Sunday, November 18, 2012

Comme des Garçons Fall 2006

This collection is classy, sophisticated and quite bold in a more structured and mature manner compared to what I know Comme des Garçons for: that cheeky slogan of “Comme the fuck down”. But it’s still pushing boundaries and dares to be different and I like the mood it evokes- I’m personally sensing masked vigilantes going undercover at masquerade balls and then sleuthing on their target… Oh wait, hang on, that’s how Anne Hathaway stole the Batmobile in the newest installment and totally showed Bruce Wayne who’s the boss. I knew it was one of the two.
There’s a masculine touch that is so reminiscent of the 1950s that reminds me ‘A View from the Bridge’ which wasn’t one of my favourite texts in high school but did open my eyes up to America being idolized as the prime target for immigration at that time, unhappy marriages and lover’s quarrels leading to domestic disputes. Unlike those difficult to digest words, this collection is a lot easier on the eyes and I did enjoy the creative reworking of berets with veiled roses.

This look would be faultless if I wasn't otherwise concerned with the fact that this dress has some ghost sleeved hanging about behind arms- but I guess that's the charm of a suit made to look like a feminine dress. Did I mention this is my perfect shade of pink/ purple / lilac ever invented? It's the best. It reminds me of Hermione Granger and her stunning dress at the Yule Ball and since my entire Blogger dashboard is full of people wearing coats, jumpers and tights it's a bit hard not to get swept up in the pandemonium as well- but I'm free to lounge around in shorts and a t-shirt this sunny afternoon, write and not attend lectures. Life is good.

Although I've enjoyed browsing over nightgowns from bygone era and wondering whether I could get away with wearing them with a slip or camisole underneath I either choice a feminine look or something slouchy and grunge rather than the dapper (although a pair of gingham pants did catch my eye yesterday). I'm most surprised about this clashing of ideas because I haven't really seen any fashion bloggers take on this persona or try to balance the elements and overbearing identities of men and women in the same outfit- but it would be interesting nonetheless to see what others whip up and if it is at all possible to combine the two and resolve them as it were.

The frilly detail hanging at the hems of the dresses seems almost Victorian in influence, but I suppose it’s not uncommon for one era to adopt a past trend and modernize it. I can’t even count the number of nautical recreations I walked past in Myer today and how bored to tears I felt by the same colour palette thrown onto stripes and rope motifs… Back to the feature presentation: wide-legged pants as well as pinstripes all on female models leads to a certain feeling of a woman’s identity struggling to be resolved. The makeup was feminine: red lips were pouting and stylish up-do’s with sections of pink dye worming their way into the collection, but the shoes were wide wicklepickers more closer to modern Dr Martens brogues often worn with high golf socks climbing their ways up the calves of the models. It’s a struggle to balance between these two binary elements in real life, let alone aesthetically so I think the team at Comme des Garcons did really well and stuck to their single theme which unified the collection as a whole.

My mother was drawn to anything and everything polka dot yesterday in the city paying no attention to what suited her or what wasn't quite aimed at her age bracket so I thought it only fair to show off some of the spotty pieces from the Comme des Garçons collection. This one in particular reminded me of Mickey Mouse being heavily immersed in all things Disney since the age of three and having scrambled madly from end to end of the Disneyland theme park in California just under two years ago now. Ah- memories. The ruffles and loose sleeves are absolutely perfect and unique; putting it simply they rev my proverbial engine and the long is modest but also meets at yet another pair of statement argyle print socks. For this particular collection, this is about as bold as it gets and it's precious in it's own peculiar way. Perfectly charming and suitable for high tea in a dress that could well compete with Alice and the Mad Hatter.

If you haven't already gotten an earful about this, I have been surrounded by plaid and tartan prints my entire life through the men in my family and now my precious boyfriend. Needless to say I was thrilled with this ruffled flamenco skirt in a bright cherry red and tiered waterfall surrounding clean cut black slacks and crisp white shirt. I now see just how appropriate the side bun is with this ensemble as well as the importance of colour when wearing a simple ensemble. It makes me want to whip up something sewn myself or better yet race towards my boyfriend's grandmother's house and 'quickly borrow' all her lovely machinery for an hour... or two. OK more realistically for half the day while he shows her all the new baby photos on Facebook. 

Finally, I leave you with a Phantom of the Opera mask that fell into Lady Gaga's personal collection (or something seeded with a crazy amounts of crystal pyrite) and heavy eyeliner that makes my face feel heavy just looking at it. This is probably the most intense mask I've included in this short snapshot of a wonderful collection, but I didn't want to be too repetitive in what I chose. Thick black ribbons and a swirling, braided side bun add a feminine touch as well as colour from unnatural streaks to clean cut tailoring and a debonair look. I thought it was wonderful and courageous, but very different from my own taste. That's everything you expect from high end fashion and runway shows though so there's no real shocks or complaints on that front. Now to find something bigger and better to critique and soak in for the next few days...

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