Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dusty Rose

Wearing: Pink Dr Martens boots, Miss Shop dress worn as a skirt, vintage pink blouse, mermaid necklace fashioned from Kamibashi string doll key chain.

I bought this hat as a present for my brother from Sovereign Hill, a tourist attraction used to show people what life used to be like during the gold rush and how to make one of the most coveted lollies in all of the state: Raspberry Drops. I've run out of raspberry drops from when I bought this hat, so I sweetened the look with one of my favourite second hand store finds. I've named him Winston, because that's what dapper boys in green waistcoats are called and I'm pretty tempted to super glue him to the brim of this hat along with fake leaves, flowers and anything else I can use to make a forest haven for this little guy. I'm combining the Rookie Mag tutorial with sophistication and suave characteristics of a bowler hat. It's fair to say this hat is never going to be claimed and no one remembers, so I'm adding a finishing masculine touch to an otherwise girly and flirty outfit. I was pretty excited that the pink on my Dr Martens boots matched an old blouse I've had for a few years now.

I'm still pretty happy pottering about and exploring how to use Photo shop: I can foresee entire weeks being sent to clicking around on images the way a lion tamer cracks a whip to try and get the beast to behave. My art will be a little less cruel though and just plain weird a lot of the time; it's nice combining dancing skeletons with my own bug eyes and a small grey coloured mole. Or it's very different to how I normally do things and polishing off images means I can get rid of my horrible bags under my eyes and wear minimal amounts of make up in front of the camera regardless. What scientists often call a win-win situation ladies and gentlemen.

There must be something about this hat, it throws off my mood and makes me brooding like a super genius. What do I mean by that? Well half my photographs had me looking sour-faced and much like an English mass murderer than happy and sweet like I felt on the inside. It's becoming increasingly important to finish off a good outfit with cute little touches such as accessories or toys, or accessories made out of toys. I feel the same old incapacity to act that I have as a child refusing to remove the backs off of the best stickers I kept in my collections- if I use the mole for a crown then I can't have him stowing away on the brim of my hat and being the perfect companion on my misadventures but there's also every possibility my crown won't look as cool as this image here. When I say I'm being mentally tortured it's mainly about silly things like this and feeling overwhelmed by the great potential and coolness of an object and therefore being incapacitated to do anything about it other than sit and admire.

My hair looks ridiculously long and shiny in these photographs. I think it's time to throw caution to the wind and dip dye those bad boys a weird colour to upset my parents or something like that.

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