Sunday, August 5, 2012

Josh Goot AW12

I never did like that Hillary Duff girl, but I am willing to acknowledge her existence long enough to proclaim that the Josh Goot collection is precisely what dreams are made of and I would willingly kill say, a children's prized teddy bear in order to wear one of these stunning silk blazers with colourful floral motif or the leather mid-length skirt made all the more showy with stitched petals of roses sewn into the rich, buttery material. At a time in which I was still coming to grips with my love of vintage clothing, a scarf-printed silk bomber was at the top of my hit list of things to buy and style, but this renewed take on an old favourite is leaps and bounds ahead of its predated ancestors with a mature finish and artistic finesse. That leaves me plenty of room to wear thick golden chained necklaces or tribal carved jade necklaces with the bomber for a bold statement of identity expressed through fashion as well as impeccable taste. Well I would... if I had the funds or indeed knowledge of wear to buy such an elusive and wonderful bomber jacket.

The splendour and snap shots of Sydney's fashion week seems so long ago, but already off-duty models were proudly strutting around town in stiletto heels along with Josh Goot vests of the purple and aqua persuasion. There was a darker take and more greens used with their own styling, but I think you get the general picture of just how awesome their outfits wore when the intricate army of purple roses along with jagged borders clashed together at about the waist of the models. There's something wonderfully practical about the nature of this vest; many times have I seen fellow students around campus with bulging vests from survival stores but the appeal of alpine peaks in its design as well as deep-sea colours makes it seem so much more attractive than its hiking counterparts.

Black lipstick is such a charming and becoming thing to wear, especially when the clothes have a chic 1970s Earth mother appeal about them. I've probably been scrolling over too many pages from Rookie Magazine lately, but the elegant silken pants tied off with contrasting burnt orange chord are exactly the sort of thing I've been busily searching for online. Alas, vintage pieces often come with tiny waists that I'm too statuesque to squeeze in to but the swirling colours of dark blue and orange come together well in the minimalist setting for the Josh Goot photo shoot. Sometimes the final choice of place and setting of photography can be as important as the overall styling of the clothes themselves when it comes to the fickle fashion industry.

The Avant Garde printed roses aren't as glaringly bright or apparent on this pencil tight skirt, but the aesthetic of the collection is nicely carried throughout the collection in its entirety and there's something very wholesome about its unison. I always feel a bit frustrated when designers don't stick to a theme with a new release or line of clothing- many ideas all expressed at once poorly don't really measure up to clear and clever execution. I expect nothing less from Josh Goot though, the playful mixture of colour is dazzling as always, but it does break my heart that the cost is always in the range of some hundreds of dollars for a single piece and a poor university student such as myself must hold out.

If there was one piece that ever light up my eyes to bulging Blythe doll proportions it would have to be this swish but simple silken black tee with white rose motif. It seems so simple and intuitive in design but the luxurious execution that Josh Goot brings to design really takes the design to a whole new level; I can see it worn with loose flared Levi's jeans, American Apparel disco pants and a whole variety of weird and wacky bottoms rescued from the local opportunity shop and all the while remaining classy, fresh and elegant. My love of this piece in particular also coincides with a recent addiction to pouring over carved rose necklaces from pre-ban elephant tusks (despite the fact I love elephants) as well as turquoise jewellery inspired by Mexican traditions. I want to meet this lovely top, take it out on a nice dinner, grow old with it and possibly be buried with it. It's that rare and lovely a piece I would literally wear it to death.

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