Friday, October 5, 2012

Balenciaga Fall 2012: Space Jumpers

More futuristic than a flying car, off the shelves faster than a speeding bullet and more gorgeous than Superman's six pack: the Balenciaga collection featuring the best variety of black on black jumpers slipped over spacey and ghostly pale babes. This post also features a bit of an eclectic mash-up from a Vogue editorial as well as the runway shots of Balenciaga's show. I personally can't think of a better time to have such a distinctly designed collection come forward; what with the successful launch of Curiosity lander sticking the dismount without a single hitch and scoring a perfect ten from the keen space cadets permanently grounded here on Earth. Those in mission control probably don't have the time or interest for high-flying fashion or these particular inter-stellar images; but science fiction and popular culture will have us believe there is a bounty of bodacious beauties lying beyond the stars that totally dig middle-aged men in glasses.

What really has me entranced by this beauteous and almost beastly jumpers, is that they're so similar and akin to rock band tour shirts from the 80s/ 90s but with a fashionable flair of metallic tones as well as luxuriant materials to splash about in. The colors, techniques and presentation had all been perfected and elevated almost to an art form all its own, but I still see the same basic concepts and visual design elements that I've become so familiar and chummy with in my teenage years.My brother permanently lives in t-shirts collected from his many concert and festival experiences and I swore that I would grow out of the phase by the time I left high school; but perhaps I'll need to reconsider my stance on the black grunge. Yes, I'm more in love with vintage patterns, structures sweetheart dresses and fancy printed socks, but at least collecting a sweet case of thrifted shirts in all black could make for a useful set of pajamas at the very least and subversive companions to structured and pleated pants with ice cream colored brogues and princess crowns in plastic.

Coming to university I had anticipated that there would be denser scientific theories shoved down my throat under the cruel guise of 'learning' but instead my last Astronomy lecture starred aliens from classic movies delivered with cynicism as well as vintage movie posters and clips of their original trailers and narrations. It was expected, but when the alternative is learning about rocks, animal nutrition and inorganic metals you tend to take what you can get. Also I like the composition and graphics of movie posters from the 1950s- I always find there's a little more substance and art behind them as compared to their modern counterparts.

Next week I have a major assessment task for my astronomy unit in which I am to discuss the appearance of extra-terrestrial life win film and fiction and I had fully intended on being both boring and lazy when it comes to getting dressed that day. I wish I had some aces up my sleeve and a wicked contrasting outfit of stalling but gloves, raving red orange hair and a cream pair of pants to make the black of the jumper Ben more sickeningly black. Alas, I doubt I'd be able to get my hands on any article of this acclaimed collection and have it mailed out to me within a week; besides, it's better I reward myself with something afterwards. The next two weeks are full of oral presentations in front of peers as well as organizing posters and power point presentations to show along and all I have at the moment is a bulbous headache and love for fashion holding me back as per usual.
Ironically my astronomy unit which I'm studying as part of university thinks it's appropriate to delve into the question of "is there other life in the universe" and what they would look like/ balance living with artificial intelligence etc. I think nothing could possibly be more threatening then a gorgeous looking and regal space queen carted around in a golden gilt float held aloft by the commoners of her world. Getting to design some of my own celestial monsters probably would have been a nice addition to my current oral presentation and projection combining the best of Tim Burton illustrations but with more manic colored pencils and clumsiness and high fashion. Fashion illustrations aren't something I've ever delved in but I do enjoy fantasizing over costumes on occasion and dream of integrating them into everyday garb.

A steely glance of determination as well as loathing and contempt is the perfect look to convey to ones audience if you intend to slave the inhabitants of the world, or you're a gorgeous model and wear a sneaky and frivolous collar in the style of a young English queen. Air of royalty is hard to combine with the common touch of sweatshirts with printed graphics and I myself have given up on combining the causal with classy blouses but of course if anyone can find a way around it, it's the trend-setting Balenciaga. 

Aw, it's like mermaids, women from Venus and Tibetan embroidery (which are some of my favourite things) have all been rolled together in a magical cooking pot in this one photograph! I'm not a huge fan of long trailing dresses especially those that are too akin to the fishy tails that nature took years to craft through evolution, but the swirling three-dimensional texture, sunset colours and headpiece of the model are all pretty on par with white white nerdy boys who don't see sunlight dream of when they think of exploring space and finding exotic lifeforms. They fact they dress so extravagantly in a barren landscape further drives home the message that they are way out of your league and naturally red hair looks pretty bitching on pastel coloured gowns.

I tend to be pretty reserved in my judgement/ unkind/ critical of when the realms of acting become blurred with photo shoots that are meant to show off clothing and fashion, but for a photo shoot concept as wildly delicious and zany as this, editing in lasers springing forth from perspex bustiers was called for when the outfit itself features an arrow climbing perilously close to the crouch of the model. Pain/ surprise as well as wildly wind-blown hair and a pose that shows off the athletic nature of a stick-thin model are all pretty perfect within this one photograph, despite the fact I am not a fan of one suits or the colour beige- it's another clever reminder that through fashion and clothing we can paint pictures of characters and weave stories to their lives as part as a collection/ photo shoot which again elevates it into some higher and unearthly art form. Fully sick.

For these reasons and so many more I was in love with photography and it's application in fashion- yeah the spaceship is far too simple, cliche and circular and it's all very 1950s in style, but so are the three-dimensional glasses, shoulder pads, sequins and blond puffed curls of the celestial creature behind the wheel. Classic movies of the 1950s have been re imagined with style, grace and thankfully better graphics; although I do admire the sentiments of children creating rocket ships in their backyards out of cardboard. Australian summers have the horrible tendency to char grill skin as well as paper based materials.

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  1. This would have to be one of the greatest collections. I love the spaceship photo a bit too much...

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