Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Job interview season is descending upon my like the entire inhabitants of an ant hill on an animal carcass at the peak of Summer- I paint a gory picture I know but it's my way of compensating and using up my men's and spooky quota for this evening before I vent it lose on my hapless family. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel to this semester of university as well at an end, my days are now numbered in the single figures which makes me pretty happy considering I've been bouncing around various ideas about post content and subjects to cover over the long holiday break expected to be packed with heat waves as well as lengthy afternoons imprisoned in any air conditioned building. As sad as it is, those a the days I'm looking forward to and I can just subsidies any hours in between with a part time job over the summer to earn an extra bit of cash on the side in preparation for all the ideas rattling in my head. Plastic beaded bracelets handmade by myself, temporary tattoos of cats and DIY manicure nails have all been the temptation away from studies.

Gosh job interviews can really shit me off sometimes- if you don't hear from them you can't be needy and bother them and you need to be available when it suits THEM- I can't paint my nails and also be a plain but pretty model for them to project their image onto like a blank canvas because I am never lucky enough to be asked to work in shops where I actually buy their merchandise... I'm pretty full of first world problems lately. That's the theme I guess behind today's blog post title: princess. I had a small tiff with my boyfriend three days ago and he brought my flowers to work today, which was sweet because generally being an umpire we're treated as the scum of the Earth and undesirable number one but it made most of the spectators and players cock their heads and think who could possible love a referee: the answer is of course another referee equally tormented in pain and problems of the job. 

 Most of the lovely pictures I've picked out aren't related to my laments and whinging, other than the fact I've been a big princess as of late and I know it. That unfortunately doesn't make me act like any less of an angsty teenager and stop me from isolating everyone else out of my life. I do however, have time to play Animal Crossing as well as work on my blog- all artforms that I dabble into when I deem expressing myself isn't too laborious.

kentatorimoto on Flickr.

'Hanging out in front of the post office with my goodies'
(by natasha wong)

Gosh matching socks and skirt colour is a good idea- just to let you guys in on a little secret, I've been dreaming of the perfect blue velvet skirt, but socks to match that exact shade would be nearly impossible. I'm thinking of a sapphire/ royal blue shade so deep light can't escape it's murky depths in contrast of unevenly pink dyed hair. Yes I have ambition again to do something wild but temporary with my long locks but we'll just see how we go- there's many different styles to also experiment just in terms of braiding, weaving and bobby pins. The mere thought of it is enough to make any freedom loving lass dance in the streets.

Black and white photographs tend to suck all the fun, colour and fanfare out of outfit posts, especially when I can actually be bothered coordinating or clashing colours and patterns, but it would be fun to use up that collected menagerie of cheap store-bought cosmetic sets my mother has bought for me over the years. Since I'm such a novice when it comes to girly things maybe I will enjoy trying to artfully compose textures to make my eyes pop and subtle tones about my lips- but I can only dream of creating something as bewitching as the above shot in my mind's eye.

untitled by Anna Ristuccia on Flickr.

News Alert! Guess what I'm having the most fun ever doing? Well ever since I picked up six Sylvanian flocked animals at a second hand shop about a month or so ago I've been inspired by the artistic and kitsch again. My favourite quirky character is a small beaver girl in a pink dress which I've decided to accessorise with star sequins and a pink embroidery thread in the shape of a bow which threatens to take over her entire head. The eventual fate of this figure is a DIY crown in the vain of Rookie Mag- as a kid I loved to fiddle with small beads and sequins combining them together with blue tack. I've come to recognise however that hot glue guns are totally bitchin' and mastering them lets my creations hold together with a little strength to secure all the fiddly bits and bobs I once had a burning passion for. It's good to get back to my roots of craft and exaptation of vintage toys- pieces picked up and then mashing them all together to create something greater than all separate units.

It's not unusual for me to get super excited about most things Japanese- but with the impending release of Animal Crossing on Nintendo 3DS I can feel the good vibrations coming already. I wish I had the opportunity to learn Japanese in high school, but I always palmed off the misfortune as easily fixed with a good old night school course. I guess I'll be stuck reading tri-coloured subbed in titles all of my life.

untitled by Miss-Kim on Flickr.

'this shirt is soo old lol'
It's my dream to own hundreds of these princess shirts with puffed sleeves and wear them with all manner of high waisted skirts and pants- an apt reminder that I now want to dress like a fairy god mother these days. Yeah a few months ago I was obsessed with black different materials an layering but now I want to bask in sweet pastel colours and make my hair look pretty with motif cat garlands and floral crowns... All of which are pretty out of the ordinary for the area I live in but maybe one day I will blossom int a petunia of resentment of the suburbs and escape it too like my heroes Tim Burton and Tavi Gevinson. Yeah, Australia lacks that certain idolised glamour but I'm pretty excited to experiment with clothes over the Summer as soon as I sort out my wardrobe (continue the cull) and then collect more pieces- in particular brooches and badges to show off on loosely crocheted shawls.

So that generally sums up how my life is going at the moment, I have three weeks of exams coming up and then I'll be free with loads of spare time (spare time? what is this strange concept...) which of course means nothing if I don't have a part time job to work it.Can you imagine a whole summer spent of your mother yelling at you to get off the couch and do something meaningful with your time all because you're too old and employer's would prefer to hire young kids at slave wages. All this couldn't have come at a worse time- blogger is removing that one shining glimmer of hope I had to earn money through blogging. Thanks life for being unfair...

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  1. You are a beautiful writer. I hope to see some of your artwork someday.