Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shell Beds

A few nights ago I dreamt I was running around in an iridescent shell decorated camisole after seeing the cutest DIY tutorial on how to make your very own mermaid inspired top. Then I magically came across an image of a shell bed on Tumblr and the fires deep within my belly dreaming of beautiful aesthetic expression were ignited once more and I collaborated a cashe of images together to share. Dropping out of university and just being a full-time blogger working away on outfit posts and attractive looking articles would be a dream come true at the moment. That's not to say I'm not grateful for the start in life I've had and my education, I just feel like I've been made a slave to it that's all- and now I want my life back.

I just finished an online quiz and barely passed (which is a nightmare considering I had a distinction average across the board for all my units last semester). Ho hum. I haven't been sleeping well lately and this is about the time of the semester when I reached my glorious and stressed out peaking maximum. A good night's sleep in an enclosed bed may seem preposterous to some and confronting to those afraid of small spaces but yeah, I dig it at the moment. That and mermaids and witches. I think I'm becoming a colourful witch lately, my Etsy favourites list can back me up on that one.

You can't deny you wouldn't at least want to perch upon this magnificent pedestal of furniture; this is a glorious piece of seminal art holding a metaphoric pearl of rich maroon bed sheets. For those of you that don't really know me too well or have seen my photographs, the reason I don't include my room is because it is a seminal mess. The chance of me ever owning a gloriously marine themed bed is slim to none considering I'm pretty much an adult and ready to flow the coop in a couple of years and my boyfriend would never agree to such a ridiculous request on my part. Still, it's nice to fantasise and dream like the child at heart I am.

Being avidly wear of the cyclic disadvantages of being female, I am all to wary of clean white linen bedding and it's high expectations on my natural body clock but this image is just too cute not to share with all my lovely followers- old and new. A good night's rest along with getting over my cold will hopefully restore energy, enthusiasm and zeal back into blogging for me but failing that I may have a healthy career critiquing furniture. On second thoughts, we'll just stick to what we know about fashion and creating outfits shall we?

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