Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Wearing: Zara polka dot blouse, vintage pink Levi's shorts, This is Make Believe resin rose necklace, mermaid necklace fashioned from Kamibashi keyring, Jelly Beans pink plastic sandals, vintage frilly socks.

Holy smokes guys I'm officially an old woman and less of a dork because I'm NINETEEN but now I'm only one year off from being twenty and leaving teenage-hood. That sounds, totally lame. I've been reading a bit too much of Marlena's blog entitled self constructed freak these past two days so I was pretty much possessed is morning by the idea of wearing pink, dots as well as lipstick. Tomorrow I have to go on a field trip that will last some with hours and is worth ten percent of my final mark so it's the last chance to be light-hearted and wear cute clothes for a little while. None of what I'm wearing in these photographs was given to me on try birthday, gosh I'm not really good at this whole "living in the moment" kind of thing am I?

I was a bit mystified. To why the color of my beloved Levi's pink show got so washed out and drab looking in these photographs other than the obvious conclusions that the lights in my hallway happen to suck a lot, but the Neapolitan ice cream strawberry color is tickling my fancy at the moment. My mother absolutely abhors these shorts, she wants to snip away all the artfully purposeful torn threads along the hemline. Needless to say, I do some of my best running around the house in these babies.

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