Monday, October 29, 2012

Jeremy Scott Monster Pink Scarf

Is everyone having a spook-tacular Halloween? How about I make it even better by showing off this spunky little Sasquatch-esque monster created by none other than Jeremy Scott? God I love having a good peruse and perv on Opening Ceremony's website; they always have the best stuff but I'm always annoyed that they still refuse to accept Paypal as payment. But, but, it's the better way to pay! So yeah, I'm still very much heart broken about that because it stands in the way between items like these and what I perceive as an opportunity to become a totally hot and over the top fashion blogger everyone will love. But that's just a pipe dream for the moment. Back on the subject of the star of the show, the monster scarf has a shiny red nose, pink waggling tail and rimmed horns it seems very oriental in principle design, but the colors, eyes and slender blue paws all place it back in the realm of western design.

It seems like years since the 'emo' fad swept the world along with emoticons and Internet images (and let's keep it that way), but the side-swept tuft of green fur hiding emerald eyes can't help but awaken some of that nostalgia for me. There's still no doubt in my mind that fringes have a little bit of intelligence and angst behind them. For example, I was intrigued many weeks ago on a field excursion when we were first to draw some cliff features and one guy mentioned of his poor quality (everyone's was shit, OK? it was impossible to make it look good in grey lead) "it really captures my angst". This beastly but faux fur and leather faced monster scarf has that seem smell of teenage spirit, narcissism but in vibrant neon colours and pulled off in such a way Kawaii Japanese school girls faint wildly. Thank you heartily Jeremy Scott- you're making my exam revision and life in general at the moment bearable.

I remember searching with anguish and a heavy heart, knowing that Prada fox stoles would be nearly impossible to come buy with equally heart-wrenching price tags and that moral agenda of the real fur stoles looking the most luscious and rich in texture. This is about a billion times better though considering I want to now permanently dress like every day is Halloween, drench myself in fabulously clashing colours and feel all the textures man has ever created in a single outfit. I want this scarf so badly it's not even funny, I want it to be an integral part of my life. I want to travel the world with it and explain to customs from different countries many times over I'm "famous" (in my own world) and it's nothing that harmed a living creature. I want to lead a ridiculous life and in a sense, elope with this scarf.

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