Monday, November 19, 2012

Deandri Accessories

Among the ground-breaking discovered I've made within the last week, I've come to the conclusion that being frugal sucks and what's more torturous is having money stashed away but needing to be restrained from treating yourself to killer pairs of shoes. Luckily stores have also cottoned on to this sad reality and are making cheaper alternatives to dress up ordinary clothes or add more glamour to pre-existing pieces. I can't afford a Deadly Ponies handbag every time a new collection is released but there's usually something cheaper like a key chain (all sadly sold out at the moment- blast my tardiness) and likewise, Deandri have shoe clips for laces and harnesses of floral, studs and black imitation leather to wrap around your booties and make them look satisfyingly spunky. Watch out for the mean garters covered in ridiculously lengthy metal spikes! I wouldn't personally wear them for fear of impaling my own hand at some time when I lower my guard but you have to admit, this is a lot of grunge and punk aesthetic to handle.

Just in case it wasn't clear, I have a lot to learn before I make any cutesy crowns and headbands for myself so at the moment I really appreciate the detail and quality of these tiny fake roses and studs. While I have pondered what studding a denim jacket would be like aside from difficult at first and cheaper than buying one there are just some things that I don't trust myself to do. By now I'm aware that I'm depriving myself from a rich learning opportunity, but I'll learn in a nice controlled environment on spare patches of material when I don't feel weighed down by the great conqueror of spirits that is perfection and fear of living up to its lofty expectations. So for under twenty dollars you can buy some of the cutest shoe clips and accessories you will ever see and dress up shoes you already have without re-lacing or painting anything and at the end of the day these decorations can be transferred from pair to pair. That sounds pretty reasonable to me.

There's been a new arrival in my boyfriend's family so I'm suitably confused that pink and blue can be worn together, but when mixing little budded roses on fake leather any combination would be suitable. It's a breathe of fresh air compared to studs and the perfect cliche for Spring. I'm tempted to search for my own materials: elastic, floral roses and hot glue to make cotton candy pink and slime alien green harnesses for my shoes but I'm already lacking something with style and minimalism compared to the original Deandri heels. If you like what you see, UNIF Hellbound boots are also a glorious favourite among fashion bloggers and would be described by my mother as nosebleed heels due to their great heights. I'd argue that it's a positive form on Feng Shui and the higher you are on your toes the higher profits/ social standing blah blah you have.

My brother said he can't fathom why shoes need wooden heels in the 21st century: mentally I replied because he's not cool and part of the scene where this is hip or whatever but what I actually said was that it hides a secret termite farm like those 1980's platforms with goldfish in them but a rich Earthy tone. I hate entering arguments with boys regarding fashion because I can't make them see reason or justify why a certain something is cool. Platforms heels add height and really work out the muscles when you totter about the place and there's a fair amount of brain power used to devise outfits that truly represent one's attitudes towards life and aesthetic artwork. Boys certainly do admire them when they're attached to a pretty woman though- or maybe they just don't care and beauty really is skin deep. Pft- whatever. I'm still going to buy shoes till I drop.

I would have been absolutely horrified at the idea of thigh garters and studs at the age of five when I was riddled with pimples along my legs caused by bacteria under my nails from scratching too much. The threat from the doctor of liquid nitrogen being used to burn off pimples turning into warts cured that better than any physical treatment they could. It's been years now and I've had plenty of time to mature into a young lady and plenty of hours spent running up and down a basketball court to chisel my muscles- I daresay that I won't be getting a tattoo along that stretch of skin anytime soon but these bad boys could really add a tough and edgy tough when wearing denim shorts and skirts. Summery skirts as well as cardigans are my usual fall-back outfit but if I'm to be mistaken for a sweet milk maid I may as well give some inclination of my true attitude. I’m sweet on the outside, dark and edgy on the inside and a lovely mixture of the two when showing things off on my blog.

I wish these accessories were available in real life for me to paw over and admire physically instead of exclusively existing in the online store in the Deandri Big Cartel section. The woman that runs Deandri also puts together some of the raddest market stalls you will ever see but it's all in Los Angeles and even if I lived there I probably wouldn't be cool enough to go anyway... The coral pink and mint green leaves clip is possibly one of my favourites since I can imagine it worn with eccentric frocks and dresses- the colours seem like the perfect prom combination for corsages and tie clips but of course I want to be greedy and hoard it all for myself. There's not any events that require me to dress up but when the time comes, I am sure to be well prepared and adapt quickly.

I think the cutest arrangement of these demure little clips was a crucifix- which isn't a far stretch of the imagination but still very sweet especially if you have plain white or black shoes for a bold, monochromatic statement. I've been thinking of taking a different, more permanent and drastic approach as far as shoe customisation is concerned by fixing appliques from Etsy of Gene Simmons face as well as David Bowie and felt aliens to denim jackets as well as cheap shoes that look like leather. The poor student mentality has well and truly taken over and it sucks a lot but I'll be left with something to run away with when I go on holidays next year and the year after and maybe even some cool and unique shoes that will garner some compliments...

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