Friday, November 23, 2012

Moon Magic Giveaway

A couple of cool girls are running a giveaway where EVERYONE WINS SOMETHING- so cool and unheard of right?
They'll be sending out letters containing small bits and bobs and stuff to arrive at Christmas which is totally sweet and festive of them.

Their aesthetic is sort of junky in a teenage girl shrine way- they made a Halloween play list which I couldn't get enough of and used googly eyes as make up stuff. 

Their first zine issue can be found online here.
Pretty cool, check out the link here and drop them a line if you enjoy their stuff.
I just thought I'd spread the holiday cheer too <3

(No pretty pictures because I'm over the stupid limit AGAIN and it makes me sad and I want to crawl in a corner somewhere till it's all better)


  1. awww thank you very very much! :)
    do you mind of i place a link to this post on the moonmagic blogspot?

    (i have the same problem with the picture-limit..uhgg)

  2. No problems charlotte- this is a great way to gain contributors to your zine :)

    I literally have six word documents of blog posts waiting in the wings... so terrible