Friday, September 28, 2012


Wearing: Wildfox X Jeffrey Campbell ballet platforms, vintage purple plaid skirt, Syd & Mallory ballerina crop top, vintage frilly socks.

You can tell that I haven't worn these gorgeous white satin flat forms outdoors yet because I haven't been able to run them yet, but it's one of my favourite luxury pieces in my wardrobe to style things with- Lolita yet still sugary sweet with an air of fairy tale class. I've more or less kept them locked away from the world since I consider them to be do precious and close to my heart. Unfortunately the ribbon ties around the ankles have a slit tendency to fall down as they have in the above photograph no matter how tightly I wrap them around my poor little legs. I've deluded myself into thinking I can still find Vivienne Westwood rocking horse heels with gorgeous plastic wings along the ankle saps, but then I reminded myself how bad ass these were and I got over it pretty quickly. The skirt has yet to be shared with you guys, but it balances well with the short and quirky pink singlet top that I'm proud to say is one of a kind.

Clearly I never had any sort of ambition towards dancing or being pretty when I was in primary school, so I was super proud when I finally managed to get the ankle ties to stay upright for this one shot. It also shows the extent to which I've stayed out of the sun these last few months because I've lost the luster of my tan which is instead replaced with a poky pink tinge hue on my legs- a season or two of living in skirts, shorts and doses should fix that (weather permitting). Push come to shove I will isolate myself within an air conditioned sanctuary of a shopping centre, not wear the gorgeous ballet shoes which I am so thoroughly in love with at the moment and instead work during the entire summer seldom taking time off for some music festivals and buying clothes online during my break between study years. Sigh, it's not easy being a work-a-holic, but someones got to do it.

Part of what attracted me so much to this quirky skirt was how long it was, there was plaid and there was so much of it I was a little overloaded by how much sumptuous material there was for me to wrap myself in, but it looks a little when I wear and long slouchy sweaters with a mid length skirt as well when going out for dinner... Luckily this weekend the is terrible weather abound and I can probably get away with wearing my perfect lazy outfit when driving around and getting a little practice in. Behind the wheel, it's very difficult for people to judge you on your looks past the windshield which is a relief considering my hair tends to have a mind of its own and there's so much of it all over the place. Back on the subject of my lovely vintage skirt, short cropped shirts will be its new best friend and give me a little more motivation to keep fit and let those lovely ribs of mine shone on the summer sun.

In case you haven't noticed I tend to be extremely lazy when it comes to doing anything with my hair- generally I keep it out, luscious and long but I do wish I was clever enough to perform milk maid braids and updos myself. Instead, all I can't manage is adding a little volume topside to my hair with a boring old headband- it seems that I'll need to scrounge around second hand shops and make some DIY crowns with floral as well as sparkly pipe cleaner magic. It will definitely make a nice companion to lipstick which again I'm getting into.
This is my imitation of Lana Del Rey and beehive hairstyles; but instead it came out as a Tavi Gevinson bitchface... I'm down with that. I haven't yet read the original and infamous article in Rookie Yearbook One, but having watched Ms. Gevinson's delightful interview on late-night American television I think I have the appropriate techniques down with a little helpful input from Jimmy Fallon. Come to think of it, I never needed any help when it came to deterring people using my 'stellar charm' and helpful 'outlook on life'-said no one, ever. Even now at work people often coach me to smile and sprinkle motivating phrases on me like confetti such as, 'come on Adele, it's not so bad'. Instead of a cheesy smile my new response should be pulling this face and saying 'bitch please'.

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