Monday, September 24, 2012

Body Image

Tumblr remaining my number one source of saucy and evocative images to create posts with bombarded my senses some time ago with many photographs focusing on the skin, shape and flesh of the human body. Like any loving parent I think it's time to sit down and have a good old heart to heart with my dear readers about body image issues for those of us who wriggle and squirm like cocooned caterpillars all year long imprisoned by our own self-conscience spirit and to those of us who are so confident writing on bare bottoms poses no challenge what do ever. The main point I would like to stress here is that everybody is different, ever body is different and we all tackle this tricky issue around puberty with different strategies and tactics. They are all fine, all equally clever and suitable for different people but being aware of all of them may just give you the upper hand in sticky situations.

I've never been blessed and/or cursed with the presence of a purple blotchy love bite on my own neck, but the coolest guy I know and am lucky enough to date considers them to be badges of honor representative of his promiscuity and he just takes all the snickers and comments in his stride. Another one of the delightful people I knew at work once colored his hickey in with blue texts in order to hide the discoloration. Mind you he was never known for being particularly bright but I suppose the point I am struggling to make is that we all have different means and manners to deal with sore and tender necks after lovers have sunk their teeth into us in a passionate frenzy. Me? I have a drawer full of temporary tattoos at the ready the moment I am bestowed with purple spots and tender skin but if I fail to remember the whereabouts of such a stash I'll be sure to give the good old band aid a try in order to duck my head from waves of embarrassment.

 I hear ya Jemaine, and I don't think it's cool either that strangers on the street can't hand out compliments like confetti to one another; I myself have thought of complementing women on their lipstick that day or bone structure but chickened out at the last minute because I know it's not expected of me and initiating a conversation is so unlike me. The fact that terminology such as 'booty' and 'fly' have been used together and in song simply sweetens this musical deal. Occasionally as a way to get out of awkward moments when I stare and gawk at the people in my classes I save myself from any embarrassment and explaining to do by complimenting someone on something they wear and I also have the tendency to dish out the love when working in a social environment in a shop, but that's the limit of my generosity. 

Together with friends from university discussed the hazards that come with body piercings while watching a documentary on early human civilizations such as these bull ring piercing shown above. As the actors of the piece had irregular bone through their flesh, for the most part they were turned off by the image but I was proud I was able to present an intelligent argument for the style. Positives include no weird little holes left in your skin after you take out said piercing and you can hide this particular hoop from existence should the occasion call for it. I think the look is beautiful and have seen around on my local commute a girl with distinguished eyebrows, brown hair in a sleek ponytail and a cute little nose piercing shown above. I think she's pretty adorable and the look on her is endearing- piercings can be tricky enough to deal with when you live at home and have parents' rules to abide by but if your tempted by punctured skin and metal decorations I really stress to you the importance on getting something that suits you, not necessarily something everyone else you know is getting. The look should be unique and emphasize the structures and appearance you already have, not make you look like trailer trash... 

One eyes or two, long legs or no legs it's important to love yourself and come to terms with the differences that separate us from common folk because if we don't start believing that we love ourselves how can we expect others to do so? Confidence is a strange and wondrous mechanism that draws people in when they may not otherwise be interested and if you change their perceptions of yourself and correct them then what could honestly better? Perhaps the Cyclops above is going to be a top notch hair stylist and practices day and night like a mad scientist on her disgruntled looking pet but you have yet to discover her talent just yet. Don't let people classify and pigeon hole you, you can exceed beyond their wildest expectations if you merely try.

A favorite trick of the trade of one is black clinging nylon stockings to make legs applied lengthier and longer and although spring and summer should be on the horizons I feel conflicted after just having got to know the wonders of this garment but already forced to bid adieu. The silver lining of solace would be that denim shorts can now be worn about the campus and beach if I am that way inclined, but they some how lack the same finesse and class. The thighs themselves seem to reach towards the heavens but instead peak coyly behind flaps of soft floaty fabric, sometimes to make the body more attractive, hiding its secret pleasures from sight is the best tactic of all. I.e. modesty and young girls is a good thing, unlike the little tramps I see running around in my neck of the woods (reminding me why it's bad to leave my room in the first place, let alone walking beyond the front door). 

Since the time I was in high school, bitter and discouraged by the sand box representation of the world at my fingertips I thought I would die alone and surrounded with cats never to feel the pleasure and companionship of another human being. Since that rage bottled up in my heart like a shaken carbonated can I cannot reveal that there is no better feeling than the sharing of warmth between two human beings under the understanding that we are equals and I am absolutely not going to attack you and murder you with your guard dropped. Fairy tales tell us how magical kisses are and that essentially after sharing that tender moment the couple live 'happily ever after' but there's no indication on how they go about this. My theory revolves around the happiness of an endorphin rush and consummation of love physically which culminates for me in the use of one lovers breast as a pillow for the other. Skin is magnificent when you find the fit person to share yours with and you in turn have every vulnerability and worry erased in a blissful moment.

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