Thursday, August 2, 2012

Karen Walker Eyewear 'Fantastique'

Here it is boys and girls, the moment you've all been waiting for, Karen Walker has finally collaborated all the glamour and fussy filigree framework of their jewellery with their iconic and well-established range and shapes of sunglasses for their Fantastique collection. Moving on from broom heads, white-haired models and the lure of fashion in the future, pastel coloured plastic balloons are instead used to model the range with a sweet new twist on advertising a product that speaks volumes about itself without a glorious face to further advocate it's style and grace. While I'm a little apprehensive about what fancy cut metal frames will do to already tangled and confused hair such as mine, it's refreshing to see a designer combine two elements normally far removed from one another with fantastic results.

All your old favourite designs are back and better than ever; but you won't be seeing the glorious tortoiseshell print envisioned by Karen Walker or some of her take on 1970s television sets and smooth jazz cats; instead there's the choice between black or gold frames in finely diced metal to choose from along with darkly tinted shades. What I love about these other than the gloriously cheap photo shoot for these frames is the untouchable nature of these frames from sweat shops in Asian countries; too meticulous in detail these babies won't be churned out in cheap knock-off form and the designer has hence protected themselves from any competition. I really fail to check amongst other brands for better sunglasses than Karen Walker, she's been my choice for years now despite the fact I still don't own a pair myself. I can manage to get by just fine in Winter but will I be tempted by these gorgeously brilliant frames? That all depends on how hard I'm willing to work and slave over my job which is already testing me.

Although I can easily envision the above pair of bold and bombastic spectacles on a rap artist such as Kanye West, for the strong rectangular frames and almost 1980s inspired lens that join across the nose bridge I prefer the classic perspex black or even checkered tortoiseshell colour for this frame. For many of Karen Walker's designs, the fancy filigree metal framework has cast a whole new light on their tried and true design but this is one of the few exceptions that I feel has fallen short. That probably won't stop a bunch of hipster Japanese lads and lasses from buying them, but this wasn't my favourite design amongst the eye wear collection in the first place.

The rounded curves of the Super Duper have been one of my favourites for a while now, and I think it's safe to say that like a good religious woman saving herself for her wedding night I have been patient and waited for Mr. Right sunglasses to walk into my life. The black filigree frames are sleek and could ever be suitable for night time if you're the kind of person to make a bold statement without the use of words, but for my dark brown hair and complexion I think the luxury of gold could be a little more exciting in terms of adding spark and appeal to any old outfit.

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