Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fred Butler A/W 2012

I found this collection in connection to Fred Butler's other work; namely that awesome sun goddess golden sparkly daisy ensemble collection that brightened my mood when following the London Fashion week collections in the dead of Winter. I think I may like this collection even better though for it's soft pastel colours, marshmallow textures and Rainbow Brite eclecticism. I love Romance was Born for their imagination and representation of hopeful and imaginative clothing every season, but I also adore comfy knits and Japanese inspired origami so naturally I fell in love at first sight with this show- the head pieces and rope embroidery detail on the petite heels as well as matching belts and headpiece turbans and each model fitted with a pastel coloured bob hairdo. If it were food it would be the most sugary of bubble gum flavoured ice cream sundaes smothered with strawberry topping and chocolate chips. If that descriptor has your mouth watering then I have adequately described the deep affinity I feel towards this collection and it's matching but disjointed colours.

Did I forget to mention I have a soft spot and major Achilles heel for knitted hot pants? I did didn't I. They are a walking contradiction because if you need something knitted you're generally cold and probably need more coverage than hot pants have to offer but that's what cute tights are for fool! Sorry. I'm just so giddy because this collection is perfect for DIY masters of knitting and also bright and colourful for those who think of mermaids. I should point out the babe in the background is wearing blue and not green and it's just the editing and filter effects kicking in but damn I love that shade of deep sea green and it looks perfect with the pink and knitted mittens. Mittens on a catwalk. It happened people and it kicked ass.

When I first glanced this collection this was the initial first impression and the light-fitting behind the model looked to be part of the outfit in the same way a fruit bowl is worn by a cliche Samba dancer or in this case a waitress at a futuristic Tokyo night club/ bar. I fell in love with the narrative I weaved for myself as well as hot pants and Mary Jane wedge platforms that make legs stretch on in an almost never-ending stretch of skin against powdered baby blue and I loved it and had to find out more for myself. Although I was disappointed there were only four different outfits to scope out, I would much rather praise a great collection that's small and really shows detail and dedication by the designer than fifty something outfits that don't really do anything or showcase techniques. There's unity, colour and imagination in this as well as the cheeky contradiction of knitted skimpy clothes. I love it to death- so much so I will overlook the fact Nicki Minaj is showing off the clothes, although considering her image she's probably the best pop candidate yet to wear these bright and fanciful nick knacks and statement pieces.

I love the shots including all four looks- it's so dreamy and celestial like Sailor Moon when all the sailor scouts are together and about to kick some evil butt but even better. There's the sharp edgy touch so reminiscent of origami, the weaved embroidery cord bands and then the pastel coloured bob haircuts. I went ballistic at the Chanel 2013 collection for the chic subtle tones of colour but little did I know the look had already been done with a bolder and stronger appeal about sewing and accessories. It's times like these that make me wish I hadn't given up all the sewing subjects in high school and really tried to balance pursuing a science degree with art. Balancing two very different fields though is hard and coordinating a seeming double life often doesn't work out well with me. I often wonder how some people can juggle two partners without the other one finding out; but maybe they just have too much love to give. I have a lot to give but as always I aim it through the keyboard and put it into words where it can safely be stored and do little harm.

All through Winter I've had to watch the Chinese exchange students wear clunky jeans with ra-ra skirts and trainers and the common parka that's a sort of uniform to them in order to stay warm. There was the odd variation in colour and sewn pattern but I still yawned and was sceptical of the whole cultural fad. Although this statement parka must be akin to those jackets I scorned for a solid three months I admire this shapely sculpture and geometric pink and orange pattern on white. The model sits amongst it like a stigma of a flower, or for those not up with the scientific terms, a gorgeous pearl hidden amongst an oyster. I love the contrasting yellow on the inside as well- it breaks up the outfit nicely and plastic pastel studded headband and cuffs are chic but very in touch with the aesthetic this outfit breeds. I'm really jealous of anyone lucky enough to see this for themselves at London Fashion Week- but even then I suppose the experience is all very quick and sweeps you off your feet. Then before you know it your back in reality sitting behind a desk and wondering what it is you're doing with your life. Fashion shows are a nice reprieve from the ordinary aren't they?

Seeing blue and orange together generally sparks memories of colouring stuff in during grade school and the dumb conversations the boys generated about what was acceptable aesthetically and what wasn't. While I do have a tone of scorn here there are many fantastic male masters of fashion and designers that create breath-taking pieces but I just loved the simplicity and nostalgia this photograph generated as well as that evocative poise of legs in the air.I love fine heels and the intricate designs being constantly pushed blurring the boundary between footwear and art but I have little circumstance to wear shoes like that and totter about like the Queen of Hearts right out of Alice.

How cool is this ornamental headdress /third eye / mind control helmet? I still have the ability to look at things and see a variety of options after all these years of leaving the kingdom of childhood- yes I;m amazed to. There's just so many rich and colourful conclusions you can reach when looking at something as ornate and intricate as this though. The pink centre covered by folded pea green panels could be a panel or possibly a demonic eyeball hiding in a spectrum and sea of shades or perhaps it is the costume for a Power Rangers villain. The bad guys from that childhood gem of a show always had a very clunky approach when disguising actors in costumes- as opposed to the skin tight lycra of the Power Rangers themselves. But I digress- the clothes themselves from the collection are warm and cuddly like that of Karla Spetic in oh, about 2010 I would say but bright and bubbly like a Katy Perry music video. It's not going to be considered a classic, but who needs to be boring and plain when you can really rev the engines of the fashion industry and set alight the souls of aspiring fashion bloggers? I'd prefer the later personally if I were in a position to choose.

Just to show how the medium and presentation of art has changed, this image of all the lovely bubble gum ladies shown together being sassy and tough is from Instagram. Of course when I was a photography snob I cringed at the idea of ordinary people adding filter effects to crappy photographs and thinking they were so arty and cultured for it but I guess I'll need to retract that statement or at least ease up on the complaints for this devine jewel of an image. Although models have to be a bit plain and adaptive to represent different ideas and brands but there's a fair amount of attitude shown off in this photograph from the simple poise and position held in a chair- or maybe it's the fact I can see flexed knuckles under sweet, candy-coloured mittens. Whatever the case, I'm loving the effect and the notion these girls hang out together dressed like this always and do each other's hair. I buy into the feminist dream and mix it with fashion- what of it? It's a good dream to have after a tough day at work.

For those of you obsessed with white lace, bows and frills I ask you direct your attention to these simple and minimalist rope heels that were part of the collection but perhaps over shadowed by all the colour and splendour of the collection. My friend loves Alannah Hill famous for bows, red, pink and blue but I always feel overwhelmed and intimidated by their stores. This is so classy though and the Mary Jane strap reminds me a lot of daily rituals of slipping into school shoes during high school but with an expensive and luxurious touch from the white and weaved detail and heels add stature and power. There were also variations within colour of this same design which I really appreciated and lent a lot of room to create separate identities to each outfit presented as part of the Fred Butler collection. I love being spoilt for choice and consider it an infringement on my rights when I don't have options open to me so thank you Fred for creating sweet and lovely heels and pairing them with simple cotton socks- they're simply magnificent and I'm dying to get my hands on a pair!

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