Sunday, November 18, 2012


I'm free guys! I literally skipped out of the exam room when I headed off to the shops with my boyfriend and it's just great to be eating good food, writing again and also browsing and buying some of the most coveted clothes from Etsy! All will be revealed in due time, but for the moment I have a small army of eye candy images to shows off, feelings to get off my chest and opinions to properly voice. My exciting peers are going to the After Exam Party whereas I am sitting with my feet under some cozy blankets and am scheming up a blogging binge, and I can still say with confidence that I am having a great time at home. I've always been a little strange though- a hermit and a recluse even when I was a kid which is a bit of a problem considering you're meant to socialize at that age.

That's OK though, because I am a modern teenage girl and free to socialize through my computer as opposed to talking to people face to face and I can get away with creating my own little world built on fairy floss pink filleted images and photographs soaked in heavy feminine vibes for at least the next week and a half without too much harassment from my family members. Eventually I will have to begin doing the housework, clean my room and cull my wardrobe heavily in order to fuel artistic endeavors but for now I can vegetate, I can vent and I can avoid picking up a pen for the next four months!

I'm pretty sure studying too hard needs to be balanced out with a child-like enthusiasm about silly things. Or spending sprees. I have bought, two sweaters, a unicorn shaped clutch summing to about two hundred dollars within the last week. And chances are I'm only going to earn one hundred and a bit more from working this week. Oops. It seems I'll need to avoid going on the computer, or at least all the shopping sites I normally loiter about and put my energy to better use like mashing up the keyboard. Failing that I'll begin to make my own Papier-mâché unicorn for my room and start to take driving seriously because I need my license. Life sucks when you need to take public transport and there are people you went to school with who already earned then lost their drivers' license- although I should be pretty happy that I am not a qualified menace to society and the roads yet and I can still qualify to drive.

I'm kind of sad that I can't enjoy the slow deterioration of leaves in Autumn or feel the crunch of fresh snow under my boots, but luckily I live in Melbourne and the weather is often unpredictable. Although I, along with every other citizen tends to invariably grumble about this fact it does give me range and flexibility to work with so I can throw together different outfits of varying layers and comfort. The worst case scenario is a horrible heat wave in which I'm trapped indoors for the entire Summer and I'm imprisoned with the knowledge that pretty outfits will be ruined by perspiration and sweating. While there's no guarantee of cute Mary Jane shoes, white socks and petticoats I'll do my best- especially with so much free time on my hands to scour all the best second hand goods and transform them with an arsenal of ribbon roses, cute buttons and embroidery I'm dying to try out.

I was a little disappointed at the lack of good clothing when I went shopping today (I'm looking in all the wrong places hopefully) but I've been again, obsessed with hosiery and cutesy socks used to reinvent the look of an outfit- especially with sandals showing off cute and crazy patterns. That has luckily been my one let down as far as searching on Etsy is concerned; mainly because the socks are hand knitted and made with love in every stitch and cost a few tens of dollars each when I'm trying to scout out a bargain bulk lot of different patterns and colours for the same price. I won't give up yet though, especially when I've almost got my hands on my secret weapon for shoes this season! All will be revealed soon...

I wonder if Alexa here knowingly dressed in yellow lace and an army jacket to imitate what I can only assume to be her favourite fruit: the pineapple. Yes, Schoolies celebrations are in full swing in Australia where the graduates of high school launch off for a week or partying and drinking but I'm kind of glad I'm not enjoying the intoxicating atmosphere. My mind is sharp and I like to keep it that way. Today I trawled after my mother pointing out clothing and curiosities alike with comments fuelled with popular culture references as well as witty remarks. I wish I had taken the time to blog the entire day, but it is nice to mix things up when possible. Unfortunately I only learnt that fact recently and a bit too late for my own, personal liking.

