Friday, October 5, 2012

YouTH Jewellery

What could make for a better introduction to a brand then a sweet ass homemade banner featuring tattoo designs in some of the cliche motifs in black and white? Yes, you an expect skulls to retire in the jewelry itself and flowers abundant in the vivid photo shoots of a highly artistic and visual brand still not even a year old.  In the words of the website itself though, 'This is your YouTH' and this is one of my key and favourite jewelry muses at the moment.

I was originally approached by Brooke Persich months ago on the topic of her label YouTH but never got around to being in a mood ready to tackle the subject or give the jewelry the true appraisal it deserves. I can get quite picking when it comes to blogging in the same way a chef feels a dish represents their skills- I can't just put any old thing out for people to read, it has to be a true representation of my literary 'prowess'. Having time to recharge my batteries and refuel on delicious varieties of tea has given me the motivation and strength to cover the dark and spooky collection of precious metals and semi-precious stones of skulls and crystal prisms. After many weeks of procrastinating, here it is and without further delay I present your new favorite Jewellery label launched in 2012, they're Australian based and still a relatively small business and I think it's important to nurture the brand as they're shoots fill me with such awe and mysticism who knows what the future holds for such a bright and promising label.

I think it's worth mentioning that like so many newer babe brands on the market that they are largely based in and amongst the online community so you sadly can't visit this establishment yet, and they have taken to conducting their photoshops using camera phones and Instagram. Yes I feel brands should be free to exercise their artistic license in a way they see fit, but I also like having a clear picture of the product I intend to buy. The rich story telling and weaving is always a bit of a novel marvel at first, but when it's eleven o'clock at nit, I'm zoned out and procrastinating from all my assignments for university, I'd appreciate something that is clear and visible to see without having to concentrate too much or question color. Gemstone clarity and halite can often be very up in the air and while every piece is unique and special, I'd at least like to see the gems chosen to show off and represent certain pieces. By all means have both the bewitching and darkly moody photographs taken specially for photo shoots but a nice crisp image from a DSLR would not go astray either; if you can hear me out there.

My favorite pieces available from the YouTH website are those wicked crystal skull rings gently grasped between tree-branch like claws crafted in exquisite detail. I'm already a sucker for grunge rings having been influenced in my early teenage years from one of my favorite Australian Vogue issues and these lovely skull rings have been some of the most popular with other fashionable lasses who are fans of using Instagram. In the next few days I'll be choosing an expensive birthday present for myself and it might well be one of these fantastically gory pieces as my treat- clear quartz and gold as well as green fluorite and silver are some of the more dreamy combinations I've been lucky enough to clasp eyes on. 

Golly gosh they've got some devote fans though, huh? Yes amidst all my grumpy grumbling about unclear photographs the power of the Internet has come to the rescue (as always) and my favourite pieces that have been put out, the skull crystal rings,have been illuminated in just about every imaginable color and light as well as styles. I love the clean cult clear quartz and gold combination with pristine white lace prairie goddess dresses as its so far removed from my own style embedded in its minimalism, but that's sort of the beauty of adding dark and dangerous mystical Jewellery huh? There's also some mean hexagonal quartz prism rings on show too- I often joke about high heeled shoes being dangerous enough to be considered as weapons, but with design as daring as this I think the humble heels may have some competition on the way.

Oh gosh, who doesn't love a splash of sweet tigers eye agate as well as Lapis lazuli to add to an outfit? I've kind of given up the fantasy of dressing in vintage kimonos and becoming the oriental princess that my father so often churlishly refers to when my mother is complaining and stomping about the house but these sweet stones seem to rekindle and spark again my imagination and pride of my Chinese heritage I hold deep in my heart.

As of late I've been really motivated by dressing as a witch or a fairy cupcake princess, (strange but I like the idea of being able to dress between feminine pink and sultry witch black when getting dressed these last few days) as soon as I master beehive hairstyles and a little mystery maybe then I can create my own photographs in competition with the YouTH team and their gorgeous fans. That will probably take some time considering new hairstyles take time for me to master but with such a pretty images to compile I'm eager to begin wrapping masses of hair together right away.

If at all in the mood to buy more than one piece and wear them all at once, the look can have quite a stunning appeal about it, such as this gorgeous babe wearing floral garland along with a swag of skull rings. Sooner or later I'll have to get in on the action but till I can spare the cash and have other priorities I'll simply watch and admire the brand from afar again like the weird and lonely kid in the corner of every classroom that just doesn't seem to fit in. Aside from my own crippling emotional pain, The cracked grins of these sweetly cut stones will be sure to put anyone one in a good mood, god bless Facebook bringing the fans of small Jewellery brands closer to their fans and letting them know of all the best and exclusive deals. I love that personal connection the Internet breeds nowadays, it helps phase out the ugly side of cyber bullying as well as online scammers and spam filled inboxes.

Since Facebook has become a magical cesspool of advertisements for god knows what as well as seedy clubbing photographs of riff raff that I explicitly avoid by staying home and not going out -its always refreshing to see freshly cut gemstones as an incentive to do well on my geology course and evaluate them for blossoming brand names in the future. Yeah I can be a rather simple creature of habit when it comes to its I find pretty and beautiful but crystal skulls are one of the things I take delight in, only for aesthetic beauty and not because I believe on ancient Aztec religion of any sort. Stunning little grins carved out in rose quartz with hollowed eyes make any gloomy say seem instantly humorous or bright and I appreciate the closeness YouTH create with their fans.

Being well versed in the options of animal skulls and jewelry through some of my favorite New Zealand brands, (Nick Von K who is getting his own little post soon about the new collection, Viva La Victory!), as well as Etsy these aren't my favorite version of the bird skull ring but the fake skeleton hand models were a nice touch. Maybe layering them all at once would have been a bit of a bigger and meaner tough atmosphere which I so often long for when going out but feeling angst-filled and anti-social.

Remember when we all thought that knuckle rings and long gorgeous hinged creations would take over the world? If you still love the trend then you can pick up some for yourself on the YouTH store right now- they lack that gorgeous ornamentation that some brands vested in but they're is an intricate cage structure that is sure to develop into a gorgeous pattern when worn in the sun and your skin is tan and crispy (if you're into that kind of thing). It's just another tough looked weaves together and dreamed up. Its just another tough and edgy look dreamed up by this young team that can lend itself well to tough leather jackets or soft feminine crochet shawls.