Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wildfox Magical Creatures

I've been hoarding this small collection released by Wildfox half a season ago for months now but it's only now that it's become incredibly relevant to my life. The gentle warm weather of Summer is descending upon me like a fat kid on a chocolate cake; so layering is becoming an even less promising prospect, but that will do little to deter my fever and passion for this lovely collection. Illustrations accompany each of the three feminine persona's created with nothing but smoke, mirrors and sweet wigs as well as pastel backgrounds. There's always the danger that I'll become too keen to imitate all the lovely bloggers I follow, and it seems reds and dark blues are out to be replaced with saucy and sweet sugary tones. Sorry for the banner heading being so stingy and small, I blame the damn thing personally for being so awkward in shape as well as this cold and impersonal background I've permanently adopted for this blog. When I see a little return in this investment I swear it will look spectacular, glittery and pink. Until then, we're both stuck with a tiny image that doesn't do the banner justice.

There's a whole range of different motifs floating around on simple silky looking camisole tops, a great basic for layering or even the hottest of sweltering summer days. As it happens I know of some great Jewellery and cow skull bolo ties that would complement the earthy tones of this particular character as well as grunge aesthetic. I'm sure for those thrift-minded, simple tank tops made from old vintage nightwear as well as screen printing and fabric pains could make for a great DIY project. The usual lament about high end fashion is the high price tag often associated with lovely pieces- so I always like to imply the alternatives for my crafty followers who are eager to try a new project. I plan on hunting through second hand stores this Summer if I don't get a part time job as a reprieve and way to stop myself from slothing about on the Internet for three months straight.

I've been tentative to monopolize on people's general misguided notions that I share some heritage of the North American persuasion, particularly American Indian, which I'm not. But if I was ever tempted to steal a noble heritage then I know where I'd get the wardrobe from... Loosely tangled rich auburn locks and killer cheek bones are preferred but not necessary and raggedy layered and intentionally thread bare clothes are perfect to explore if you live topside on the northern hemisphere and the autumn wind is whipping your bare ankles. I wish I had learnt the value of long and loosely fitting clothes when I was an awkward mid-teen just finding my feet- unfortunately all other stores are obsessed with tight fitting basic cotton t-shirts with  distasteful slogans. Even if your grandmother had a mad crochet hand I daresay she could help you out with makeshift skirts among masses of fleeced cardigans and lop-sided water colour illustrations. Oh to think, I threw away any possibility of arts and creativity by studying a degree in science...

It's like a Cherokee, gypsy and a southern belle all fell into a mixing pot together and the result was absolutely fantastic (and not gory as you would initially think). I'm in love with that lace edged lace skirt in cream along with suede knee high boots- knee high boots are just another article of clothing I get a bit funny around because I can see it down right seldomly and I often see monstrosities of footwear architecture walking around on the streets and all I can think of is burying all the horrible boots that don't do justice to the style. I feel very strongly about shoes these days; passionate is the best word but obsessed is probably a more accurate descriptor. It's an intricate outfit that is any factory floor worker's nightmare, but sometimes it's the more refined things that aren't made to be practical that make us girls feel most special and in touch with our feelings.

Dahlia: despite sharing her namesake with a sweet and spunky flower is the darkest of the lot and dares to wear shocking platform boots in the vain of the 1990s with the perfect pitch black hood, skeletal collar motifs and blood red lipstick which are all in stark contrast to crystal clear blur eyes and crisp white hair. In the word of the Eleventh Doctor, yowza! That's the technical term for a goth girl that wears a bewitching but cold and syndicalism in appearance; and of course it draws all the men in who are sad and deluded into thinking she's a 'challenge'. Ha. They don't know what trouble they're going to get themselves into when dealing with the gorgeous and dark Dahlia. With a spell book tucked neatly under her arm, she's armed and dangerous but also stylish. The Mexican/ Day of the Dead skeleton garland around the neckline of this black cape are driving me to desperation in order to dye my own American Apparel cape but my sensibilities tell me dyeing red will not turn out as wonderfully as I imagine. That's the power of Dahlia I suppose- cruel in appearance but you still want her to please her because she appears like such a gorgeous demi-god.

