Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kenzo Resort 2013

Having cash to splash around is an obvious advantage for many reasons, but the best I can think of ice treating oneself to wonderfully coloured clothing such as the (relatively) new Kenzo collection with neon colours as well as a whole variety and mixture of patterns. I've always had a soft spot for Kenzo when scouring the Internet especially via the Claire Inc website for vintage clothing. There's always been that attractively playful thread common to all the Kenzo collections keeping in with tradition and juggling colours as well as structures. That fluorescent yellow coat held against the multi-coloured satchel seems odd at first, but the use of striped background converging to a single point really illustrates and conveys the message of this collection nicely.

I thought I had done well for myself when I had managed to buy myself a pair of Sass and Bide cracker jack cargo pants while still in high school and working part-time, but it looks like I had another thing coming. Fashion bloggers that I idolise are usually unusual, one of a kind, and unique when intermingling textures of clothing as well as patterns. Kenzo definitely meets all of these lovely criteria and I'm dying for a pair of those mean mustard pants- it's not my favourite colour or even something that I've been open to experimenting with as of yet due to my complexion and hair colour but that chord belt as well as checkered pocket detail has my salivating. Or perhaps that's just my fondness for ham, cheese and mustard pickle sandwiches shining through.

Showy calligraphy prints of a simple and effective word, i.e. your brand name can often be an effective way of letting other cool people identify your clothing and allowing them the choice to buy it for themselves too and is probably all stemmed from a clever but cheap marketing ploy but I digress. I had flicked through some books on calligraphy at the start of the year in order to make me own handwriting more pleasing but it grew too complicated and I gave up easily. It's always relaxing when I can surround myself with pretty looking words or words with a beautiful meaning. My one regret for this design is that lemon yellow is not the most versatile shade despite being the perfect shade for tea party and scone scoffing.

Ah, that's so much better now isn't it? Shown off on a model with tan skin and dark brown hair the navy of this silk blouse top really highlights what looks to these strained eyes to be little leopards used to spell out Kenzo all along this delightful piece and the printed speckled pants make the look all the more sweet and tantalizing. It's been a while since I've been charmed into wearing something that extravagantly advertised the presence of a brand in plain sight of my wardrobe but if there was ever an exception I'm glad Kenzo was the one to break the spell. Zebra print got a lot more interesting with the arks of blue and green on the soles of the sandals to this outfit too, a nice touch.

leggings are continually growing on me as an alternative to tailored pants and thick structural jeans- I'm often on the hunt to always find bigger, better and bolder printed colors in order to upstage boring and meek plain sweaters I rescue from second hand shops. The subtle position of leopard prints spots is clever enough to create a slimming effect right down to the ankles of the pants which finish with cute little platform flats, the toast of the season and darling of this collection in particular. The looks is updated with sporty tailored jackets and complicated flaps as well as crisp and cool haircuts and sunglasses. I was a little surprised about the choice of khaki amongst everything in this outfit and the pomp and circumstance of bright red hues- it looks lovely with the natural honey brown hair of the model and her ears sticking out against flatly held hair makes it seem all the more endearing and in touch with the common folk. 

You won't see me daring enough to cut my hair in a pixie do, but I love the sassy attitude of mustard dusted choker chain necklace, a leopard sweater with orange and black hues and chunky laced ankle boots. Its that subtle turn of one leg and icy glare through tinted black sunglasses that i have yet to master but am keen to discover some time after my nineteenth birthday... Aw who am I kidding? The best I can do is stare around my hallway like a dork in awe and sometimes have my mouth ajar in an an attempt to be just a little bit sexy or invite insects to steal my breakfast. Fashion blogging doesn't necessarily mean I want to be a model, I just like expressing my ideas on what's cool through style.

As fierce as a blizzard and crisper than surgical linen comes a stunning ensemble of white made all the more stunning against a horizontally blocked background and cutely adorned sunglasses. White has the tendency to shake me nervous as it can often have a very strong theatrical flair especially when incorporated into high end fashion but the simple slogan t-shirt in yellow does dumb it down for those of us not quite as keen to wear all white before our cherished wedding day... The loose slouching of the pants are simply to die for though, you can be sure that sitting and slumming on the ground of the city would ruin them within hours if I had my way with them. Elegance always has a way did evading me when I try my hand at sitting with poise and grace, I suppose I'm just more in my element when shrouded in all black and hugging my knees rather than perched on my high horse and with a neat lace napkin under my behind.

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