Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Wearing: Ezzentric Topz black crochet jumper, Vintage embroidery collar blouse, Black Milk Leg Bone Leggings, Stolen Girlfriends Club X Jeffrey Campbell Emma Boots.

Sorry about the poor lighting, our hallway lights have been taken down by dear old Dad since they're connected to another set of lights which have blown... messy business. I like the eerie and soft blurred effect to this outfit though and it lends itself well to an air of mystery as well as ancient murder. The leggings are from Black Milk, something I've worn before but this time I plan on keeping my leggings and showing them off around campus when I find the perfect vintage sweater to detract from their confronting digital print pattern. Halloween is also rolling around and I've been taking advantage of new clothes online to dress more and more like a witch- these bad boys definitely help but long draping shaggy threaded jackets would be so much more appreciated at the moment...

Also decided to show off my Perks and Mini fangs and Karen Walker Pinocchio necklace for a little more grunge aesthetic and appeal; even my mother had to appreciate the well made and careful crafting of my shiny silver teeth cast necklace when she appraised it. I have a very confident glow when I wear these necklaces- in the event a ghost were to get attacked by a werewolf surely lucky silver amulets and charms could be used to fend the beast off? These necklaces will have to do until I have enough funds to dip into finger tip rings that resemble bird claws and are razor sharp, like a cliche female villain in a movie cutting the cheeks of her enemies open.

This is more gruesome blurring and spooky bogeying- yes, it's me attempting the Charleston in skeleton leggings pants and loving every minute of it. Flapper girls may have had their fun in beaded dresses and feathers with cute heeled boots, but why be cute when you can be mean, tall and scary?

Other news includes me getting another unnoticeable haircut (this must be a record for the number of haircuts I've gotten that no one has picked up on) as well as being one dreamy week away from semester break for university. I plan on wearing these leggings at some stage when I do adventure off on my last week before holidays and a comfy jumper but choosing when and what classes is proving to be tricky- as for other strange ideas dreamed up I've got my diary full of clothing combinations I'm aching to try out but I need to wait until I don't have class in the way. Ugh. School is boring, it's a week until my birthday and I have to survive three days before I can hang out with my boyfriend and win giant teddy bears again. When that happens, I'll be sure to be sitting pretty.

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  1. Oh my goth I live your leggings. I've been um-ing and uh-ing over getting a pair now I've seen them duties my creative juices are flowing 101 outfits are pipping into my head