Monday, November 12, 2012

Creatures of the Wind Fall 2012

First off, a gentle introduction to Creatures of the Wind and their Fall collection for 2012; while they are a label I have previously discussed, I felt compelled to purvey their newest clothes and show off. My blogging idol Tavi Gevinson adored it and was invited to look over the clothes personally and I felt super jealous of her intimacy with such fabulous clothing- but also felt lucky to forage on the images she posted. Of course she deserves to appraise it, what with being dubbed the fashion industries darling from the age of thirteen. When I was thirteen I didn't fit into high school, had low esteem and no friends; or rather the friends I did have were my pet rabbits. Anyway, putting aside my once crippling emotional pain, we are on a journey together to glean this collection and dip our toes into it for now, merely testing the waters of fashion and glory. 

Above you'll see a snapshot taken back stage showing a high representation of vinyl red and stark black. That's not what the entire collection is about and staying true to Creatures of the Wind ideals they don't repeatedly churn out ideas or motifs in different forms either. Instead you see clothes loosely related through ideas and the theme the designer chooses to incorporate, but it isn't strictly adhered to the way a law or a recipe is. It's art, free and open to interpretation and you can see so many personal touches through embellishment and sparkling Swarovski crystals. Needless to say, I think it's fantastic (too) and I've made this post as lengthy ass possible to show off all the gory details.

First three images from Tumblr under "Creatures of the Wind" tag.

Despite always having a strong association of horizontal stripes with clothes more often suited to what my mother wears, I still have a big soft spot for fantastic and cozy sweaters- they're the best substitute for a sympathetic ear, a comforting hug that surrounds your body and perfect companions for those who enjoy reading long in to the night. Mohair and other dramatic woolly textures have always sort of intimidated me, but soft and motherly baby pink as well as a sobering embroidered message on long and over sized sleeves is oddly satisfying. Again, it's a simple enough idea that even the simplest art student could create as part of a folio presentation, but the execution is impeccable as well as delightful. I'm mindlessly attracted to all things shiny and luxe- you can see the shiny brocade metallic purple skirt worn with this homely jumper as well; another stunning piece I'm metaphorically salivating over.
White blouses dripping with jewels, embroidered quotes and other pretty things seems like the project a high school textiles student may take on with criticism from their cynical and bitter teacher who never 'made it' themselves in their chosen field, but here the look is endearing, warm and heartfelt. It's not often that you see big brands gambling on such a personal touch with clothing but for someone who spends all their spare time surfing the net on Etsy in particular, I felt this catered to tastes of vintage loving girls everywhere. Patchwork splashes maybe of recycled blankets and gems with essence of the shimmering ocean at night are odd elements to mix together, but the payoff is huge with results as stunning as this. The collar proportions are sensible and have moved away from that of the famous Miu Miu collection and this suite of clothing is really in a field of its own. Tavi said it first, 'when you create classes of your own then you're not compared to anyone else' and I agree with her, what could be better than staying true to a unique vision and not buckling under peer pressure?
I myself dream of unearthing delicate patterns and feminine structured skirts and dresses when sashaying up and down my local second hand shops, but the key difference there is I want to pay next to nothing and make things fashionable. Here Creatures of the Wind a setting the trend and reinventing luxury with an emphasis on texture and none of that cheesy one-trick-pony phenomena that some designers become too attracted to. Its a shame to see creative minds latch on to a single idea and only expanding on that through different garments and colours without truly exploring the driving motion behind the collection. I believe there's something spectacular and sophisticated about the presentation of these collections though, and before I found it peculiar as I too had been conditioned to boring traditions of the fashion industry. I've been set free though and can see what expression and fashion really look like when combined together and the future of this industry looks bright when led under such creative banners.
I more or less had a crush on craft stores when I was just a kid and one thing that invariably captured my imagination were tassels, especially the heavy handed ones more suited for restraining sound proof and weigh curtains of a dram theatre. This dress embodies the soft bristles and threads fringed in a delicate dress of the seasons darling shade: pastel. A much as a I do love red, the fashion world just doesn't seem to be biting at the moment, but ugh, this was with its hexagonal bee honeycomb band about the hips and pinky lilac band around the waist is perfect. Remember when Hermione Granger shows up to the Yule Ball and Rob and Harry are all like "who's that gorgeous girl?" yeah, I think she could have also worn a dress like this and swept everyone off their feet, without Wingadrium Leviosa (I'm such a teen witch nerd). You'll see this motif again in the collection, a little bigger and bolder in Swarovski crystals, but this is sweet, delicate and a kooky touch to an already stellar design.

The golden collared black dress with a stunning gossamer luxe finish is sure to make even the most spoilt lap dog drool. Without any of the patchwork panels and floral lapel motifs you'd probably compliment the piece as being minimalist- but I adore the personal touch shown above and an outfit  that reflects the mentality of a Queen Bee. At a first glance I missed the hidden jewel hidden among the delicate crimson bouquet; there are eyeballs disguised as flowers which leave a satisfying aftertaste of Halloween after October... I'm having Halloween withdrawal and I didn't even get to celebrate it. I also thought it was different to stitch down a Peter Pan collar more as a showy pattern rather than a design element itself, but I do like that embroidered motif so much I would buy probably anything attached to it. Superficial, but I do enjoy a good spooky piece that makes me relieve what it is to be attached to magic and sparkly dark things.