Shawls. Shawls are easily found in every corner of any second hand shop across the globe which may or may not have something to do with little old ladies affinity for the versatile piece. My mother recently gifted me a black and fringed silken shawl which I immediately adopted as a scarf, but it seems I'll need to reconsider the potential of the piece if I can also muster more ankle hanging skirts of the same hue and colour... which is easily said and done considering black should be universal and kept the same from the most humble Chinese sweat shop to the boutiques of France. The simple white t-shirt also gets a look in amongst this chic ensemble, but I'm easily won over with the small book candidly held, the ocean of black clothing as well as towering platform boots. I'm the first to admit it, I'm but a simple creature with simple taste and this sort of caters to that love of structure as well as black.

Bowler hats are so lovely and dapper- but sadly underrated and severely under represented as a suave component of a sassy outfit. Then there's the whole Clockwork Orange reference you could make with a liberal dash of eyeliner, an option merely on the table for you to decide either with or against. I suspect that it's all to do with that balance between women taking on typical male style and it not being too cliche. Here a tall bowler hat, suspenders and knickerbockers are all combined together with a suave girl-about-town appeal that's charming. I find it hard to remove myself from creepy knee high socks (think of those twins from The Shining) as well as swish brogues and subversive black lipstick, but there's certainly a challenge in being able to take over a style unfamiliar to your gender and blowing any other bowler hat/ suspender wearing competition out of the water. OK well, maybe excluding Matt Smith playing the Doctor from Doctor Who but I'd hardly call that a fair competition. He's pretty out of this world (excuse the pun!).

Kittens and creepers.. *sigh* I know I'm just a bit too old to be joining in with such trivial fads, but there's still a small part of me that's disappointed I never did own a pair of creepers and wore them with edgy but cheap five dollar socks and thrifted crazy cat lady shirts from second hand stores. While I haven't yet actually found something feline themed at an opportunity shop, that won't stop me of dreaming and hoping that somewhere, someone decided that cats were too unfashionable to associate with and I can then prey on their mistakes and pick up where they left off. There probably won't be any pink wigs in the mix, but I am once again, toying with the notion of fake white extensions in a modernised 'Bride of Frankenstein' unshaped lightning bolt motif with my normal clothing. There's been enough admiration on my part of pink as it is, creeping in my wardrobe at every opportunity. It's a wonder I still have variety left to choose from and I haven't abandoned anything else in that shade of feminine and watered down red.

I distinctly remember the first instance I used eyeshadow- I was thirteen, it was pink and therefore too subtle too be seen in the poorly light bathroom and before I knew it I had a small cake of minerals layered onto my eyelids. Needless to say, I've been cautious when it comes to the artful application of anything around the eyes (except for eyeliner since I do love a good dramatic streak of kitty cat eyes blinked with lust at boys) but there's sort of a small spark of hope I hold deep in my chest because of the shimmering silver glimmer of the above photograph. I'd abhor it without the thick and perfected fake eyelashes, the leather and studded choker necklace as well as the small but bold nose ring as well as thick sunglasses painted onto the shirt suggesting subtler and darker hints of grunge amongst an otherwise sweet sea of pastel, sugary pink.

High-waisted marle grey shorts and a chunky knitted cardigan? Why that's the perfect ensemble to wear in Autumn, in which we say goodbye to Summer and gently ease into colder weather as well as shorter days. It's too bad I'm stuck in spring and the ability to layer clothes with ease is being stretched from the grasp of my astral hands. Astral hands, as in the astral plain in which we can find our hearts desires; on a humid but stormy morning I desire to be comfortable and sit down hunched over a coffee or even the humble green tea.

I've had some wild ideas myself about the use of fake flowers as far as DIY headbands and updating army jackets of dark green are concerned- but this really does take the trend to a whole new level. Like any other blogger on Tumblr I've come across images of Dr Marten boots stuffed with fresh floral bouquets against crisp and surgical white backgrounds to the pleasure of thousands- but this completes the look and let's the Robin egg blue tone engulf the model with daisies and hydrangeas springing from weathered leather black boots and more tangled and glorious rich red hair. Yeah, considering wigs were used this look is possibly the more contrived of the lot, but I'm still a sucker for the pouting look of lips ajar with a sweet swag of pretty and minimalist clothing. I admire it, I probably deem myself a little more energetic to wear clothing with more brightness and substance but that doesn't mean I can't muster respect for girls who look stunning in clothes of little design intricacy. 

