Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dyed Hair

I've managed to express just about every opinion: fear and worry when it comes to dyed hair as well as my awe, envy and delirium when left in the wake of the highest quality and calibre colored hair. Here's just about my last post on the subject (but as usual I can't make any promises) because Tumblr seems to have enjoyed it's last hurrah of photographs starring celestial babes with amazing hair. I've managed to follow the same blogs for years now but the quality of my dashboard has evolved a lot this last year. I suppose the same can be said for my own little humble blog- I won't be satisfied till its the best thing in the world. Speaking of the best in the world, who's heard of Marina and the Diamonds? She makes pretty catchy tunes and the above beauty reminds me of the noteworthy songstress but with a cross over with My Little Pony. Those lengthy lashes could almost be labelled as knock-out bombs and rainbow colored tresses just sweeten the deal- but I wonder what type of music would be made by such an enchanting creature? Maybe a little sweet, sugary and with a teeny bopper twinge but still a little alternative and with 1990s grunge aesthetic. The above description fits just how I like my hair/style / children's toys. I'm weird like that but still a cool enough girl when you get to know me.

I've been chancing upon some rad girls on the university campus lately with wickedly sick hair, which of course brings on a series of snickering from groups passing by along the lines of 'OH MY GLOB YOU GUYS' and division amongst the group as to whether this hair is glorious or infamous. From what I've seen, pencilled on and arched eyebrows are optional- but I do adore the bright color combinations. Its comforting to know that other people cant be bothered with their appearances just as I am. A least a positive to the art of pretty eyebrows can usually be undone by the end of the day, unlike hair dye and nail polish. With a spree of job interviews I've been pretty tentative to paint my nails and hair dye has also been off limits ass of late but extensions and brightly color lipstick would look any day of the week if vintage apparel were paired with the bombastic and bright look. All that depends on my employer for the summer holiday season and how lax they are when it comes to freedom of expression. I hate suits, but if it means I can save for my dream car I'll do just about anything. It will be as vintage and brightly colored as my dream wardrobe, but maybe geriatric as well and need a lot of TLC like all of life's finest things.

Jeremy Scott sure knows how to push the buttons of all the biggest celebrity fashionistas; remember these Mickey Mouse sunglasses? They were featured in Lady Gaga's music video for Paparazzi and were also snapped on the star when she sported her famous yellow hair breaking away from the original notions of pristine and cleanly cut blond. It seems this bodacious lady above was also a little inspired by the sexy pop siren, but I like the new pastel spin on the look. Just to make myself feel like a special snowflake I can already tell these aren't the original sunglasses, but the technicolor impact washes away that minor factor. I've been dying to get my hands on more cosmetics to really jazz up outfit posts but I've decided to savor that when all my exams are over and I can put my feet up and relax. For now handmade badges and buttons will need to tide me over before I can get into the swing of working part time and genuine Jeremy Scott sunglasses will be well off limits until then. Gosh, I'm poor, gosh everything on my eBay and Etsy watch lists look amazing, gosh life can be unfair sometimes.

An inspiring aspect of bright colors in hair that really appeals to me is that it offsets the aesthetic darkness and witchiness that I love to emulate in what I wear everyday- all the better because my tiny ear lobes (an obvious disappointment to my Asian mother) can support silvery skeleton earrings that dangle in a sea of shimmering pastel pink hair. I just spotted two mythical looking babes coordinating hair colour; one with a childish Lego brick backpack in blue to match two low-sitting princess Leah hair buns equally bright and blue against a stripped summer dress of tropical colors and the other matching pink tresses with a tribal cotton backpack and red pants. It's fair to say I'm pretty jelly at the moment of their style prowess and feel like a dork in plain black skinny jeans and a brown sweater in this trans-seasonal weather. Maybe I should sell all my jeans to prevent myself falling back on boring and simple outfits day in and day out for university. 

Doing a Science means I'm constantly reminded of the advances made in the fields of medicine and chemistry and also left to feel overwhelmed with what could possibly be left to unearth in that specific academic realm but I'm also comforted by the fact there are many wondrous pigments and matte finished to perfect and concoct as part of the cosmetic industry. It's not hard hitting research that may cure cancer and all known man disease, but I'd be happy with a light colored lipstick that doesn't need a primer to stand out and pop or hair dye solutions at aren't reliant on peroxides to both prepare and damage hair before colored dyes are applied liberally. I wonder what it would be like to complete an internship over the summer working specifically on the perfect shade of pink- undoubtedly tedious and boring to any male counter part as part of the project but I'm beginning to look for links between these two feuding spheres of my brain : the creative outlet and the cold hard logic of science and periodic table based calculations. 