Images from rhinestone star to these skirts: The Style Rookie.

Technicolor vertical stripes don't personally cater to my own taste at the moment, but I'm sure there are many talented and snazzy dressers who could put such rich tones to good use for their own outfits. I myself will take upon the challenge presented by that glittery and jacquard skirt on the left- there's too much emphasise in the vintage world on trophy jackets spangled with sequins, but what about the prospect of a bold statement skirt? It would certainly make a sweet companion to my many stored blouses and stuff and I've had my eyes on cardiovascular tights for a while now and this only justifies my hunger for anatomically correct outfits to make sweet garments and pieces of clothing creepy and strange.

I don't know the name of this model and while I would hate to think I am being unfair to her, she sort of reminds me of Florence Welch, but slightly less sparkly and a bit more pale and miserable. It's a shame she does look so sombre because her outfit is absolutely stellar- I love the uneven blending of two different colours and patterns for both the top and skirt. The black and white reminds me of a simplified Escher, the grey tartan shows off a billowing loose top and the skirt as I have already said is my favourite of the collection and shimmers like a mermaids' tail. I can see why upcycling clothes is so popular and that Frankenstein was so fascinating in concept; taking the best bits and pieces of clothes and bringing them together looks like a talent when perfected by Creatures of the Wind.

Mint and mustard seem to have a lot in common, so why not bring them together? I'm sure designers do not share the same thought processes that I seem to go through, which is very food orientated because it's BREAKFAST TIME but I digress, maybe it's better I don't choose colour palettes for the next season. On an empty stomach. Mint and mustard: they're both used to flavour food, maybe not together but certainly that's what I know them best for, but long relaxed culotte pants with the finest looking shirt this side of China (OK maybe not in China... but... shh!) you've got me easily hooked. I'm not a fan of the model's lemon sour face pulled into a scowl that could put Cruella De Vil to shame, but gladiator style high heels in metallic silver as well as a finely threaded metallic shirt relaxed with slouchy pants that would look magnificent in motion on a swing are all perfect together. I'm pretty inspired, by anything and everything lately which is great and at the moment I'm thinking of putting together a letter to Santa just to show off what I love and would love to buy.

I love international models used in collections, I'm a bit biased being half Malaysian but I do find it great to see a collection extend it's fingers to all places of the world and not having a single look for a single model cloned however many times... End strange culture rant. OK now for the clothing... It looks like your mother's sewing box has arranged itself onto a half-finished blanket in the most artful, beauteous and wonderful shawl. I love shawls, I should have bought one on Etsy but I didn't, and now it's gone but I can secure it with an array of cutesy felt brooches and I feel sad now. Anyway, I probably won't be able to afford this amazing mass of cloth from Creatures of the Wind, not even in my wildest dreams so instead I should probably stick to hunting about second hand shops in my area or better yet creating a DIY post for you guys to follow.

I'm delusional enough to believe that if a used-car salesmen ever pooled together to create a trophy jacket museum, the 1960s contribution would contain this muted tone about the fabric, as well as adventurous splashes of colour and maybe even political slogans perhaps? One can only dream of blazers can become glorious and charming once again, and replacing knitted cardigans, but I'm not ready to bid farewell to cuddly stitched yarn and loose sleeves to burrow in on gloomy days. Besides, cardigans seem to lack the formalities and glamour needed to properly grace the prestigious runways of the world. I don't care much for the colour scheme of the dress underneath, but perhaps the lights just don't do it justice of I'm simply too captivated by the blazer to see the traits of the dress, but I do like the uneven skirting and folds at the hemline that sit just at the knee. It's all very ladylike and elegant- something I've forgotten to dress with when slouching about in jeans and shirts these last few weeks during the dreaded exam period.

Angora is wonderful and possibly the best texture in all of creation: it's like being surrounded by a warm hug from everyone's favourite animal, the alpaca. They can't really hug all that well though, so I suppose I will have to 'make do' with wearing Creatures of the Wind; oh who am I kidding? If I had the entire collection in my size I would probably promise my first born or something similarly crazy and satanic like that. I just admire the colours, the combination of mustard and pink as well as playful textures- pointed toe shoes, pleated pants as well as a coat that would outshine even the most flamboyant Sargent Pepper. Yes that is a big call, yes of course Creatures of the Wind deserve it though because this is the best eye candy collection I've seen since Chanel launched their French Versailles collection of frills and ruffles. This is just a bit more accessible and practical but still with fun as well as new candour of the 1960s spirit.

