Sunday, September 9, 2012

Deadly Ponies Senorita Bandits

What could be more adorable than a festive and colourful pinata as your chief model in a Mexican themed campaign? Evidently nothing is the answer the lovely people behind Deadly Ponies decided- floral motif props are used throughout the photo shoot but it doesn't quite do justice to the variety of shapes and sizes that are for sale, or left from Pre-Order being released on the Deadly Ponies website. Colours this season include Dusty Rose (my personal favourite), Canary, Ink and varying shades of black using a crocodile texture about them in glorious and exotic leathers. I dreamed of owning the above backpack in yellow as a companion for festivals and music shows, but with a price tag of seven hundred dollars it far surpasses my already stretched budget as a humble and unsponsored fashion blogger- but I did enjoy perusing what others sold from the New Zealand accessory brand online, most likely in anticipation of new released handbags and wallets. You can expect to see old favourite designs such as Mr Chain Gang re-envisioned in different colours as well as modifications and new ideas canvased by the handbag heavy-weight brand, but there's only a small insight shown from what's been shown off so far in the photographs (sadly).

There's usually a range of more modestly priced ensemble accessories released with the new collection and Senorita Bandits took the festive and free flavours of Mexico to a whole new level with silk printed bandannas used as chic scarf accessories for bags as well as gold tinted key chains far different from my favourite and fluffy bag charm, Mr Lure. As much as I do love anticipating successful pieces from ranges being coloured amongst different hues and reinvented with better design, it's good to see new designs also being churned out and the brand taking a new direction. I'm an Australian fashion blogger, but at heart I love the fanfare of New Zealand brands so much more than that of my own country men and women- they understand the elegance and invention of silver jewellery and the reliance of women everywhere on a good and solid leather handbag. What more could you ask for?

I was won over not only be the bright and booming simplistic colours of the photo shoot background, but also the skeleton Day of the Dead-esque figurines shown off with the finely made leather wallets and the juxtaposition of death as well as figures having fun. The spirit of the brand can be moody and wild; with macabre symbols and figures worming their way into the jewellery line and a fine sense of luxury being delivered in all aspects of the brand. If you have a couple of dollars lying around or simply feel the need to treat yourself to a new staple item, look no further than Deadly Ponies. The design is minimalist, elegant but the charm of the brand and imagination emanates throughout the piece. They're also incredibly well made- I own a handbag from their last collection and it's surprisingly heavy due to the solid brass chain strap. Yes, it's expensive, but it's worth it all when you pour your hands over a surface like warm buttery silk.

Here's that wonderful alligator/ crocodile skin analogue I was hyping up a little earlier shown off in a bag that can only be compared to a divine and tall drink of water. I don't have a lot of experience when switching between handbags being only a simple first year university student myself, but experimenting amongst different dimensions and the needs of different people can probably help when branching out a brand; but Deadly Ponies are already reputable across all the world's oceans. So much so, they have to sanction their other retailers against selling their bags online outside New Zealand. I've always felt pretty cheated and sore over that, but these bags sell out in the blink of an eye. I myself am hoping for restocks of my favourite design and colour but I don't plan on holding my breath either.

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