As strange as it sounds coming from someone with hair normally described as being black, I'm really keen to experiment with coloured pigments as well as grunge/ vintage style to liven up my holidays as a new means of expression- aside from playing Japanese based video games and beating the heat this Summer. The preening routine will probably get me up early before the sizzling temperature sets in, in which I can wash my face, drink coffee and then apply product to my hair and happily set up my photographs of my style which as usual tumble carelessly through my head like grade-schoolers on a sloped grass hill. Juxtaposition of dark and the cute and Kawaii is sort of what I'm beginning to aim for and I'm now realising that the true challenge is not dressing nicely but using what you have in your existing wardrobe and pulling it all together in a stylish and arty way... hence the cull I'm going through at the moment to free up space of my cluttered den.

With hair that vibrant I dare say you need much color in your outfit to make a bold statement and considering the altercations I've just got into with my ungrateful mother I could do with a new hue to rock and shock everyone near and dear to me. Someone very wise once stated that hair due is great because it doesn't hurt anyone else around you and that the effects aren't permanent- a statement i may refer back to in months or even in short weeks to come when the itch to dye becomes to great to simply ignore. Although there are probably some colors and clothes that would be off limits I'm just about willing to take the gamble with hair of magenta; a favourite color of mine. Sassy strong and bold is how any woman should feel in her own skin, with or without product but if it helps out strike a mean and daunting pose for photographs who am I to criticize you on proven and effective methods? Then again streaks are also an appealing temptation teasing me lately; fake streaked extensions are amongst towering pink beehive wigs and cupcake costume dresses on my watched list of treasures on Etsy.

It seems so long ago in my mind's eye that I watched girls tying empty glass jars to trees in the city while on a picnic with friends and we gleefully made fun of them from afar. Nowadays I'm much more relaxed in my approach to life and those I come across- and while I may cast an incredulous look to those daring enough to do photo shoots in public places I sort of support that bold and brash artistic nature. Yes I own a pair of skeleton leggings, Dr Martens boots, denim shorts and a spray can of pink hair dye but I'm certainly not daring enough to pull them all together and culminate each article into a single and unified look. It's sort of the epitome of hipster movements and style,whereas I prefer blending elements of my dorky high school self, the girl who struggled to much in high school with the new cool and confident me. 

While some may be able to keep up with the demanding routine of preening and grooming trivial things such as hair color through shampoo, conditioner, sprays and dyes as with any popular culture trend there'll be someone to be bigger, better and more boisterous. Through colored contacts you may be even able to coordinate eye and hair color; but as usual computer software can offer an alternate solution through editing programs such as photo shop. I'm more focused on the composition aspect and am beginning to enjoy running around the house in seven inch tall platforms looking totally out of place in an all-too-common suburban house and less so on sitting in front of a computer in the dark focusing on a single square pixel for hours on end.

My mantra as of late has been along the lines of 'What would Tavi wear?' to guide my ever-expanding repertoire of style and clothing. Although I haven't seen the sassy teen blogger wear beanies or clothes better suited to slumming in the cities of modern day brain-dead suburbia, I have a bit of a soft spot for their comfort as well as printed patterns; particularly those which I can pick up from second hand stores for next to nothing. I'm waiting on felt brooches from Etsy to dress up shawls, scarfs and a favourite Ikat pastel print but some sweet pink dreads would certain add flavour as well as substance to my boring brown locks. Someone was nice enough to compliment me on my hair in Chemistry lab the other day- and that managed to throw me off my train of thought for a good minute and a half but I somehow want more to my looks then the natural and human, something sprightly and feverishly colourful is what I long for.

I'm well aware of many a potential and promising black leather jackets lurking about hidden corners of my local second hand store, but without the careful application of metal studs as well as smoldering stare from a pink haired girl to pull it all together. It's about this time of year I become nostalgic and reminiscent of all the good times had in my final year of high school and remember all the glorious and intellectual terms used to describe poetry- binary oppositions springs to mind in the company of juxtaposition when whirling together pink hair and a tough leather jacket. I'm all for the look though, it just really surprises and shocks the general public which is of course just another way of acting out as a scummy teenager and general no-good-nik. 

Halloween- a time when Marie Antoinette costumes, high perched and towering powdered wigs as well as most. Optimus can be worn with long curled pink locks and there's notably less objection from the wider community. Almost entering my twenties and leaving behind the glory of teenage years is tough, but I can finally validate decisions about my looks and appearance with the simple offhand statement of 'because I can'. While its true I could say things like that in high school, I'd sound like a snotty kid who hadnt payed my dues but now I've survived the terror of senior year and launched my life into adulthood. 

Ah a blushing bride in a Victorian dress could only be made all the more lovely if tufts of tempting lavender colored hair wafted and surrounded her head like a serene halo... You can tell I've been hitting the books a might too hard when I can write technical and literary drivable like that. It's awfully hard not to be filled with emotion and inspiration when I scope out such a large collection of babes all over the Internet that are more interestedin looking stunning for the sake of their own satisfaction as opposed to pulling babes- because advancing the ideals of feminism is far more satisfactory than cuddling with a beloved on a couch... Holiday breaks are always my opportunistic period of self-improvement and having a boyfriend never changes my ideology towards long breaks without work. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have naturally purple hair or better yet eliminate the tedium of attending to regrowth? One can dream about a future where every third Sunday isn't spent labouring under thermal bathroom lightings touching up the roots of family members."