In conclusion... my favourite of these three looks complete with water coloured and envisioned persona's to which the model was under instruction was Wildfox's very own witch, Dahlia. I am pretty biased though and what with all the Halloween brain-washing I've received dressing up like a witch and having a proper excuse to do so is a dream come true but I loved the intensity of focused blue eyes, ghostly white hair and blood red lips. There's all the knowledge of magical paraphernalia locked away in my head screaming to be used as a part of this particular photo shoot, but that simply leaves me freedom to reinterpret this idea and revisit the theme of witchery and black magic.


Wearing: Dr Marten pink vintage boots, Black Milk leg bones leggings, vintage frilly socks, skirt borrowed from mother, Mustang Gildan T-shirt gift from my father, cardigan from mother.

I slapped this outfit together since I've been practically dying to show off the boots I got off eBay, vintage Dr Martens under $100 as well as a skirt so ridiculously long I had to push it under my arms to get it to a sensible height to show off some spooky and spectacular leggings. A little bit boring and monochromatic, I know but it's always nice to wear something simple but also a little layered when I've been kept so far from my beloved fashion blogging. It feels good to show off the leggings I splashed out on and had a real obsession over- and although they are the key factor to a somewhat Halloween themed post, they look great when worn as tights and amongst many folds of other material.

Badges: Pixel kitty button stolen from my brother, Easter Bunny vintage badge and A Tune of Hope Volunteer Badge my own.

Only after listing the source of each component of my outfit that I realise just how big an influence my family is on my style- not because they themselves are outrageous like I am, but I'm a bowerbird nightmare when it comes to picking apart what I like from everyone's bits and pieces. I got the t-shirt last Christmas from my father, and the ironic thing is that I now prefer the rounded edges of vintage Volkswagen beetles as opposed to boxy Mustangs- but for the time he was spot on in his choice of gift for me. The badges make the outfit a little confused- what with the Easter bunny and an evil cat against a pumpkin orange coloured background but at the moment I myself am very confused as well as tired from exam revision.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dripping Nails

What better way to take my mind off the torturous experience of exam revisions (what with yesterday's mishap and all...) than a dripping and ghoulish nail DIY manicure inspired by Rookie Mag? I was very tempted to go with the traditional concept of dripping blood red, but I haven't used this cheap fluorescent green in years and wanted to see if I could make it semi-fashionable again. I'm proud to say my effort was a success, but then again I am biased. Teaming up my care bear daydream bear backpack with the nails was the best way I could think to contrast these two colours and the plastic eyeball reminds me so much of the spunk and vintage-style creations of Meadham Kirchhoff.

 Here's the original idea that inspired my spin-off, it seems something bold and a little drippy looks great when also teamed up with another colour but I'm happy with my results. I was sort of inspired by a ghost-buster green snot-slime texture to my nails to brighten up Halloween tomorrow which will be spent cramming in the morning then dithering about at night in a brain-dead zombie shuffle around the house.

Monday, October 29, 2012


It's a little pathetic I tend to sing the same sentiments and am therefore the worst possible candidate as an enlightened individual, but inner peace tends to go out the window when all hell breaks loose and I almost fail a unit for having "contraband on my person" (i.e. a headphone-less iPod in my pockets- like seriously, what good is that!?) The entire thing could have been avoided if I can just go three hours without using the bathroom and stop headaches dead in their tracks. All I can say after today's misadventure is thank glob all the invigilators of examinations are old people who are unfamiliar and afraid of technology and I should probably buy a lottery ticket today because I am so FLIPPING lucky!

 Nothing puts me in as black mood more than having to do a chemistry exam, being told off when all around me I can see atrocities and rule-breakers left, right and centre as well as the hopeless feeling that I may have only passed something academically be the proverbial seat of my pants when I've managed a distinction average for the last semester. Tonight shall be spent on glorious absence from study and watching Daria, sues sing out possible Etsy rewards and chatting with my boyfriend about juicy relationship gossip. I think it's a little tragic that he's more of the stereotypical sassy one, a part of the in-crowd whereas I am a proud and macabre outcast; but it's a welcome change to warp concrete set stereotypes for once. Here's a photoset as delight dark and evil as lips smeared with dull black and matte lipstick, the unluckiest of cat's coats and all things gross, grime and Halloween. I may even be tempted to try out a DIY mail manicure tonight of fluorescent green slime or bright red. I think bright green may be the way to go, but definitely not the path to success that's eluded me as jar as job hunting goes. As soon as I do something semi-permanent and abhorrent I bet I'll get a few jobs lined up- as is the way of Murphy's Law.

