Saturday, September 22, 2012

Love is spelled: T-I-M-E

If love is equal to time, then all my readers must think I hate them or something. I would like to counter and quip them with the cheery reminder that studying science is like having a horrible nagging baby that is constantly dependent on you as well as whiny and less rewarding. The good news is that I've got a week break in between having five or something assessment tasks due and I plan to watch cartoon, play Japanese based video games and blog til my fingers drop. Here's some roses too- just a little something to ease the pain of abandonment and loneliness in my absence. It's times like these I feel inspired by bloggers who manage to conjure pages and pages of text as well as their own original photographs but some of them have an entire staff (Tavi for Rookie, I wish contributors could fill in for me as I do my algebra homework) as well as assistants. I kind of enjoy toughing it out though, it presents a far different challenge from having to research boring and mind-numbing topics.

Spring is upon us and for those of us on the South side of the globe we can finally stretch out our legs and remove the cobwebs of Winter that have been close companions for many weeks- short shorts will be abundant and I can go about trying to gain a soft glow and tan about my legs again in the glorious sun. Even though I still have sweaters on my scatter-brain and a general agenda for wearing layers of clothes when constructing outfits to share I'm going to have to become more conservative and clever when it comes to staying cool in the Summer heat and looking good. Most days I would simply stay inside and bask in the soft breeze of the air-conditioner but the challenge of dressing in an interesting way that pushes boundaries without the ease of clashing colours and patterns. It's not a glorious multi-state road trip or interview on American late night television, but all goals should be set up small and with achievable increments.

Gosh grunge has been blowing up a lot lately all over the fashion world; were it not for the cheap use of a plastic button at the back I'd almost say this was in the style of Burbery Prorsum with all those gorgeously spunky golden pyramids on the back of this taupe trench. I'm not a big trench fan, but anorak's have been incredibly popular in my neck of the woods. I walked into my Biology lab this week and probably could count over ten girls wearing some variation on army-like anorak jackets in plain khaki green. I myself prefer something a bit more bombastic if I were to adopt this style- I know of a great jacket with American flags printed all over it but I'm not telling where it is just yet...

Although I'm distinctly Australian by heart at this point I may as well belong to the land of the free-that's right ladies and gentlemen I'm on holidays at long last, my birthday is in under just a week and I am in a great mood to clean the house as well as organise my bedroom. The state of Liberty has probably seen better days than I am at the moment but not even the grey weather can dampen my spirit at the moment. I've been lusting after vintage and limited edition Furbies themed on civil war fighting enthusiasts of America and a little pensive over my own experiences in the country but I'm still aching for a trip to cherry-blossom sprinkled Japan. New York fashion week has given me a lot to lust after in terms of a new American dream as well as late night talk show interviews with western kings of comedy- the nest week will be spent catching up with all the pretty shows and presentations of runway catwalks. 

On the topic of other adult and mature things my mother keeps reminding me that I'm becoming older some time this week and should I need to go house hunting or if my boyfriend moves out then I should tell her right away. I do love my mother dearly but with a large age gap of some four decades between us, her taste is far different from mine and I am somewhat determined not to live as I have in my parents home and actually take pride in the presentation of my own house when I get it. This may or may not include lounging around in jeans without any shirt or bra on, I haven't decided yet and it would be marvelous if the kitchen had a high ceiling but one can never be too choicey on the subject of rooms for food preparation unless they are absolutely possessed with the passion for cooking. 

At all other times in my life during the delightful Spring period I have suffered just about every imaginable symptom of hay fever imaginable but this year I've been left untouched by Persephone and not cursed by the ailments brought about by pollen grains and new floral growth. Although I should probably consider myself lucky and jump at every opportunity to enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors and immediately pick up a trowel and bus myself with garden chores I am more keen to get out and about seeing live music acts this summer and enjoy the Australia sunshine beating down on me. Other more ordinary days may be whiled away picking off the petals of innocent flowers in my garden and dreaming of what buys and clothes I may treat myself to, unlike a lot of other girls I don't sit awake wondering if boy X knows I exist and might I say, it feels great. 

Today was meant to be the day I embraced weird and broke all the rules by wearing leggings with a skeletal print out to uni today but I chickened out at the last minute and will instead have to watch to see if my boyfriend approves of my taste. I don't like having to be apologetic for weird either, but it's something I've become increasingly good at lately and I'm trying to break the habit. Removing all the jeans and comfy sweaters I tend to rely on extensively during the week would probably be a good way to curb this massive wave of disappointing normalcy.

I've never been greatly bothered or concerned with the structure less nature of some fashion shoes but after a night out of trawling around the shops with my lovely beau, my feet are aching after wearing hot pink jelly sandals with rubbish grip on their soles and no support for arches what so ever. White and glittery 60s sweetheart heels are a lovely temptation but I'm afraid I'm harboring a greater collection of props as opposed to clothes which I can enjoy wearing out and about as part of the community. Why has no one written a book yet on the subject of balancing general loveliness with practicality and function? It seems that topic may be as triflingly difficult as how to care about one's appearance in the middle of semester and when weighed down by the anchor of impending assessment tasks. 

Along with ambitions to live by and a swag of university projects due within the next fortnight it's serene settings such as this that make me consider investing in a new camera, as well as selling a bunch of my old junk in order to pay for such an expensive new toy. At the moment I am convinced there is a magical reason why young Tavi Gevinson looks so charming and becoming in a subtle setting and I've been back on her track and trail in terms of pouring over her blog as fast as a low viscosity liquid. A high resolution camera secondhand from eBay just might swing it but I've been awfully conscious lately after getting burned on a series of bad deals with even sketchier dealers. The motivation of producing better quality photographs tends to be a great motivator to a simple hobbyist blogger.

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