Thursday, September 27, 2012

Photographs by Petra Collins

In honour of Ms. Collins heritage I will be attempting to write this post with a Canadian accent that is probably a little hurtful, weird, and against the wishes of the artist that inspired this small collection of her best works. I was completely smitten while watching her in the Rookie video 'Crown of Love' in which she wore the perfect pair of psychedelic lounge pants with a simple white crop top and played with cats. It was then I was truly entranced by the revolution of teenage girls blogging as well as emergent talent in art forms such as crafts and photography. Gosh she knows how to master composition and make her subjects vulnerable as well as stunning in each of their own settings, ey? OK that just about does it for the accent, I'm to unfocused and bipolar to remember that I'm poking fun at people anyway. This is meant to be as far removed from heckling as possible. Well, I'm a huge fan of Petra Collins work and wish my own name was Petra (maybe my own daughter might get in on the action) but I'm happy to instead stare wistfully at her works rather than try and pick up my own cameras and weave magic in still film. 

I've already broken the agreement between the lovely people at Google Ads and posted nude content, which is apparently offensive and something can become obsessed with so it's thus unfair to pay me the some hundred dollars my blog has earned for half a million views and sharing my website space with companies... But whatever. Now I'm free to post things that make the female body beautiful such as this serene forest setting of a queen indulging in cigarette stick- the one suggestion of western influence and corruption in an otherwise natural and peaceful setting. I don't really think the bracelet or jewelry in general is evil and corrupting, just a way of self decoration common across all of gods creation. The closed eyes of the model make the tame drug seem all the more indulgent, but I'm adamant that I'm not missing out on anything special.

she has such a distinctive style when across all her works no matter what effects she uses, possibly due to the same camera (I'm absolutely out of touch with this realm since I haven't picked up any of my own equipment since last year...) but black or white, soft focus or sharp with precision or duplicated they all look stunning. They are all marginally more magnificent then I could ever imagined photography could get with a very distinctive youthful and feminine influence of vintage America and the suburbs, it's like parallel to Tim Burton, a teenage boy full of angst and dark scribbling drawings which were eventually crafted into live film ideas. Now it's the age ruled by ladies and the world they envision is full of fake eyelashes as well as primly curled hairs and knee high socks- wicked. 

If there's one thing I've been missing lately in my life, it's the company of girls in a girl gang who prowl around the streets at sunset and dusk in fabulous costume. I spy, a Christopher Kane alligator printed muscle tank on the right, as well as a stunning fluffy pink jacket to the left (I've been searching all over for wildly colored faux fur jackets such as blue and pink everywhere to no avail) do this combines some of what I love together nicely. Also they a subtle portrayal of how important it is that girls hang about together when going out and, as much as I hate to stay it, the night isn't always safe for a lone lady so look after each other. I personally like to disguise myself with motorcycle silver rings and other tough Jewellery such as fire lighter holder necklaces and leather jackets to hide my vulnerability when venturing off into the night. 

I did have something like this very camera in my collection at one point, but I scraped it since it was broken and threw it back to the online community over at eBay- but don't worry I kept the floral pink, purple and green Barbie model which is the crem de Le crem of 1960s styled Polaroids. The dress makes such a sweet companion to the coy girl sitting on baby blue painted balcony and drug store plastic hair barrettes. Green polka dots also contrast well with strawberry blond hair as well as gorgeous freckles; I wish I was cute enough to wear something pretentiously sweet and pink without looking like a total fool... 

Ye Gods I've been utterly obsessed with silver Dr Martens as of late, and with such a wondrous creation of color as well as the party scene which I so thoroughly detest, can you blame me? I've never seen a urinal in real life, for the obvious reason that I'm a woman and I'm also not a janitor of any kind, but the graffiti seems roughly the same that you can encounter in any public restroom with perhaps just a few more tags. As well as step-like pedestals that are probably crawling with germs being the main difference between gender of bathrooms, but when you wear a jelly bean printed skirt and two tone leggings you're probably off in a world of your own anyway. I can only dream of what the top half of this outfit looks like, a fairy wand would make a lovely appearance in their I'm sure. 

*All photographs are the property of Petra Collins; I merely worship her (did I say that out loud!?)

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