Thursday, November 22, 2012

And Everything Was Sweet

For about the first time in a few months I actually took the time to take to someone from high school and genuinely hang out- and by hang out I meant we talked trash and walked around country-ish roads for about an hour and watched terrible television shows from the Lifestyle Channel. it felt weird looking back on everything and knowing exactly what went down, but I'm all the better for it. I'm also all the better for staying away from the clubbing and drinking scene because apparently there are some shady guys out there in the real world- as opposed to my bubble wrap world where I'm cushioned from social interaction through the Internet. I haven't embraced any major changes from being eighteen and considered a fully-fledged adult, but I've still managed to change. I haven't kept up though, that's for sure. Once I get a place of my own and develop my own style (i.e. selling ALL my old clothes from being aged ten-fifteen then we'll see).

In grade three my favourite memory was the neighbouring class setting up one of these tableau from the Discovery Shop complete with chemicals to grow fragile coloured crystals. The colours obviously weren't as bright as they are in this image but I'm just waiting for someone to turn this into a t-shirt design or background image for a blog or something. Before all that happens though I just thought it was the most awesome thing ever and had to share it again when it popped up on my Tumblr dashboard bringing with it good vibes and peacefulness I haven't felt free enough to experience in weeks. That's also probably due to the fact I hunch and leer over the computer as I type and am probably a chiropractor's best friend with such horrible posture. Bad posture means that they have a booming business.

Sometimes I just want to settle down you know and work in a shop shuffling displays and junk around in a pretty way, but I suppose everyone has got to start somewhere and I'd actually like to volunteer in a second hand shop or something in order to do that. There's no pre-existing rules or pretense on image to uphold as you have to do as part of a franchise and that freedom is just so liberating. Also- there's a good chance on getting my hands on the best vintage clothes there is before anyone else. Who doesn't love the lion's share of second hand goodies and also something different to do with their time? My aunt living out in dairy farm country already cottoned on to that fact it seems and the rules seem pretty relaxed there. While I can't imagine the sweet old, retired ladies that run those shops being total slave-drivers you can never judge a book by it's cover.


Lastly: Frida Kahlo nail stickers because who doesn't want the most famous Mexican feminist and painter to show off on their fingertips? I haven't read widely about her, but I saw enough of a movie review show on public access television to spark interest. She's a raving beauty without pretentious standards of society forcing her to pluck her eyebrows and I thoroughly dig that as well as dedication to the floral garland and inspiring women of the twentieth century. I studied the 1900s in junior history, but never once did I explore feminism and it's role in the last century proving just how uncultured and dorky I was in my own little world. Still, there's not a lot I can say about her so I guess I'll be asking my father if the next driving trip I take to get my hours up and practice will be to a large and thoroughly stocked library. Radical.

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