Monday, November 12, 2012

Japanimation and Ghouls

I was meant to post this photoset over two weeks ago in preparation for Halloween, but my last post was pretty intense and so were my damn exams. The good news is I only have one left and then I can pretend to be a professional blogger full time over the Summer, do my nails, play dress ups and then go thrift store shopping on the weekends. Also at last count, I have some eighteen thousand images stored from Tumblr to show off on this blog which should keep me indoors for lengthy periods and away from the heat and overwhelming sun outside. All that doesn't help explain this strange opening GIF of the power rangers Halloween special. It's sort of a cool use of pumpkins though, despite the fact it's missing logic and context. I suppose to any small child in the 90s, vegetables were bad enough as it is and writers exploiting this fear could have possibly made sense...

Admittedly I have been busy, but not so busy that I didn't get to see the new Tim Burton flick, 'Frankenweenie'. I managed to find this image, and know it's off the movie I just watched, but was there an earlier live action film that I missed somewhere? All I can see is, cool make up on the dogs and special effects of sparked lightning. Tim Burton's the only master of cinema I recognise; I love the way he creates small universes to write stories and plays on the stereotype of America suburbia; as well as modernising names and roles of characters in the original Mary Shelley classic. Interestingly enough, there was a giant mutated tortoise in his own film named Shelley- making references to Godzilla all at once. I've been thinking a lot about Japan lately, and this post reflects all of that with animations, robotic Barbie dolls and hence the mutated title of this post and my indecisiveness.

I have all my DVDs lined up in preparation for that sweet moment when I walk out of the exam room- but first I have to make time to see my friends again, catch up, probably make a quick trip to the library alone... I plan on borrowing umpteen badly written and cheesy romance novels to fuel my own deep and dark desires and write a hipster themed, New York city based soppy story. Yeah, it will be loosely based on me but the heroine will wear all the clothes I've ever wanted, rock bangs sitting high on her forehead and wear glasses... watching Sailor Moon will probably help most when it comes to getting into a weird and out-of-touch mood. I'm normally a raging cynic when it comes to real life, but on occasion I too like to get in touch with my softer side and cuddly with fluffy baby animals and all that rot.

Even though I like to keep my sleep cycles as normal as possible, I probably won't resist staying up for the first few nights and indulging on popular culture DVDs, listening to music I've been coveting for years and binging till I feel sick and just want to wake up early, learn to cook pancakes and then read books all day. The last year has been devoted to learning new things about science, but I want to rediscover myself and develop myself as well as learn what I've been missing out on lately.The last time I really sat down and watched the news was for the American presidential elections out of concern for all the American teen bloggers ovaries and what now if the Romney bid was successful- but ever since studying hardcore last year for my A-Levels/ SAT/ ATAR I've been really out of touch with the world I live in. I want to consummate that and feel like I belong as a citizen of this world again.

It's a little embarrassing to admit it, but my boyfriend lent me a few series of old Pokemon to watch and I'll probably chew through that before I delve into Daria and then Sailor Moon. Even now at nineteen I'm a bit more comfortable watching animation than real action movies. I just find caricatures of life and parallel worlds to be better representations of life than cardboard stiff actors. That won't stop me from buying Romeo and Juliet with Leo DiCaprio in it or Moonrise Kingdom because I was a big stuck-faced idiot and didn't have the gumption to see in in cinemas myself.
My mother's been watching crappy morning talk shows before getting and going to work the last month or two and it's driving me absolutely crazy. She told me some random fact about PSY from Gangnam style; despite the fact I haven't watched the whole thing from start to finish and well, I'm really proud of that fact. I'm glad I'm not thirteen or fourteen with that horrible musical abomination running around the Internet at the moment; there are more worthwhile pursuits I can think of. For one, I'm thinking of a dripping blood red nail polish manicure or veiny nails to give myself a more gruesome outlook. It's either that or sparkly blue nail stickers I haven't committed to anything yet.

Finally, my favourite thing about the images I collected during the Halloween holiday season were the spooky pin-up images I found scattered around the place like confetti. I'm still keen on buying amigurumi carved pumpkins, making a necklace out of them as well as buying a chunky silver Ouija board necklace. It's come and gone for another year, but that doesn't mean I can't personally celebrate the spirit of the season myself- minus the fishnet stockings though. Whether this sits well with my friends and family is another story entirely, but I can only go on pleasing them for so long and putting them ahead of my own satisfaction of how I present myself to society.

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