Friday, November 30, 2012

Christian Vampire

Wearing: Alexa Chung for Madewell shirt, vintage plaid skirt, Wowch leggings, American Apparel cape, cross necklaces both gifts, Perks and Mini fangs necklace.

I've been hearing a lot about the Virgin Suicides from Tavi Gevinson interviews and although I haven't read the book or watched the movie I feel like I know enough about it to make some gentle assumptions starting with a pristine white shirt and some cross necklaces. They  seemed a fitting start to get into character as it were, but I also wanted to try and imitate someone I see on the bus famous to me for wearing purple and red. I would have been abhorred in a big-time office if it were pitched to me by over-excited and energetic advertisers but it works crazy well. This shirt is long-sleeved but it's also a thin material so well-suited for this purgatorial tran-season weather I'm stuck in at the moment. 

Also praying with dripping red paint on my nails takes me back to that famous scene in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet in the crypt; ah memories spent in Year 9 English class. The red fleece cape reminds me a little too much of the Volturi vampire police from Twilight which matched my dripping blood red manicure but it also let me escape the Little Red Riding Hood imagery that so often blazes in front of me when I do wear this showy clothing article. The red also clashed nicely with the yellow and purple print on the skirt which is certainly my best find when second hand shopping so far. Plaid is so character building in an Enid Coleslaw/ Daria Morgendorffer kind of way/the uniform of the outcast girl trying to fit in at high school. I left just over a year ago and I still wear that hang-dog look so well.

Did I mention I love how contradictory my necklaces were today? It was fantastic. My best friend volunteered to buy this for me as a late nineteenth birthday present and it's basically been the best thing about turning nineteen and getting a step closer to leaving the sacred domain of teenager-dome. It makes me wish my blog was a little more well known, just to spark some controversy amongst a religious community and then inform them I'm reading a fictional book where the main protagonists are a demon and an angel. There are also modern analogues of the four horsemen, the anti-Christ and a witch. It's a bloody fantastic read: my father always has the best taste in funny books. The point of my almost raising a riot though is to engage in enlightening conversations about God through fashion.

What would the purple plaid skirt be without my faithful Wowch leggings of angsty black and white cats on each knees and sparkly, glittery grey Vivienne Westwood boots? Probably looking like a sorry kilt if it weren't so long, but that just gives it the potential to become ragged and wretched the more I wear it. I suppose the weather was pretty bad today and enough to make my reach for the most petite pair of gumboots I've ever seen but I like how it doesn't match anything else and sits awkwardly amongst the rest of the outfit. Dr Martens just seemed a little bit too obvious and since I wear them practically all the time I thought that they might want a holiday or something from hauling around my stinky feet. Also the grey and potentially heavy rain clouds made me listen to the rainy day themed play list from Rookie Mag and it did managed to cheer me up. Like John Keats, I like to fully immerse myself in the feeling of melancholy and enjoy the experience but I daresay he didn't dress up and take photographs to reflect his feelings.

I've worn this shirt to at least one exam this year because I admire the disgruntled stare of the illustrated girl, her bridal veil complete with flowers but the minimalist slogan of "I'm serious" underneath in a small font. What am I serious about you ask? I was serious about looking after my rabbits, but I haven't had any for quite a while now so I guess I am serious about trying to fashion blog as best I can- even if that means I need to clean my room at one point or another and cull my wardrobe periodically to make way for bigger and better things. I am still serious about rabbits and planning to get some when I move out of my parent's house though- if at all feasible.

My hair is just one huge comb over at the moment- yeah what of it? I did have a front fringe from about the age of three until fifteen so this long extension of hair at the top of my forehead can often sit awkwardly a lot of the time or clings to my face when there's sweat involved but at the moment it's just sitting there chilling like me at the moment. Maybe that's why hands were invented to detract attention away from messy lion mane's of hair that I promise I brushed before I took these; it unfortunately is a free-thinking radial and has idea all its own. I encourage that kind of rebellion in all humans but find it annoying when trying to pick up stroppy rabbits that think they're so tough when really they're sweet and sugary balls of fuzz hopping about and hair which should be without surprises when I wake up in the mornings.

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