Despite the fact I too wore dusty black skinny jeans with black Dr Martens I seemed to miss the compulsory class on chicness every other combat boot loving girl attended because I looked appalling today. Hormones will never cease to disappoint me by letting me down with acne break outs and those moments when I realise it's been two hours since I went to bed and I've only managed to cry painfully muffled into a pillow over the stupidest of stupid reasons. Give it another fortnight and I will look effortlessly glamorous with my hair behaving because I'll have so much free time on my hands and no life I will be able to afford being needlessly vain.

Magdalena Langrova for Naked but Safe Magazine Fall Winter 2011
Photographed by Stratis Kastrisianakis
There's been a heavy and unintentional focus about the eyes; what with close ups and make up, but I couldn't resist this cute and candid looking composition of sparkling grey pearl eye shadow that reach up to the height of fluffy eyebrows. Also I've been just a bit reminiscent of Moonrise Kingdom style sweeping over the Internet like a glorious sunrise and bathing bloggers in peter pan dresses, knee high socks and scout badges with Davey Crockett raccoon hats. So... in a sense... I have brought this back to the most magical day of the month and haunting as well- Halloween is two days away kiddies and I happen to have a Biology exam coincide with the date. Lucky me.

Lactose Intoler-Art

Look at those luscious tights- it's like a Beetlejuice fell over a slipper floor in a fruit store but a billion times better because patterned skirts and corduroy coats and vintage scrunchies... I can't- I can't even comprehend all the goodness and mastery of colours. Green hair; my glob why didn't I think of that!? Well actually, I am mortally terrified of bleach and peroxide but yeah I'm still super jealous because it looks stunning even with black regrowth which is what I can muster and aw holy cow what a magical being.

I can't wait till there's nothing but time on my hands and I can play dead fish out in public places being creepy- oh wait, I'm already creepy as it is. But yeah, an entire summer of dressing vintage, indulging in music as well as going to the library and living fastidiously as a poor person and scoping out all the second hand stores would be absolutely fabulous as well as relaxing. Stills of rigid and stuff corpse-like poses will probably not ensue, but maybe one day I'll find a blogging soul mate of sorts to share this crazy journey with and enjoy life's pleasures.

Tavi Gevinson, Petra Collins and gang take on Halloween via Instagram, a la The Shining.

Jeremy Scott Monster Pink Scarf

Is everyone having a spook-tacular Halloween? How about I make it even better by showing off this spunky little Sasquatch-esque monster created by none other than Jeremy Scott? God I love having a good peruse and perv on Opening Ceremony's website; they always have the best stuff but I'm always annoyed that they still refuse to accept Paypal as payment. But, but, it's the better way to pay! So yeah, I'm still very much heart broken about that because it stands in the way between items like these and what I perceive as an opportunity to become a totally hot and over the top fashion blogger everyone will love. But that's just a pipe dream for the moment. Back on the subject of the star of the show, the monster scarf has a shiny red nose, pink waggling tail and rimmed horns it seems very oriental in principle design, but the colors, eyes and slender blue paws all place it back in the realm of western design.

It seems like years since the 'emo' fad swept the world along with emoticons and Internet images (and let's keep it that way), but the side-swept tuft of green fur hiding emerald eyes can't help but awaken some of that nostalgia for me. There's still no doubt in my mind that fringes have a little bit of intelligence and angst behind them. For example, I was intrigued many weeks ago on a field excursion when we were first to draw some cliff features and one guy mentioned of his poor quality (everyone's was shit, OK? it was impossible to make it look good in grey lead) "it really captures my angst". This beastly but faux fur and leather faced monster scarf has that seem smell of teenage spirit, narcissism but in vibrant neon colours and pulled off in such a way Kawaii Japanese school girls faint wildly. Thank you heartily Jeremy Scott- you're making my exam revision and life in general at the moment bearable.

I remember searching with anguish and a heavy heart, knowing that Prada fox stoles would be nearly impossible to come buy with equally heart-wrenching price tags and that moral agenda of the real fur stoles looking the most luscious and rich in texture. This is about a billion times better though considering I want to now permanently dress like every day is Halloween, drench myself in fabulously clashing colours and feel all the textures man has ever created in a single outfit. I want this scarf so badly it's not even funny, I want it to be an integral part of my life. I want to travel the world with it and explain to customs from different countries many times over I'm "famous" (in my own world) and it's nothing that harmed a living creature. I want to lead a ridiculous life and in a sense, elope with this scarf.