Runway photographs: taken by Amanda De Simone /, found via

The realisation fell on me when I spyed this eloquently jeweled eyeball bouquet that fashion collections, like people can be multi-faceted and complex. I was in awe that such a macabre motif could be incorporated into an otherwise sweet and seemingly innocent collection but I liked the detail, the prestige of such an insidious design and those bright pink popping pupils staring back at me on a hot bed of silken mustard material. I myself like to think I have the hidden qualities of a witch and darkness in my soul, seething underneath a very average outlook but I never have the audacity or the skill to carry out such a wonderful technique with such medical precision. I mildly stick to the policy that I should only buy expensive and luxurious clothing when I can't get anything close to the look myself or make it for myself and this applique Swarovski crystal set falls neatly under that rare and prestigious category.

In contrast to that gorgeous and shiny black peter pan collar dress comes a more demure, light hearted and flirty reincarnation: perfect for someone entering the Summer season and seeking to look fantastic at sunset? Oh who am I kidding, I have no one to impress really but my own sense of self and possibly my readers because you guys are important to me and I like to get dolled up for you. But seriously, I need that crazy cool eyeball motif in my life and I am desperate for an excuse to jump to the top of the list of girls who need this dress (top?) Whether it has a long or short hemline I'd still probably dress it down with leggings from Etsy or something ridiculous, because my days of going to high school formals and debutante balls are over and I can mix the serious with the surreal and make dressing up fun and silly again. Like a four year old child, with a ridiculous spending limit and stretched out limbs.

Because eBay hasn't been kind enough to share the Creatures of the Wind love around already, I can sense some more heart ache and heart break for unpopular teenage girls who sit alone in their rooms pining over clothes that are glorious, magnificent and the manifestation of all things crafty, cute and Kawaii. I'm trying to subsidise and wean myself off the collection by browsing out of print Japanese craft books online, but it's just not working: I want clothes I can saunter about in and show off and maybe even make some uncool cats uncomfortable. Because self-expression and art isn't really news until it gains some haters who think that clothing like this is the work of the devil etc.

Vintage clothing, or at least the pieces I am able to oversee on the few occasions when I'm stuck waiting for a connecting train are often skimpy and unwelcome to the humble zipper- and I certainly don't miss tangling my hair in plastic teeth and feeling taut tension from my shoulders to the top of my head. However, I am impressed with the lining of this blazer, the gentle meshing of fabrics as well as the hidden zipper and neat zipper tag used in this piece. While the fabric reminds me a bit too much of a balding camel, I'm in love with the swirls of purple metallic threads and a very 1970s vibe from this piece. It could dress up a simple white plain blouse, or increase a play suit or romper outfit with a certain the suave and slick factor, ten-fold.To put it mildly, this is the best first impression something masculine has ever made with me because it also reconciles that figure with feminine colours and sweet tailoring.

I'm impressed with designers/ vintage resellers ability to market what I thought were previously uncool things and make me salivate over them. The colours in this collection were eclectic and off-the-wall but I still loved the manic sense of colour being pulled together with sensible silhouettes and garments reminiscent of bygone era. Cheery cherry red and mustard team up again in a mad collaboration of words better suited to descriptions at dinner time then a fashion collection are delightful and playful yet again. I'm already excited for the next Creatures of the Wind collection, maybe even more so then Christmas because it's been a long time since I've let my words flow this easily and float among delicate pictures of darling clothes.

Drinking in beautiful crochet handmade blankets from Etsy has become a bit of a ritual lately- probably because I feel I missed the opportunity to bond with my cute-as-a-button Caucasian grandmother when she was alive and learn all the secrets of cake backing, knitting and other cliche elderly woman skills for myself. Although I've managed to worm my way into the hearts of the women in my boyfriend's family I daresay I can borrow time on a sewing machine long enough to whip together something as eclectic and in the spirit of the goddess autumn without garnering a considerable amount of judgment and inquisition. My hand aches just at the though of laboring over something as layered and kitsch as this- oh wait, that's just my arm feeling like a male crab's claw after writing sixteen pages of notes for my Astronomy exam. I can't wait till I can slack off for a good month or two, feel utterly useless and without purpose and slum around in the streets all day this Summer.

I go wild over wild colours myself, and while I don't ever accessorise with gloves I think this pair is radically different and psychedelic in design and that makes them a viable choice for any respectable fashion bloggers' wardrobe- or at least those who love experimentation. My mother would instead be drawn to thick, meaty metal pen in pretty effeminate colours; we only rarely agree on clothing due to a generational age gap, but I'd hope that other parents or people beyond my nineteen years can see the beauty, fun and nostalgia about covering their hands in what look to be florals, apples, polka dots and greenery images all mashed together in one clever piece.

Images from clothes rack to clothes rack: The Style Rookie.

I make no secret that I feel sometimes incompetent about the lack of complexity I do my hair up with, but a crushed velvet boater hat in a blueberry shade does make me feel rather hopeful about the future. If it doesn't turn out well, then who will be any wiser if I just top it all off with a hat? It's a more dapper and street-ready look that gives me a 1950s businessman vibe, but here it's chic, colourful as well as another appropriate pain-stacking detail to the collection. As for the whole bad hair thing, I would keep it as my own little secret shared by a sweet hat- something worn by those crazy girls of Clueless with a fearless attitude.