Saturday, September 8, 2012


School sucks. I am fully aware there are many bright-eyed American teenagers all dragging their heels and returning back to those cute little chairs with the connected desk and everything but I am in my seventh week of university this week and have to survive another week before I can have a small and meagre break. Education is empowering and all the rest of it but my gosh it is just a repetitive slough and re-hash of everything else I've learnt and seen before and the Astronomy lecturers are all ridiculously uptight and I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS. I just want to turn nineteen and watch Moonrise Kingdom with my boyfriend and eat Bavarian Apple pancakes for dinner... aw man.

In other news I got a haircut this week but it's done little to shift my bad mood and lack of zeal for life and activity. Thankfully typing like a speed demon has flooded back naturally and I can take a break in between writing out notes for my subjects by listening to Cancer Bats as well as screamo rock music. I am excited for Sound Wave, but I still have that minor problem of searching for tickets at the moment; I will worry about that later and hold my breath in anticipation as I order leggings from Black Milk as a reward for surviving half way through the semester and not sleeping in to the point where I miss any classes. A big gold star will be plastered on my forehead any day now.

When we're young we always have such a clear and distinct portrait of the type of people we'll be and the niches we'll fill, but I wish I had gone through a romantically ditsy stage of mid-length skirts and peach pastel tones in the suburbs; I suppose I've been pretty obsessed with Tavi Gevinson's Rookie photo shoots lately as well as this idea of strong feminism ideals in serene dresses but yeah, I was never a girly girl at heart and still openly embrace weird and wonderful vintage jeans designs as well as quirky leggings and Harley Davidson raglan shirts as my ideal wardrobe and wear black jeans day in, day out. Old habits die hard.

Even though I'm really pumped for all the sweet festivals and musical acts that will be playing over the Summer of 2012/2013 but I'm still tentative about saying goodbye to the perfect sweater weather as well as rolling around in the backseat of a fogged up car. I'm a lot happier in Winter in terms of being comfortable and layering up with hot cups of green tea and hot chocolate in the mornings by the heater, but the lack of sunshine and seasonal depression does get me done. Spring marks the moment of the year when the grass is luscious and green and shorts can be worn with long and loose jumpers. I'm also really tempted to blow all my money made this week on Japanese cotton fabric by the yard in order to make a series of loose and lazy crop singlet tops in preparation and in combination with the variety of vintage up cycled denim shorts I stocked up on during the Winter. Yes sir, I plan to make this coming Summer among the best I've had.

I'm slowly getting back in touch with my fashion loving self with each increased test I complete and 100% result to boost my confidence but don't expect anything like sunglasses glimmering in silver jewels or weird and wacky wigs just yet. That said, I've had my eyes on Manic Panic hair extensions on eBay as an alternative to hair dye after having my ends cleaned up after a long haircut hiatus. Pastel seems cool and chill, but I want Spring and Summer to have a more intense vibration and spectrum about it when I step out the door this season. I'm working on more strange and crazy outfits each week and I''ll be sharing them too.

Deeply penned and dark arching eyebrows with pastel hair in mermaid curls; yeah I was never meant to wear this look but that doesn't stop me crushing on it immensely and loving the gals that do rock this look. Cartoons when you're a kid sometimes have characters with hair colours that are unnatural and that's OK, but reality comes in sooner or later and ruins everything making it difficult to colour dark brown hair into cotton candy pink.I don't think it's too much to ask for- a head full of luscious sunset soaked clouds attached to my head but perhaps it's for the best I remain a conservative and plain canvas for wearing wild and weird clothing.

Hey guys? I miss high school. I miss keeping track of all the extra curricular activities and getting my grubby mitts on each and everyone of them as opposed to university in which every club and society is plastering their notices wherever they can and I'm not interested in any of them... Oh for those days when you could run to be president of a certain body of students and in reality not one of them would like your personality or speak to you in person. I wish I got my hands on these 'Vote for Pedro shirts' when I had the chance and they were all the rage four years ago...

I have an intense headache that seems to be consuming every conscience movement I make at the moment and I would much prefer to lead a different lifestyle than this science obsessed rock-staring charade I'm leading at the moment. I would much rather buy a new phone and dangerously pose with guns in a feminine but edgy way, becoming popular overnight via Instagram

My favourite up shop always has the best second hand toys and although I try not to suss them out like a massive creep I always end up gravitating towards them like something exited from a space shuttle and hurtling helplessly to a massive sun. They're selection i perused today included a long boa-like dragon, ballerina teddy bear, pink unicorn and various other happy and unique characters that are so far removed from the world of main stream production when nestled in that odorous shop of moth balls and forgotten dreams. I can imagine the crazy cat lady/ old toy fetish of my own reaching an epidemic point in which I buy large stuffed toys; prizes from carnival games and won by boys for their sweethearts and decorating a dilapidated house myself. I'm just extra afraid of climbing unstable ladders on my own...

Disclaimer! I do not like Katy Perry's music or think her video clips are flattering towards women and their relationships with men (i.e. anti-feminist).

However, I do like the fact she appreciates Charlotte Olympia kitty flats as well as pink hair and art deco foll face mustache shirts as well as
asymmetrical eyebrows in thick arches. The addition of Sky Ferreirasmiling by her side as a type of eye candy is also excellent and wins her some more brownie points. I will never forgive her for putting fireworks/ whipped cream cans on her breasts in her video clips though; it was pretty unnecessary on the whole (men really don't need an extra excuse to objectify women...)

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