Monday, September 3, 2012

Hogwarts Express

Wearing: Vintage Beanie (second hand shop), Mother's vintage denim shirt with embroidered butterflies, Hogwarts House jumper (K-mart: old), Lovelysally Le Souris leggings, Rubi Shoes gladiator wedges.

Last week I splurged on trivial things such as Perks and Mini Fangs necklace, these awesome Lady Gaga inspired leggings (they're Italian too! Oh la la) which I decided to style in stark primary colours such as this beanie I bought for $1.50. at my new favourite local second hand store along with some old favourites pieces of clothing. I wish I had the courage to wear this out to university this morning, it would have made the cranky lecturer who prematurely snapped at me even more discouraged by my appearance as a Science scholar.

The first day of Spring is when all the magically gifted children of England board the heralded Hogwarts Express on the elusive platform 9 and 3/4 at Kings Cross station- I only wish I could join the but as usual fashion is the most creative and magical thing I can muster. That said, my expression is pretty pathetic considering it took my twenty photographs to remember how to automatically re-focus my camera (oaf). It's nice to step out of my usual outfits of jeans and a comfy sweater and embrace some crazy colours yet again- you'll see me more of my gorgeous new leggings too in some more outfit posts, I love the crazy mango yellow colour and nostalgic Mickey Mouse faces in simple black and white.

Say hello to colour and long eyeliner like a kitty cat! Can you believe my boyfriend doesn't want to take me out next Saturday night? I'll be watching Doctor Who and crying like a maniac then :)


  1. I just discovered your blog last week or so, and I'm a little bit in love! You're pretty amazing. I wish I was at Hogwarts too...

  2. omg I love your style :)
    you look amazing!