Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Wearing: Dr Marten pink vintage boots, Black Milk leg bones leggings, vintage frilly socks, skirt borrowed from mother, Mustang Gildan T-shirt gift from my father, cardigan from mother.

I slapped this outfit together since I've been practically dying to show off the boots I got off eBay, vintage Dr Martens under $100 as well as a skirt so ridiculously long I had to push it under my arms to get it to a sensible height to show off some spooky and spectacular leggings. A little bit boring and monochromatic, I know but it's always nice to wear something simple but also a little layered when I've been kept so far from my beloved fashion blogging. It feels good to show off the leggings I splashed out on and had a real obsession over- and although they are the key factor to a somewhat Halloween themed post, they look great when worn as tights and amongst many folds of other material.

Badges: Pixel kitty button stolen from my brother, Easter Bunny vintage badge and A Tune of Hope Volunteer Badge my own.

Only after listing the source of each component of my outfit that I realise just how big an influence my family is on my style- not because they themselves are outrageous like I am, but I'm a bowerbird nightmare when it comes to picking apart what I like from everyone's bits and pieces. I got the t-shirt last Christmas from my father, and the ironic thing is that I now prefer the rounded edges of vintage Volkswagen beetles as opposed to boxy Mustangs- but for the time he was spot on in his choice of gift for me. The badges make the outfit a little confused- what with the Easter bunny and an evil cat against a pumpkin orange coloured background but at the moment I myself am very confused as well as tired from exam revision.

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