Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tavi by StylelikeU

Tavi Gevinson, or the fashion blogger formerly known as the Style Rookie has undergone quite the transformation in the past few years; some prefer her being in close contact with heavy-weights of the fashion industry and dressing in over-sized bows with blue-gray hair that gained her so much recognition and global fame. I think it's interesting to see how 'the world's luckiest thirteen year old girl' has shied away from the spotlight and used her prominence to start an online magazine aimed at teenage girls and fanning the flames of modern feminism; as well as handy styling tips for DIY addicts. From her intimate interview with StyleLikeU (source of images) you get a good sense of Tavi's heart of gold as well as her down-to-Earth nature (not yet corrupted by a fantastic wardrobe and personal gifts from famous designers. Her outfits have seemed to have lost their intricate and fussy layering which has instead been replaced with form-fitting vintage dresses, as well as a cute collectibles and mementos from friends. My own wardrobe seems to lack this personal and loved touch, an absence I am now shockingly aware of.

Despite having an interior decorator of the same name, my room has always been (and will most likely continue to be) a complete and utter mess. It makes my heart weep when I release some teenage girls convert their personal living space into a safe haven of aesthetic beauty as well as wall-to-wall kitsch shrines of various novelties. I’m loosely collecting my own cute bits and pieces on my desk, but they often get swallowed and lost under a mass of cyclic paperwork (I blame university). My end of semester holidays will be a luxurious ban of television, Daria DVDs, perhaps reading the Virgin Suicides as well as Oscar Wilde and CLEANING MY ROOM (please… this time…). I can't think of anything else that I could possibly dedicate my time too in the absence of working part time, study for exams and eating. If I could stop from ballooning up and putting back on all the weight I have lost over the last year, that would be, brilliant.

I can't convey how desperately hard I tried to search for this red moccasins with bizarre feet in black drawn over the top of them; when I first saw them on the Rookie blog I fell in love instantly and tried to find them all over the Internet and imitate the younger-than-me-but-so-much-cooler-style-icon I had come to moon over. It's come to my attention that I could probably DIY a pair for myself, but somehow that just takes all the fun out of the thrill of the chase in hunting for them. I wish Tavi would wear these a little more, just a little bit- they are excellent.

In a pretentious and hipster fad following way I kind of want to collect vinyl records of current releases for myself and every now and then I'll keep an eye out for eBay auctions of releases as well as what's available on the Urban Outfitters website. Then I usually abandon these hopes and dreams because there isn't a spare horizontal surface I've lain waste to in my room and I do not have the money to purchase vinyl records, although, weaving through my father's old collection and testing out the hypothesis that vinyl has 'a richer tone' might be useful before investing large sums of money in a new hobby. Collecting cassette sets and vinyl records via happy hunting from local second hand stores as well as Etsy and online seems cute and very in touch with the sweet sentiments of Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom' but exploring that side of myself as well as seeing the film may further these interests. Supporting live music through festivals and shows has been more prominent in my life lately.

I fell back in love with long streams of eyeliner and a certain feline finesse thanks to the influence and haunting stare of this particular photograph; the position of her hands is also really lovely in this shot; formal and lady-like which is uncommon for a girl of her age.

The combination of corset-buttoned black widow dress with pink floral crown speaks volumes about this teenager’s taste as well as that certain youthful spark she injects into all of her outfits. Perhaps it’s just me being sick of eBay disloyalty and mass-produced clothing from China, but yesterday I bought a midi skirt in purple plaid with the intention of rejuvenating my wardrobe. A lot of other fashion bloggers I follow buy their clothes dirt cheap from second hand stores but it’s the way that they style them which is so extraordinary. Long live the thrill of the hunt and thrift stores.

And now, a hopeless teenager confessional love letter to Miu Miu.
Dearest Miu Miu: it breaks my heart that you never pay any attention to my blog and how much I adore you but I can see why you cherish your bonds with Ms. Gevinson so much more. She is your soul mater and you two deserve each other- but I will continue to love you unconditionally and strive to be a part of your life. I've had opportunities to step up to you and prove I am ready for a full-on relationship between the two of us but I was too shy and waited far too long. You deserve the best Miu Miu. When I see you together it seems perfect but I still wish you would give us a chance; I can make you happy too, you just don't know it yet.

yours truly- Secret Hipster.

Although having not seen or heard with my own eyes and ears, Tavi apparently is a bit of a songstress herself and that guitar of hers isn't just an ornamental part of her aesthetic expression. All good forms of creativity are in balance in this room and it's a humbling experience to be a part of it- even for a short while.

The first issue of Vogue featured the personal style of New Zealand model Zippora Seven who prized herself on owning floral Dr Martens boots and it's only fitting Tavi has a sweet and worn out pair too. In terms of finding them online they not rare but carry a hefty price tag whereas the gingham pair on the left are the most wily pattern of the popular British boot I've seen yet. When I find them, I do plan to buy them post haste and style outfits in the vain of 60s school girls and Dorothy lost in the land of Oz.

When working out where I went wrong in the path of expressing myself as a fashion blogger throughout high school I came to realise to very important things: 1. skin impurities made me camera shy most days and 2. a messy room will never make for a good background for photographs. Tavi just glows with a certain angelic energy in this photo with creepy jewelled necklace and tiny Japanese house headband. Sweet. The eyeball/ grunge/ Kawaii fad isn't something I expected to identify with, but it is growing on me and soft 70s curls worn by girls around the university campus and my own yearning to make customised crowns inspired by feminism as well as Sylvanian family figurine beavers, upcycling perfectly fine denim jackets with Edward Scissorhands motifs and buying tights on eBay from China. These are a few of my favourite things...

I'm sort of befuddled as to how one can maintain such carefully collected junk on one's bookshelves without incurring the grievous penalty of house hold dust ruining everything, but Tavi's room is a magical realm all of its own that I have yet to compete with. I'm looking forward to making some pipe cleaner goodies of my own in the next few weeks for outfit post photographs but it is going to be a challenge to keep their plastic bristles safe from floating particles of debris.

I remember having a plastic tinsel halo teeming with golden stars just like this from my childhood and of course somewhere along my pre-teen years I deemed it too daggy for my room and got rid of it- how wrong I was! Of course when my eyes are opened to the possibility of cosmic star dust with black lipstick and pensive position of eyes checking over a shoulder I view it as an art form, but yeah, Tavi is such a visionary and I wish I was as cool as her when I was her age or now. Knitting would help subsidise the fact I don't have contacts within the fashion industry, but I am also without talent craft-wise so it seems keeping a revolving wardrobe and changing things aesthetically to keep everyone around me on their toes will be for the best.

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