As much as I'd love to be working on a potion or chemical concoction to become younger and take the world by storm as a pre-teen fashion blogger, next year I'll be applying for internships and really focusing on my degree during Summer. This year will have to be a break- but also a cultural experience in which I broaden my blogging network and also bring you more of my own outfit style posts. I'm not really sure if I'll continue to appraise collections as they're released from designers and runway catwalks- there's just been a bit too much heartbreak as well as an unmotivated mentality towards the superficial side of fashion. I might be getting in touch with Etsy stores, trying to cosy up to them and make some new friends over the Internet. I've just developed a strict policy of only writing about something I feel passionately towards- and I hope you guys are reaping the rewards of my proverbial harvest.

Again, alcohol seems to be trying to worm it's way into my happy little world which I'm trying to build on teenage girl shrines, but what I liked most about this image is the black and white outfit as well as those killer dip dye ends and matching lipstick in red. Black and white stripes always reminds me of Beetlejuice, which is a bit odd since I haven't sat down and watched that movie but I did see the Tim Burton exhibition in Melbourne twice so that kind of counts right? Probably not- I think my boyfriend has it somewhere and we'll be sorting through all his rabble next week so as usual I'll jump on any opportunity to learn more about quirky films and educate myself in the ways of media. It's sort of a test to determine who are the cool, like-minded people that can appreciate the same sort of art you can even if it is compacted into an hour or two. Re-watching is something I always do to soak up something in all it's glory and the same applies to passages in books as well.

Some of my favourite cheap plastic goodies girls show off in their rooms when video blogging come from joke shops. I now pose the question of where are these wonderful places and why can't I find cat eye glasses that are akin with batman or pink unicorn figurines? I can't even remember the last time I clapped eyes on an obscure novelty/ specialty shop that had cheap but good quality bits and pieces for me to run my hands over but I suppose I think everything I had when I was a kid was great and everything sucks now. In the words of that infamous bush ranger, such is life I guess.

While driving today with my father's supervision he sneered at a girl crossing the road sporting green hair that looked more like the pale green from a chlorinated pool as well as neat tattoos on one of her legs. It's funny how the tiniest reaction can effect someone's confidence- I was almost determined to ask my boyfriend what he thought if I dip dyed my ends and professionally had an Ombre effect touching my hair (which I would then alter daily with food dyes) for my outfit posts but now I'm as timid as ever. This photograph does seed the lovely idea of cheap extensions adding strong, bold colour without bleaching my naturally dark hair and also a chic bun is made as sweet as peppermint hard candy in the right combination.I think I might lean towards that more than anything, because at the end of the day they can be removed or hidden awkwardly with cute bows and hair clips bought from Etsy and I can manage to again maintain my identity as the 'Secret Hipster'. Some days I wish I could come out of the closet and show my true colours; I wish my family would see that it's just hair dye and not as bad as slinging a gun around and sauntering into local businesses to terrify clerks. It's not dropping a bomb- it's altering one's appearance and it doesn't physically hurt anyone. So why am I getting so defensive and worked up by it?

I have loads of free time on my hands all of a sudden, but I don't want to wallow on the couch and waste away. No- I'll listen to music and read all the lovely books I've neatly piled so I can expand upon knowledge, create new similes and metaphors to sprinkle on my articles like ice cream toppings and make time to listen to music. I've already written a short list of what I want to write about next and there's a clear pattern of female musicians and style icons that I loftily hold in high regard. Grimes and Florence Welch have already been discussed, but you can expect to read my insights about Sia, Lana Del Rey and some vintage muses written in old magazines.

Today I spent my time listening to a decent play list put on the radio and read some advice on hair maintenance regarding colour all on the train in the hopes I'd find something good to spend my hard earned cash on. I didn't quite find something to tickle my fancy but it was still time well spent and the article again gave me hope for a lighter tone but I was annoyed that the columnist was pushing the use of product without anything specifically named. I suppose that's what happens when the media is too fuelled by advertising and bloggers need to pick up the slack.

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