Friday, November 30, 2012

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning had responsibility and greatness thrust upon her from a very early age; being the darling of Hollywood and go to girl for many child roles and being around her age it was interesting seeing her blossom from a child to an elegant young lady free and untouched from scandals and mug shots. I can’t even begin to describe how annoyed I was reading a magazine aimed at girls aged ten-thirteen discussing Lindsay Lohan whom I absolutely detest. No, dear Dakota has managed herself with poise, charm and elegance and also some of the most breathtaking fashion editorials and dresses. Also her big blue doe eyes are some of the best things ever but I know I’m biased and have a thing for blue eyed babes but with the right amount of mascara they become these big hypnotic jewels of sorcery and I dig that a lot. 

After having a short stint selling perfume I absorbed the tones and smells that represent different age brackets and having said, a Fanning girl selling perfume for Marc Jacobs is a very wise decision. Pictured here are giant bottles of Oh Lola different from the original Lola fragrance in that the bottle is long necked and more petite. There’s the feminine model poised in sheer polka dot dress in a sea of pink behind her and that sums up the floral fragrances and straight forward nature of scents aimed at youths. There’s sort of an expectation that heavier oils and alcohols are left to women aged in their fifties with a more modest dress code but if you feel the need to break away from societies expectations go right ahead. There are no rules to life; only discoveries to make on the way as you manage through it. 

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