Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Photographs of Petra Collins

One of the key contributors to the Rookie magazine revolution of feminism aimed at teenage girls is the role played by photographer Petra Collins making the ideas and testaments of the blog marketable and aesthetically beautiful. This week, I sell apart of my own camera collection realizing some of one models were unfortunately never even properly road tested under my care. Instead I find it more amusing to star in the centre of simple self-portrait photographs and express the ideas I have about style in terms of photographs as opposed to their composition and film camera in particular. So this is my ode, my praise of the quirky and curly haired Canadian character who is in her own right, a beauty who inspires many wonderfully iconic photographs and oozes cool- it's not often that I admire an artist who is not crusty and bitter in the wake of worldly experiences and still has a wonderful smile to offer tote world. Here are snaps of her sweet smile which I so love, I heartily encourage anyone who admires her too to comment and share their love of Rookie with me!

Ah yes, the good old, tried and true bohemian chic look channeled through the use of Mongolian sheep will jacket in a luscious and green forest and not much else, save for torn denim short shorts and a look that makes me yearn that fairies, sprites and nymphs were all real tricksters in the form and shape of life-sized human beings. As much as I have enjoyed looking for colorful faux fur jackets from an era when raves ruled the Earth, I think it's as important to represent something fluffy, plush and soft in a favorable light that is the equivalent to uncharted territory on the high seas. As much as I tend to resent the flare of cigarette smoke in my face when walking down the busy streets of my own city, I think it's fits in well with the aesthetic picture Petra so imaginatively and figuratively paints using the humble camera.

As strange as it sounds I've ratcheted enjoyed the Kawaii avenue opened up of almost-sleazy pink extensions and leopard print combined together. It's sort of worth mentioning that I've given up all hope of dip-dyeing the end of my hair and instead am in favor of wearing brightly colored hair extensions hidden under an indie beanie even during the heir of summer and this photograph is giving me the best possible inspiration to moon over. Your average male may not think this to be delightfully attractive, what with glazed eye as we'll ass a cigarette dangling precariously from the mouth, but I really do dig the characters that Petra creates in her chosen platform.

Ah, amongst the madness and envy of assignments and group presentations I've had to give and will give in the next week or so I've completely forgotten to buy my Roookie t-shirt and volume one of the glorious magazine! It's been hectic times and. My exams draw ever closer, I can only think of my madness being more feverish. Maybe some teenage girl goodies will make for a good reward after another semester's tireless efforts.

Words can't describe just how much I admire Petra in this photograph, yeah the truth is that the 1960s revival of paisley and sickly putrid green clothes will never really catch on but she looks adorable hidden behind what I can only assume is a burger and over sized pink sunglasses. Also the daring halter top that shows of mid-drift is the motivational art I need to motivate myself onto exercising; yes those are mostly anti-feminist sentiments that she herself would probably discourage but inspiration to compete and be is good as someone else is not as spiteful as speaking with malicious slander. Also I like the dazed and confused companion by Petra's side; dressed in a dreamy floral dress and goofy expression probably induced from a delicious burger bite.

As a genuine question, why does everything Petra Collins turn to gold? Those bindis look very cyber punk with her outfit, a little edgy and dangerous. The revealing nature of keyhole dresses never really grabbed me as such, and I don't feel that I need to be racy in how I dress to pull guys but yeah hot pink with relaxed slouchiness in the twenty-first century seems a bit bold and brash but that's what I like about fashion. Engineering and science always try to push new boundaries and I think the same should be said for fashion although it's a bit more materialistic (I'd like to think that I have the rite to be a little focused on the tangible things in life as opposed to abstract equations and things which are mind-numbingly boring). 

My obsession with photography was sparked once again with the official Rookie bitch face photo set in which vintage school photograph backdrops were combined with the best of unconventional and graduated models exemplifying my favourite trends in make up and self adornment of this century. Tavi and Petra teamed up together to give their best looks of scorn in pastel ensembles as well as loose ad flowing materials. I loved the notion of setting up my own professional backdrop in an antic or basement and making a pilgrimage from my bedroom after getting dressed to record each outfit on a regular basis. In theory, this would be easiest and as a habit could grow on me but even on Etsy photograph backdrops are nary to be had and makeshift fabric will need to make do. It's like cubby house building and fashion blogging all rolled into one with pessimistic poses and frowning: sounds radical. 

I've never been brave enough to put myself out to you guys through videos, mainly because I find the editing process to be even more tedious and laborious then I do when typing and the software could probably be better prioritized amongst brooches from Etsy, sweaters from my local second hand shop and a photo imaging program. I was again forced to reconsider my options when Rookie Magazine showed their legions of readers how to create their own DIY crowns from nothing but headbands and pipe cleaners and sweet Petra was wearing the above white gypsy top and psychedelic printed pants. You can bet your sweet bippy that I chased my fair share of cropped white vintage shirts after soaking in the video till I almost risked getting thoroughly sick of the video, cats, bits and bobs.... Oh who am I kidding? I could never get sick of that video.

As it happens there's more than one way to skin a cat and many different ways to edit photographs and evoke a certain type of mood- I'm very much at home and at ease with what I've found to work and avoiding using laptops and web cams to take self-portraits but perhaps I'm underestimating the potential glory. Yeah the quality is shocking and blurred as it is, but as a way to draw attention away from this an even cheesier background of paisley has been used to mock the unenthused expression of the fair girl to star in it. Also after the delicious aesthetic display of the Miu Miu collection of 2010 I'm still not over the fascination of pointed contrast collars and wildly printed dresses, vintage only trumping the boutique brand because of cost as well as cute compliments from strangers on the street. 

I've never really been envious of the American high school experience- Friday nights spent watching football games, sitting on wooden bleachers and getting greased off by the prissy and pretty cheer leaders and getting wrapped up in the excitement of student elections. Everything in Australia is like an unexcited and watered down version of the activities emulated in television and film but it's never really bothered me. Seeing the disinterested slump of girls in lace dresses left all alone on the sidelines of what I can only guess is the school dance in the make-shift setting of the gymnasium makes me want to watch Napoleon Dynamite and make crowns and homemade key chains out of plastic with creepy troll dolls on bookshelves everywhere.

*Going out on a limb here, at I rough guess I'd say that these photographs belong to Petra Collins or at least her friends and associates- please be nice to them, they're her art*


  1. Petra's work is amazing! She's really nice, too. I'm not in high school yet, but the American school experience is usually stereotyped like what you mentioned in your article. Cheerleaders don't rule the school, and not that many people spend their Friday nights watching football, I can tell you that. Everyone pretty much has their own experiences. Sorry about that, I just don't like stereotypes, but I DO like your blog! It's really rad! -Britney

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  3. Ah, you mean you got to meet Petra herself? That's so cool! I was in America for a little bit myself last year for exhange, like a week or so and yeah I can see your point there about the sport but I guess I've been watching too much Daria? Fair enough about the stereotypes, I just assume that its better to imagine things being the way you imagine so your constantly jealous of how cool they are and strive to immitate them... Thanks Britney!