I've been curtain deprived for all of my life, but had I known there was such a great creator of mood and senasiontal photograph backdrops I would have cottoned on to the trend sooner! Combined with a floral garland and dewy deer-doe eyes coyly staring over the shoulder I think it's fair to say I'm questioning my sexuality this very minute... I don't mean to offend but merely flatter those girls powerful enough to command pink hair, floral crowns and sweetly preened eyebrows all in the one go- which is enough I might add to knock anyone's socks off.

I've been pretty rapped up in reporting on- or rather toddling on the rad outfits I've been seeing all over the place lately but I just can't help it! Today's babe of the day wore a vintage floral denim pinafore over a black long sleeved shirt and white floral printed knock-off boots. I've had my doubts about floral printed combat boots, since a girl I mentally perceive to be my arch-nemesis as far as outfits and the whole fashion blogging craze sort of evolved wears them; but my mind has been put at ease after witnessing the beauty of this photograph polished off with a sensational pose and hand poise. A bit friendlier than the Tavi Gevinson bitchface, but it still has an air of mild stylish arrogance of 'bitch you can't handle this' or perhaps that's just me being afraid of pink haired pretties who enjoy picnics in the park and sitting among the green bounty of nature. I'm so used to setting up the tripod on my hallway I haven't really thought to perpetrate any other style outfit photos, (mainly because my room is an embarrassing mess) but nonetheless and being blessed with better weather I'll hopefully venture out into my garden and share the wonders of mother nature with you all and more shocking clothing combinations. 

Last night I felt mildly miffed as I had just started to indulge in dinner but one of my friends had thrown out an invite onto social media of meeting up for ice-cream; harrumph! While America seems like the ideal haven for food perfection as well as scary costumes at this time of year, I suppose with enough diligent slumming I could find a homely neon sign cafeteria to long around- but as usual I'm not willing enough to bare flesh in such a saucy and spooky outfit. I am pretty in love with the colour pink though and it would offset the tough and jarring Lycra printed skeleton legs of my Black Milk leggings, but as per usual we'll just have to suck it and see what I feel like wearing on a daily basis over the summer. Temperature, sunshine and what's long around on my messy bedroom floor will all be the variables attributing to the end product but with only two days left of classes and four exams I'm pretty excited to break off proverbial shackles of oppression. 

Can't decide what color to choose from in the sea and spectrum of many wondrous shades? I know you're very dilemma dear reader all too well and thus offer what would seem to be the perfect solution; particularly if you enjoy the culinary pursuit and icing sweet cakes. While not an option to all, white hair and prematurely embracing old soul with grey hair (a la the fake grays pseudo movement that some commentary reporters swear Tavi Gevinson started when she was... Oh about fifteen) like a first cost when painting the house it offers a blank canvas to then dress up. What exactly do I mean by all this jargon? Well in high school as kids have want to do, they experiment with food dye and highlighters in their hair as a way of dressing themselves up and the best part of all you can chop and change the colors for every day of the week. I enjoy chameleon like options when exploring how to get dressed every morning. 
For a big fraidy-cat such as myself who's been bitten by the interior-decoarter bug it may be more suitable to attempt novice water colours and creating my own make-shift frames from all the fallen branches as well as thick wooden stumps from out last fallen tree in the yard... putting an economical spin on recycling as well as limiting my limit of money spent on cute things for my room/ future blogging shrine care of Etsy. Amongst those soft strokes of serene blue and carefully crafted pink, puckering lips the mess and mass of black lashes really stands out; it's a shame I never did master how to apply false lashes properly over the semester break.

Other options have finally been made available for those wanting to shy away from the trauma of salon treatments where so much can go array (as they have in my personal experiences) and I'll be sure to road test a few in the comforts of my own home but show off the results and make a permanent record of all... In the name of 'science'. Also it may make for a neat social experiment on my poor boyfriend to see what he thinks of a cotton candy flurry replacing the long and dark brown locks he's come to know so well.

What could be radder than rainbows right next to ones ear and multiple studs punctured through flesh comparable to peaches and cream? Well possibly riding a unicorn to school but that's a little trickier so I'll settle for sweet tricks when it comes to jewelry and hair dressing. And when I say settle, I mean I'll admire others from afar just in silent awe because approaching them myself would mean certain and instant social death when my hearts can't in my mouth just out of being sweet but nervous in the presence of a certain celestial creature. Or worse than that I may just peruse second hand shops for my little ponies and then create dioramas of 1950s hairdressers as based on Tim Burton films... Yes I take anti-socialism to a new pinnacle when it boils rig down to interacting with strange new people.