Monday, October 29, 2012


It's a little pathetic I tend to sing the same sentiments and am therefore the worst possible candidate as an enlightened individual, but inner peace tends to go out the window when all hell breaks loose and I almost fail a unit for having "contraband on my person" (i.e. a headphone-less iPod in my pockets- like seriously, what good is that!?) The entire thing could have been avoided if I can just go three hours without using the bathroom and stop headaches dead in their tracks. All I can say after today's misadventure is thank glob all the invigilators of examinations are old people who are unfamiliar and afraid of technology and I should probably buy a lottery ticket today because I am so FLIPPING lucky!

 Nothing puts me in as black mood more than having to do a chemistry exam, being told off when all around me I can see atrocities and rule-breakers left, right and centre as well as the hopeless feeling that I may have only passed something academically be the proverbial seat of my pants when I've managed a distinction average for the last semester. Tonight shall be spent on glorious absence from study and watching Daria, sues sing out possible Etsy rewards and chatting with my boyfriend about juicy relationship gossip. I think it's a little tragic that he's more of the stereotypical sassy one, a part of the in-crowd whereas I am a proud and macabre outcast; but it's a welcome change to warp concrete set stereotypes for once. Here's a photoset as delight dark and evil as lips smeared with dull black and matte lipstick, the unluckiest of cat's coats and all things gross, grime and Halloween. I may even be tempted to try out a DIY mail manicure tonight of fluorescent green slime or bright red. I think bright green may be the way to go, but definitely not the path to success that's eluded me as jar as job hunting goes. As soon as I do something semi-permanent and abhorrent I bet I'll get a few jobs lined up- as is the way of Murphy's Law.

Despite the fact I too wore dusty black skinny jeans with black Dr Martens I seemed to miss the compulsory class on chicness every other combat boot loving girl attended because I looked appalling today. Hormones will never cease to disappoint me by letting me down with acne break outs and those moments when I realise it's been two hours since I went to bed and I've only managed to cry painfully muffled into a pillow over the stupidest of stupid reasons. Give it another fortnight and I will look effortlessly glamorous with my hair behaving because I'll have so much free time on my hands and no life I will be able to afford being needlessly vain.

Magdalena Langrova for Naked but Safe Magazine Fall Winter 2011
Photographed by Stratis Kastrisianakis
There's been a heavy and unintentional focus about the eyes; what with close ups and make up, but I couldn't resist this cute and candid looking composition of sparkling grey pearl eye shadow that reach up to the height of fluffy eyebrows. Also I've been just a bit reminiscent of Moonrise Kingdom style sweeping over the Internet like a glorious sunrise and bathing bloggers in peter pan dresses, knee high socks and scout badges with Davey Crockett raccoon hats. So... in a sense... I have brought this back to the most magical day of the month and haunting as well- Halloween is two days away kiddies and I happen to have a Biology exam coincide with the date. Lucky me.

Lactose Intoler-Art

Look at those luscious tights- it's like a Beetlejuice fell over a slipper floor in a fruit store but a billion times better because patterned skirts and corduroy coats and vintage scrunchies... I can't- I can't even comprehend all the goodness and mastery of colours. Green hair; my glob why didn't I think of that!? Well actually, I am mortally terrified of bleach and peroxide but yeah I'm still super jealous because it looks stunning even with black regrowth which is what I can muster and aw holy cow what a magical being.

I can't wait till there's nothing but time on my hands and I can play dead fish out in public places being creepy- oh wait, I'm already creepy as it is. But yeah, an entire summer of dressing vintage, indulging in music as well as going to the library and living fastidiously as a poor person and scoping out all the second hand stores would be absolutely fabulous as well as relaxing. Stills of rigid and stuff corpse-like poses will probably not ensue, but maybe one day I'll find a blogging soul mate of sorts to share this crazy journey with and enjoy life's pleasures.

Tavi Gevinson, Petra Collins and gang take on Halloween via Instagram, a la The Shining.

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