Sunday, November 18, 2012


Wearing: Black Milk leg bone leggings, Teenage Bottlerocket's t-shirt stolen from brother, Dr Martens black combat boots, vintage bandanna, flannelet shirt stolen from father.

I don't know what I'm doing here- trying to dress punk rock I guess or refine the kind of outfit I wore so often in high school but with cooler leggings and oozing confidence; and by confidence I mean a stare of indifference. It might surprise a lot of you to know that I do enjoy that scene of music and was totally immersed in male vocals and guitar lyrics during high school and I never have quite severed my ties from it. I guess we just drifted apart somehow. Anyway the horrible thing is that I'm also attempting to dress like my boyfriend here because he's so damn skinny and the leggings are of a skeleton and I'm wearing a flannelet but whatever he's a cool guy and I look up to him.

This look kind of conveys an edgy toughness I hear in my music through Deftones and Cancer Bats although Deftones is more melodic and rhythmic and Cancer Bats is more thrash but whatever. I did mean to wear red sneakers instead that look comparable to a motor home as far as dwellings are concerned because they are the most wrecked Converse you will ever see; and fittingly so. I bought them when I was twelve and I'm nineteen now so you do the math. I'm mentally ready to try and style red shoes though (once I get off my butt and clean off all the dust) and yeah this is the tougher version of my general idea.

I probably should have taken the opportunity to flex my bicep or something and made a mad Photoshop 1950s 'Yes we can!' propaganda poster but I missed out. Oh well- I know better next time don't I? Besides, I can only fool around with the most basic of palette functions in that editing program and still manage to make a mockery of it anyway. For the sake of not offending people maybe it's better I didn't...

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  1. Damn.You look good in this and the colours really suit you cause you're a brunette.