Friday, November 30, 2012


I didn’t drop dead at work today or collapse as a result of being a slave of some sort to my employers which is fantastic because I can now buy a floral crown to go with my twenty something potential junky crowns and also buy cardiovascular tights because I’m worth it according to every cosmetic commercial ever made. It unfortunately leaves me as a sad little husk of a girl pretty exhausted after so many tedious hours and without many interesting things to write about other than the fact I have a sadistic side. Also it seems people naturally exaggerate stories which is a little discouraging but at least images and photographs are subjective and you can always refer to an image to remember the way things were exactly. On that note, tomorrow if my hair behaves I have at least two outfits planed which I’m sort of looking forward to as well as carefully planning more purchases and second hand shopping sometime this week- with four potential stops in mind. If I can’t continue blogging the same way I enjoy I’ll need to fill the rest of my day with something interesting and entertaining for the next couple of weeks and before volunteer-run shops close up for the holiday season. 

I do complain about working a lot without studies on my plate but don’t get me wrong, I love having that small aspect of life in which I am self-sufficient and able to take charge of a situation and I also did a little driving practice to I’m getting close to my license too. Strong women can look like anything but are instead defined by what they can do and their mindset these days and that’s pretty cool because red rose diadems and matching sweaters look pretty sweet but so do magical sparkly shoes. The field is wide open in the twenty-first century thanks to feminine forefathers (or rather, foremothers) for doing the hard yards and winning battles for equal rights. The least we can do is pick up where they left off and continue for equality across the nation and particularly in impoverish nations where girls aren’t even allowed to attend school and educate themselves. Or we can fight the fight from school bathrooms with cigarettes and rebel against our teachers too- that could work but I can already sense some angry letters home if your battleground is the ladies room and your bayonet is a smoke. Be smart when you pick your battles and their sites- also the tools you choose to use.

Sometimes life gets lonely and everyone you thought you could depend on abandons you; luckily there’s the lonely woman’s perfect companion the cat. Having not personally had a cat myself though I can’t recommend them, although one of my friends from university did say a cat of hers knocked over a spare door which then broke a ceramic pot crafted by her sister from school but other than that it’s been comical anecdotes. It might be nice having a little ball of fur curled up at my feet every morning as well as a free-thinking spirit to stalk around the place when I feel a bit spooked myself but I’ve already failed once convincing my boyfriend that a cat was his spirit animal since they had the same name and I don’t think I’m ready to try again just yet… I can live with admiring pretty pictures of kitties and also having many feline related items on my wish list for Etsy to tide me over until my next great wave of cat fuelled angst starts up. 

It’s funny how times change isn’t it? (I mainly say that because I’ve finished reading a book dithering between 1941 and 1996) The dress worn above might have been a previous nightgown or slip worn as lingerie but here it is hiding all of this young ladies modesty. Also there would be some narrow minded people within the last century totally aghast at the thought of blue hair and unfortunately my father still keeps the same mentality, but that’s probably why some celestial being/ cross dresser thought to invent wigs which are these magical things that almost let you become another person. Maybe it was that Q guy from James Bond movies- he was a gentleman of the spying world if there ever was one unlike 007 himself who happened to break a lot of hearts and needs a good lesson in chivalry.

The Amazon warriors are known for being rough and tumble, muscular and fearsome, but I can tell you one thing that is equally fearsome in today’s society regarding women: sisterhood. That’s just about the only thing I miss about going to high school; the days when we would stalk around for ten minutes finding the perfect hidey hole to sit in a circle and chat for the entirety of lunch break or in our senior years, nick off in a car to the supermarket and come back with a tub of ice cream on hot days and special occasions. While it’s true I was stressed out and bent out of shape on examination results looming overhead like German bombers in London, my friends made it so much more bearable and the memories we forged together obviously mean a lot to me now. I’m not going to have anything quite so cosy and homely within an environment outside my own personal life and I’ve come to really cherish and relish in the favorable bits of the best year of my life. It’s all sad that it’s over but I can recreate that for myself by reading Harry Potter books; isn’t that right Luna? She agrees too- and so do the Nargels. 

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