Monday, November 19, 2012


It's November: I'm basking in Halloween themed play lists, making small felt witch hats for my Furby and basking in glorious images of other-worldly mushrooms. It's official- the Northern Hemisphere has taken over my brain and also any plans I made towards a creepy shrine hidden in my cupboard. In all honesty, I've spent my life feeling out of place and out of touch with everyone in my schools and stuff so maybe I do belong in limbo between Autumn and Spring. Back to redecoration and all things home decor related, I'm really excited to get that project off the ground and also move in a shabby chic red armchair to make my room a little more homely and charming. That all depends on the strength I have to tear myself away from the computer and the time it takes for me to get a headache after hours of scrolling and overseeing all things Internet.
Japanese Cakes


Pink Rose

Swimming Pool

As much as I want to be bold and brash and get my mother to return all the hair dyeing favours I've paid her these last few years I can't think of anyone who wouldn't go ballistic if I turned my hair blue. But it looks so nice with romantic floral garlands and would probably match my sad soul! I'd reply but probably on deaf ears because I live in a small suburb full of narrow-minded people but the atmosphere isn't enough to make me strange and peculiar in the way Tim Burton felt choked up in the suburbs and artistically suffocated. I'd undoubtedly also have to endure the nickname Smurf for a few weeks until all the hysteria dyed down and it's sadly just another thing that could make people pick on me at work. I wish I had a cool job in a store where hipsters and rockabilly ran free and I learnt a new word every shift, but I suppose I'll need to make up for that loss with supplemented reading from magazines and eBay listings.
Radical hair



There hasn't been any quick trips to the graveyard for photography because I consider that offensive to the dead to use their macabre final resting place as somewhere to gain indie street credibility but with the small amount of sewing I have managed these holidays, embroidery on doilies can't be too far behind. If I keep listening to Grime's 'Oblivion' I may just gallivant about the local park in the hope there's a dead something-or-rather to sprinkle flowers on and hold an impromptu funeral for. Music makes me do strange things- like want to collect out of print Japanese craft books. As well as the books I have an extensive range of embroidery hoops on my watched list for Etsy but that's mainly due to some popular culture reference I identify with and that's usually Adventure Time. I've let another cartoon show run my life and it's actually official: I am never going to grow up at this rate and will live at my parent's house until I'm old and decrepit.
Needle work


I haven't yet begun to deeply immerse myself among all the loose papers littered on the couch and have left the house a surprising number of times since my final examination, so I guess that makes me "Not Lame" but in all seriousness I could do with a good workshop or short course to keep me preoccupied over the Summer. I have the need and tendency to keep busy which is why blogging is perfect and I enjoy the challenge of new ideas, images and collection as well as presentation in my own way but staring at a computer screen for too long when you're sitting in the dark does tend to do funny things to a person...

The only caption I can think of for something as glorious as this is "pwar" and it's not even a real word but that's not stopping me because something as awesome and inspiring as this gorgeous Amethyst slice necklace dipped in gold makes me feel proud to know I'll be studying Geology and the processes that make gorgeous gems like these. I haven't picked what to major in just yet, but if it gets me closer to this then I'll probably happily pick it. Mother Earth, I can't thank you enough for bringing me into the world and for surrounding me with beautiful treasures. At the end of my degree I really just want a nice job but I daresay I could keep sane surrounded by crystals and luxurious dancing colours in a quaint studio space...Also: gold dipping of gemstones doesn't go astray either no matter where you're from. This is perfection, I live for this stuff and might even end up dying for it because I'm just that mad and delusional hopped up on coffee this morning.
Amethyst Stalactite Druzy Necklace

Feminist Gang
 Ivy House
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