Sunday, September 23, 2012


Wearing: Oversized sweater stolen from Dad, Bardot striped dress, vintage cow skull purse, Deadly Ponies Mr Lure in Peacock and Jelly Beans Sandals in Pink.

I didn't have work Friday night and to kick off the beginning of my week-long holidays my boyfriend took me out to see Hotel Transylvania; just a fun kid's movie that we both could enjoy so I wore the best jumper I've ever swiped from my dad as well as feminine tights, plastic 90s styled sandals and a blue purse for extra contrast. In the last month or so I instinctively shroud myself in a sized XXL sweater with loose baggy sleeves that are too long and tie the back with a hair tie because I've reached the pinnacle of caring about my appearance at university anyway. Luckily with a reprieve from working I was able to do a test run of these sandals which cannot support my feet at all and are an orthopedics worst nightmare but it was still kind of fun traipsing around a high end shopping centre while other girls strolled around in their high school uniforms with their moms. I don't often feel cool so it's good to relish in it when I can.

If you haven't already heard, this bag charm is the greatest thing in my life because it's super soft and fluffy, I can wag it around like a real tail when I get bored dragged into stores and no animals had to die to make it! Also I am very aware that these jelly sandals look pretty washed out without solid white to make the plastic shine but shh... I have to incrementally introduce my weird wardrobe to the world by degrees and leave some tricks up my sleeve for the future.

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