Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dripping Nails

What better way to take my mind off the torturous experience of exam revisions (what with yesterday's mishap and all...) than a dripping and ghoulish nail DIY manicure inspired by Rookie Mag? I was very tempted to go with the traditional concept of dripping blood red, but I haven't used this cheap fluorescent green in years and wanted to see if I could make it semi-fashionable again. I'm proud to say my effort was a success, but then again I am biased. Teaming up my care bear daydream bear backpack with the nails was the best way I could think to contrast these two colours and the plastic eyeball reminds me so much of the spunk and vintage-style creations of Meadham Kirchhoff.

 Here's the original idea that inspired my spin-off, it seems something bold and a little drippy looks great when also teamed up with another colour but I'm happy with my results. I was sort of inspired by a ghost-buster green snot-slime texture to my nails to brighten up Halloween tomorrow which will be spent cramming in the morning then dithering about at night in a brain-dead zombie shuffle around the house.

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