Friday, October 5, 2012

Home Wreckers

I've tried to keep my social life and events as far removed from this blog as possible, but when an intruder storms into your yard and smashes the front wind shield of your best car, it does tend to make you a bit cross. Nothing like a bit of domestic disturbance to really rattle you and make you reconsider life as you know it- fourteen years I've spent at my current home and it's only about now that I am beginning to harbor resentment for the suburbs- just the area itself but not so much what it represents. It's unlikely that I'll be like a late blooming Tim Burton and long to release myself from a dull prison through the arts of illustration and cinematography but I'll certainly be seeking to create more DIY projects as well as outfit posts. Besides, I'm sure there are scores of brilliant movies by directors such as Wes Anderson and Tim Burton as well as cheap and second hand cast offs to enjoy over my seasonal break.

I've got a bit over two weeks left of this semester, the oncoming hurricane of exams to sweep me off my feet and then a glorious summer ahead of me: at the moment it looks like I've got four months of nothing planned and that feels pretty therapeutic considering I've been stretched pretty metaphorically thin these last few weeks. I'm looking forward to posting in prolific amounts, can you wrap your head around up to seven posts a day!? Me neither, it seems that was a long time ago but perhaps I can dazzle my new collection of readers harboured over the last couple of months with the true potential of my literary pursuits. Speaking of which, driving practice as well frequent library trips will also be on the cards if I can simple remember to make me life that interesting and again invest in the great entertaining nature of books! I'm a bit stuck as to how I'm going to make money despite applying for a couple of Summer jobs but I'm sure something will eventually work out as well- I need a new phone and I'm sure I'll need to pay for it myself this time (ugh).

As comfortable as I've grown with the current banner heading as well as layout of this blog maybe a change will also be suitable for soon reaching half a million views? Yeah, I'm a bit obsessive over statistics and the pretty numbers of collecting readers as well as page views so something elevators might be coming up once I'm freed from the shackles of study- although as of late I've been pretty reckless and blogged more than usual and procrastinated from my lecture revision as well as online tests - oops. I'm relatively guilt free at the moment though ; I've come to acquire through show dog interest my fathers iPad that was intended for work purposes but instead I happily lay it upon my lap and tap away with the annoying *click click* of long but still untainted and underrated finger nails. A one point I decided that decorating them with nail polish could create some unwanted clashes of colors and ideas so I cut that out for a month or so and also gave them time to grow long and hardy. I think it's time to break out the nail stickers again soon!

Speaking of stickers and although I am already fastidiously sick of all things school-related I've been fired up by the appearance of cute stationary such as Japanese erasers (probably to be used for DIY crowns and not rubbing out pencil) notebooks and diaries, cute but flimsy notepads in pink as well as vintage pencil cases n the shape of poodles. I'm sort of sick of not caring about matters of stationary and the presentation of my homework but I can at least stave off being totally dissatisfied with my scribbling hand writing for at most four weeks if I have beautifully decorated note books to sort of keep up with in terms of aesthetic.

I often have a great obsession with the beautification process in terms of mind and body as well as environment and since having wiled away what I have left of scented candles given to me as presents, raiding my second hand shop favorites for vintage dragon toys as boa constrictors or to simply weave around hand railings (if I had any...) as well as odd bits and pieces to create odd shrines of eclecticism and strange habits will most likely be my self-imposed missions of the next holiday break.

That about sums up everything that you didn't want to hear about my dull and ready life, other than the fact my boyfriend yesterday become an uncle so getting hauled into baby sitting in the coming months may be worryingly on the cards, my house and area now scares me and the usual fact that I'm bored stiff with my stupid studies. This weekend I'm having pancakes on Sunday with friends to celebrate my birthday some two weeks ago now which I don't really have time for but OK in between assignments being squeezed in next week and tests! American bloggers are settling into college life and still fascinated by the end regime and I'm at the end of my tether just about. An ingesting contrasting, but I hope you guys will still stay tuned in.


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