or not. I do wish we could wear glitter on our lips and thickly on our eyelids but, believe my I've tried the lips and every time you try to pucker it ruins the effect when a coat of lipstick also sits amongst the sparkles. Let's leave the serious stuff to the five-year-olds with too much time on their hands and the scrap-booking nerds shall we?

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  1. I love the way you write and how your blog still has that 'personal' vibe that so many are losing/have lost... x