Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nicholas Kirkwood for Meadham Kirchhoff

Some things are just so good, they need to be praised twice. If these shoes were a drawing, I would gladly put them on the fridge for everyone to see and brag about when people pop by to borrow a cup of sugar (does that even happen in real life?) but that's not the point at this stage. The point is I though I was over the whole dilemma of "I'm a poor uni student who doesn't have a credit card and can't afford to buy nice things" but then out of no where, like a Christmas number one song getting stuck in your head the terrible thought struck me again that I don't own these shoes and I may as well wear tissue boxes on my feet and glue feathers and glitter to them because at least if I squint enough I can probably delude myself for a good few minutes that I do own glorious sex kitten pom pom shoes/ flatforms/ fluffy clouds that dreams are made of. I sense some sort of strategic DIY being planned over weeks and frantic hunting for the perfect pair of basic white platform flats to smear in glitter and hot glue gun because I am still rather poor and economically challenged at the moment.

I'm not religious, except when I find relics and trinkets to be beautiful, but I bet if angels wore shoes they would wear these and float around all the time like members of some sublime Russian ballet. When walking around in the flatforms that I already own, there's a strange heaviness about them but without the weight and strain that heels often place on the foot. That's not exactly how I thought it would feel like to have my soul separated from my mortal body, but you never know- for such fabulously rare and exclusive shoes perhaps Nicholas Kirkwood has mastered the art of the most maneuverable shoe decorated like a 1950s bombshell boudoir. That's just more motivation for me to clean my room and stop living like a slob: I could have the perfect girly room full of perfume bottles, cat teapots and kitsch junk and maybe people would send me things "because it reminded them of me" and other weird bizarre stuff like that. It's nice having a blog and what not, but I want the outside to reflect what I feel and see on the inside too.

I've been in a weird, pink adoration mood for a few months now, so I suppose it's my new favourite colour. I just like how these shows epitomise what stereotypical women looked like at the time my parents were children and femininity as well as women's sexuality but the shoes themselves are without that femme fatale vibe that all the poetry I read in high school was about. Surprise, surprise; I actually studied something other then science at one point were the focus was on the art and delivery of words and I can't wait to pillage my local library like a mighty literary Viking and go on an epic journey of reading delicious books these next few weeks. The end result might be that my own writing seems a little more wordy and street-smart so I hope you guys can enjoy that with me.

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