Monday, November 12, 2012


Wearing: Cotton On gingham crop top, Nirvana belt buckle from Queen Victoria Market, Quirky Circus skirt, Wowch cat knee leggings, vintage lace socks, Wildfox X Jeffrey Campbell ballet platforms.

Guess who found Photoshop on her computer and is tech-retarded and stumbling through the program? I am! I should be studying for my Astronomy exam for next week, but for once I'm not madly driven by the prospect of failure and my entire future being ruined by test results. I don't want those numbers to define me as a person or limit what I can do with my life; I would rather mash together vintage fabric prints with photos I take and pretend I'm already on holidays. Because they're both of a shoddy quality (using my cheap camera I won in a contest as well as images of fabric from Etsy) but when I combine them together, they look awesome. I also want to begin taking fake selfies from an empty iPhone cover because it will be much cheaper overall and I can still own the most radical phone cover in all the Universe. I definitely have my priorities right at the moment. I can't even blame my lack of motivation on losing sleep, I was in the realm of the dead last night and completely zonked out this morning.

I was inspired to buy these leggings for myself when a favourite artist of mine, Bethany Moody under the moniker of Ann Muddy idolised them in one of her paintings. The site itself has them against a stark bluey-aqua background but I decided to go one better wearing my prissiest skirt and shoe combination and also working in a Halloween cat background. That holiday is done and dusted for another year (sadly) but that doesn't mean I can't combined black and orange together with stark printed designs, right? I'm very tempted to dress like this for the rest of the year as well as make a whole series of crowns and clean up my room selling junk on eBay. At the moment, that's the plan for the moment with more image editing and self-portrait photographs to share with you guys.
I'm not going to share my secret stash of sweet background images anytime soon, but I am starting to formulate what exactly makes it easier to mash images together and am pretty happy with the results I got.  It's good to get back to grass roots of experimentation and making my outfits more appealing by weaving a little Internet and computer magic with simple waves of my wand (or clicks of the mouse as it is in the twenty-first century). Just a quick question though- am I Kawaii yet?

In case you missed the details on the singlet/ bustier that I'm wearing, I changed the buttons myself from my own personal stash I squirreled away when I was studying textiles in high school. Last night I also sewed together the two sections to remove the awkward gap between the bottom smiley face button and the gingerbread girl. It wasn't that much of a hassle after all, I badly needed a break from reading pages upon pages of scrawled notes. All this for ten dollars? I should let my friends drag me around shopping centres more often; despite the fact it's a mainstream cesspool, often too expensive and you need to search for the best sewn garments there can be the odd treasure or too hanging around the nearest Sale rack. It looks better when worn with my chunky Nirvana belt buckle which I haven't found a solid use for since I was a 'freshman' or in year nine for those cool cats living in Australia.

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